Blind Box Mondays

For the moment, Katana here is the last of the DC Lil Bombshells figures.  (I still want to get Hawkgirl, though!  And I might get some of the new set…who knows?)

Remember I said earlier that I think they all have color variants?  That’s because apparently Katana is actually supposed to be wearing a blue dress; both the packaging and the ones being sold on Amazon have her in blue, rather than red.  So she’s a variant, too, but much less so.  Also, when I was looking at the ones that had been opened by some kid(?) in Walmart, they had the (female) Flash, only she was in Reverse Flash’s yellow, rather than regular Flash’s red.  (If she’d been in her regular colors, I’d have picked her up, but I just didn’t want the evil version, y’know?)

I have a strangely large number of days off work this week, so hopefully I’ll finally get around to taking those photos I’ve been meaning to.  Especially since a new doll just arrived today, after I ordered her on Mandarake about a month and a half ago.  (Well, actually she arrived on Friday, today was just the first time I was able to get to the post office to pick her up.)

Oops!  Almost forgot the gallery link!


Blind Box Monday

Okay, so the final installment of the ongoing saga of the DC Lil Bombshells figurines.

I was in a Walmart (very unusual for me; I almost never go in there) and noticed a “clearance” sign on the shelf with about seven or eight of the tins containing the Lil Bombshells.  And it didn’t take me too long to figure out why they were on clearance:  someone had opened all of them.

Since they were open anyway (and the figures are in clear plastic bags inside the tins), I went ahead and looked inside all the tins to see what was there.  Ended up finding two of the three I really wanted. 🙂  (Decided to give up on the third.  No point in continuing to risk it, y’know?  Maybe someone will sell her back to a used store someday…)

I’ll post the picture of the remaining figure some other Monday.  (Next week I’ll put up something entirely different, I promise.  Not sure what just yet, but I have lots of options. 😀

As always, the Blind Box Figure gallery can be found here.

Blind Box Monday

I’m a little late getting this one ready.  Sorry about that.  I’ll return now to the saga of the Lil DC Bombshells, because…well, because.

So, when last we left it, I’d bought two, and both times ended up with variant color versions.  (Despite the illustration on the package, btw, I’m pretty sure there are a lot more than just the two of them.  In fact, I think all of them have variant versions.)  Of course, being me, I had to try again, because the odds of getting a third variant color version seemed off the charts.

Standard version (nearly) of one of the same ones I’d already gotten.  Yup.  My luck is, as always, weird.

I’d like her better if whoever was painting her had realized that her vines are not supposed to be the same color as her hair.  It’s like “are those dead vines?”  But that’s pretty minor, all things considered.

BTW, I’ve noticed there’s now a second series of these.  I have, so far, held off from buying any.  We’ll see if that lasts or not…

The Blind Box Gallery is here.

This “saga” will change up a bit in the next installment.  Just FYI.  😛

Blind Box Monday

So today we’re continuing the saga of the Lil DC Bombshells from last week.

The store where I got these is in the mall that houses my favorite local movie theatre, so I tend to go in every time I go to a movie, yeah?  Variant Poison Ivy was bought right before a movie, and the next time I went to see a movie, I picked up another of those little cans…

…and I ended up with variant coloring Catwoman!

Seriously, what are the odds?  Twice in a row!

At least this time the variant was turning her outfit from black to bronze, so it looked more, y’know, normal.  But it did make me wonder if that store had somehow gotten a shipment that was nothing but variants. 😛

There’s still more to the story (not too much more), but next week I have something else I want to show you. 😀  (I just got it today (ahem, uh, last Wednesday) and I’m still very pumped about it, but I wanted to post this one first.)

The Blind Box gallery is here.

Blind Box Monday

Rather than keep going through the rest of the Tokidoki Barbie Blind Box figures, I thought a little change of pace.  I came across these at a local store quite a while ago and immediately had to get one.

Yup, they come in an actual metal can.  The word you can’t quite read because of the curve is “Lil,” btw, making them the “Lil DC Comics Bombshells”…which sort of defeats the original purpose of the ’40s-style pinup art, but I’m not complaining! 😀

Anyway, here’s the back, showing the various figures in the line.

I think right off the bat the first one I was like “ooh, I want that one!” was Hawkgirl, because I hate the fact that her full-size statuette is blowing a bubble with bubblegum.  (Seriously, what’s up with that?  I mean, I wouldn’t buy it anyway, because way too expensive, but the bubblegum really ruins the look.)

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