Sailor Senshi (+ a Comparison)

I’ve been meaning to get these photos taken for a while now, but I’ve been sick.  However, on learning that today is the 236th anniversary of the discovery of the planet Uranus, I realized it just had to be today.

Over…what’s it been, two years?  Well, however long it’s been, as you likely know, Groove’s put out a large number of Sailor Moon Pullip dolls.  And the more they put out, the more I got irritated that I didn’t really know the franchise, so I didn’t know if I wanted the dolls.  (Though obviously, getting them would be a bad idea all around, because I don’t have all the money in the world, and I have already run out of space in this house.)  I kept saying to myself “gee, maybe I should actually watch that show someday.”

Yes, you heard me right.  I’d never seen Sailor Moon before.  Because it came to America at just the wrong time, you know?  I was getting into anime by that point, but I’ve always been a “subtitle only” type of gal.  (Though I’ll make the occasional exception in the case of theatrical Studio Ghibli releases.)  And it was so much a “for kids” production (and I was in my 20s), and it sounded so stupid, and blah blah blah.  So, fast-forward to present day.  One day last year, I went into the used everything store I like to go to, and in one of their toy cases I see three dolls on the top shelf:

Two of them were super-cheap ($9.99 if you can believe it!) and the third was ridiculously not-cheap (I think she was $35.99!) but there they were, and certainly cheaper than the Pullip versions!  Well, one of their sale weekends (when used toys are 33% off) rolled around, and I decided to go ahead and chance it on the cheap ones, because they were so very affordable.

But that left me with two dolls of characters I knew nothing about.  I mean, from the Pullip releases, I knew they were Sailor Neptune and Black Lady, but that was all I knew.  (Well, okay, I knew a little more than that:  I knew what Black Lady’s deal was (sort of) and I knew that Sailor Neptune was half of the lesbian couple that the dub tried to claim were “cousins.”)  So I decided it was high time that I finally watched Sailor Moon.  But the show’s not on Netflix, and trying to buy the DVDs of the whole show was gonna be nuts.  Then my co-worker let me know the show is on Hulu (subtitled, thank God!) so I signed up for that service, and started watching.

And to my surprise, I was really digging it.  I mean, yes, it’s silly and juvenile, but there’s a charm to it.  And the first season had a very Ranma 1/2 feeling to the animation, and especially to the opening credits.  (The fact that Makoto is definitely an escaped Ranma character absolutely added to that feeling, of course.  I so want the SHFigurarts of Sailor Jupiter so she can interact with my SHFigurarts of Ranma-chan…but she’s so freakin’ expensive!)

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Tiny Frock Shop Black Friday Order

Good grief, it’s taken me a long time to get any Black Friday stuff posted!  Anyway, before I get to the Tiny Frock Shop order, I want to briefly show you my Zeenie dolls Small Business Saturday order.  They were having a “2 for $20” sale, with free shipping, and I couldn’t pass that up!  But the dolls evidently got a good shaking on their way here. 😦

tinyfrockbf-1 tinyfrockbf-2

The one on the left — Zennia — doesn’t look particularly shaken in the photo, but that’s because her headband had already slithered down out of sight.  She’s supposed to look like this:


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My Friday Haul

Okay, so it would have made more sense if I was posting this on Saturday, but…well, I had to find time to take pictures, and I work on Saturdays, so…

Anyway, the local used everything shop had a big sale over the weekend, which included 33% off all used toys.  Naturally, that meant I was going to hit both locations if I could.  I was only able to hit one on Friday, and I chose (wisely, it turned out) to hit the one that more frequently has used dolls.

Oh. Wow.

They had in so many new dolls that I was carrying a stack of them around with me, and stuff kept falling off!  And, actually, I left behind a whole lot that I was tempted to get.  The one I most regret leaving behind is the My Scene Barbie “Bling” bathing suit girl with translucent, sparkly blue swimming pool.  (For $19.99, pre-discount.)  Yeah, I really should have gone back for her.  It’s just…she was a blonde.  And I already have a My Scene blonde with pretty much that exact hair.  And where would I put a Barbie swimming pool in this overcrowded house?

Not that logic prevents dolly remorse, mind you.  I’m going to be kicking myself over not going back for some time to come.  (But she was probably gone by Saturday night anyway, right?)

Anyhow, I’d like to share the stuff I did buy.

Friday 1

We’re starting here because she’s the first one I spotted.  And I was very excited to see her!  Earlier, I was showing you one of my two Jazzies, and saying how I really was going to have to start looking for more of them.  And then along comes this girl, a Jazzie in body, and with my all-time favorite Barbie face mold!  Obviously, I was thrilled by such a find!  And, bizarrely enough, she’s only missing one piece of clothing:  she was supposed to come with enough clothes to make “5 great looks” (as you can see the front of the box proclaiming) and she’s actually got all her clothes except the blue tank top, but for some reason the person selling her back decided to leave her virtually topless, instead of putting, say, that white shirt on her.  I don’t get it, but I’m not complaining, ’cause if they’d put a shirt on her, her price tag would probably have been a lot higher than $2.99. 😛

Friday 3

I’m showing you the back of the box not to revel in its glorious ’80sness (though it is glorious, isn’t it?) but in order to show you two of the other dolls in the Jazzie line.

Friday 4

Specifically, these two.  We’ll start with her.  Because OMG, I must have her!

You may be wondering why.

I’ll explain with two words:  Melanie Bush.

(c) BBC, image from Wikipedia; click to visit
(c) BBC, image from Wikipedia; click to visit

Seriously, doesn’t that doll look exactly like her?  It’s downright eerie!  And, okay, yeah, Mel’s not exactly my favorite companion.  But…when a doll looks that much like someone from your favorite show, doesn’t that just fill you with the urge to get your hands on the doll?  (Or is that just me?)  Anyway, Mel first appeared on Doctor Who in 1986, and the copyright on that Jazzie box said 1988, so…it may not be coincidental.  (Or it might.  Big hair was kind of an ’80s thing, and big smiles were not unheard of in the Barbie line…)

Of course, I have no idea where to look for Jazzie dolls apart from keeping an eye on used stores and garage sales, but…I am totally going to be on the look-out for that doll from now on.  Though if I find one then I’m going to somehow have to procure a 6th Doctor doll…and I doubt there was such a thing…  (Also I’d have to track down some 1/6 scale carrot juice, but that’s probably easier to find than a 6th Doctor doll.)

Anyway, moving on to “Dude” there….

Friday 5

Is it any wonder he caught my eye? 😀  Looks like Derek got recycled into “Dude”…which meant being downgraded from the main (by this point adult) line into the teenage Jazzie line.  I do wonder if “Dude” too was strung to give a more flexible waist the way Jazzie was.  If I ever see one in person, I may have to get him just to find out.

I don’t remember the order of finding the rest of these dolls (which I think were all but one sold back by the same person, given they’re all opened playline dolls returned to their original boxes) so I’m just going to go with the order in which I photographed them, ’cause that’s easier than trying to remember.  😛

Friday 6

This one may have been even more exciting than Stacie there.  Because this is a Skipper face I didn’t have before.  (Though there’s one with this face sitting in my Etsy shopping cart.  Because I’ve developed a bad habit of putting things in the cart and then just leaving them there for weeks.  There’s like 19 things in there…)  See, while I may talk about my “Skipper collection,” for the most part it’s just my childhood Skipper (early ’80s), one slightly older Skipper I got at the antique mall (I think she’s from ’76), a bunch of Teen Skippers, and a small assortment of more recent ones.  I’ve been wanting to add more to the collection to cover the various older forms of Skipper that I missed between my childhood one and the Teen Skipper of the late 1990s, so…this makes one step in that direction. 😀  (I’d also like to add the vintage Skippers that pre-date my childhood one, but…that’s expensive.  Way, way more so than ones from the 1980s onwards.)

Friday 8

Her hair is so never going to look like that.  Even after I give her a serious dolly spa, it’s just never going to look like that.  In fact, it probably never looked like that anyway.  In any event, sadly she does not have her seahorse comb. 😦  I’d have liked that.  She also doesn’t have her lei.  But I wanted the doll, not her accessories, so who cares? 😛

Friday 10

I really should have removed the price sticker before photographing this one. 😛  Anyway, I have some others from this collection (I should do a post about them at some point) but I had passed on this one at the time because I didn’t feel like it was quite worth the price, since there was only one actual doll in it.  For $10 at 33% off, she was definitely a bargain. 😀

Friday 14

These get the prize for the most surprising things I found there:  two unopened, Japanese Happy Meal toys.  Of course, I had no idea what was in them, and neither, I’m sure, did the people selling them.  (Not that it likely would have changed the price, mind you.)

Friday 18

I like the “100% Fresh Guarantee” on it, as if it contained food. 😛

Friday 19

This shot — in addition to showing how they cutely made the box look like a food crate — explains why I bought these without knowing what the heck they were.  Because I looked at this and thought it said “Monchichi” and immediately was like “oh yeah!”

I was in for a rude awakening when I opened the first one…

Friday 21

I have zero idea who this hungry (screaming?) kid is.  He’s not very cute, whoever he is.

Friday 23

The pineapple monkey in the other crate is cuter, though nowhere near as cute as a Monchichi.  (Yes, I had one of those as a kid, too.  No idea what happened to it…but they’ve come back to the States a few times since then, so I do have a modern one.)

I have to admit to being curious as to what the other flavors were like.  I guess at some point I should try to find out.  Just not right now.

Friday 25

Moving on, we have these…

Friday 30

I identified them at the time — probably correctly — as a kind of a knock-off of MGA’s Hi-Glam line, which was itself a, let’s not call it a knock-off but an homage to Hasbro’s 1972 Leggy line.  Naturally, for that reason I picked up two of the four they had.  My plan was to compare them to my Hi-Glam and if they matched up enough — and were well made enough — to go back for the other two.  They actually seem pretty decently made — those long legs have click-knees — but their legs were shorter and heads smaller, and…well, the other two in the store had the same clothes as these two, and…I decided to use my Saturday time to go check the other store (which was kind of a bust) rather than go back.  (Though in retrospect, I should have gone back to get that My Scene pool…)

So, you may be wondering why I only have in-box shots of these previously de-boxed dolls?  Well, it’s because it’s too soon.

Or rather, because they smell funny.

It’s not cigarette smoke, or anything else I can concretely identify.

To be honest, I call it “old doll smell”.

I’ve had them airing out in my basement since I took these pictures, but they’re still kind of smelly, so tomorrow I’m going to give all of them a bath and wash all their clothes.  Skipper was getting a bath anyway to wash her hair, so…may as well give them all the same washing up, right?  But I didn’t want to let the post wait even longer, so I figured I’d just post without any post-bath pictures.

Anyway, that wasn’t the end of my Friday.  In fact, it was only the beginning.  Because I needed to go to GameStop, as I’d pre-ordered Hyrule Warriors Legends, which came out on Friday.  And while I was there I ended up picking up a couple of Amiibos (one new and one used) as I’ve learned since the Marth disaster that if I pass on one that seems likely to have been produced in limited quantities that I will never, ever see it again.  And a statuette that was on clearance.  Plus a used Vita game.  So that came to all too much (thank goodness the stuff at the used store was on sale and cheap to begin with!) but I didn’t think it necessary to post pictures of any of it.  (Though the Amiibos and statuette will probably show up at some point, as they’d make good “Silent Sundays” fodder.)

And there was one more stop:  the Disney Store.  Because I wanted to buy a certain doll.  And I did, though you won’t be seeing pictures of her until April 30th. 😉  But as soon as I set foot in the store, I saw this:

Tink n Belle 1

I’m amazed I didn’t squee. 😛  I love Tinkerbell, and I’ve loved my little Rapunzel from this line, so how could I possibly have passed her up?

And, since there was a sign saying “Buy one get one half-off”…

Tink n Belle 2

It was hard deciding which one to get for the second one, actually.  I know back when I got Rapunzel I was saying I wanted to get Snow White for her table and stool, but thinking about it, these dolls sit in a most unladylike fashion, so a little stool is not actually a good idea.  (Though I suppose Suve or Melitta could use it.)  I ended up mostly being torn between Belle and Jasmine (because Mulan and Merida and Aurora are not currently on offer in this format) but I felt like Belle got a better facial sculpt, so I went with her.

I gotta say, though, looking at the stuff Belle comes with:  who the heck wants a sparkling pig?!  Seriously, the glitter-covered baby crocodile was hard enough to swallow, but a pig?  No.  Just plain no.  (I mean, it’s not like it’s Miss Piggy or something!  Her sparkling I could get, but this is just a random, ordinary pig!)  Actually, seriously, someone needs to do something about the glitter addiction they’ve got going on at the Disney Store.  I mean, I like glitter as much as the next girl, but this is just too much!  Sparkly sheep and pigs and horses and crocodiles and tigers and…too much already!

Aaaaaanyway, I haven’t actually opened these girls yet.  Because time.  (Also because I’m strangely hooked on Hyrule Warriors Legends, even though I’ve already played the WiiU version.  I just keep wanting to unlock all the new story battles…which does not help the “time” issue.)  Also because glitter.

I’ll probably post about them when I actually do open them.  Though at least — unlike Rapunzel — they won’t require a new wardrobe, as their current attire looks like actual attire, rather than looking like a nightgown.  (They even both have shoes and everything.)

So, that was my Friday craziness.  The gallery (which has lots more box shots, mostly) is here.

Oh, before I forget.  At the end of yesterday’s post, I said I wasn’t sure if I had very exciting weekend plans or not.  It looks like I probably do.  See, there’s a convention in town this weekend.  Among the guests for the convention are both Matt Smith and David Tennant.  I went to this convention a couple of years ago, when Smith was in attendance, along with Karen Gillan (who was there largely for the (then upcoming) release of Guardians of the Galaxy) and a bunch of other, non-Who related exciting people, and afterwards I was like “one Doctor down, eight to go!”  So changing that to “two down” would be awesome.  (Plus he’s so sexy!  And he’d probably be using his real accent for his panels… *swoon*)  There are some other pretty cool guests (including the actress who plays Simmons on Agents of SHIELD) but it’s mostly for the Doctors that I want to go.  And I did get the pain pill prescription I’d need to keep my arm issues enough tamped down that the surge of humanity wouldn’t have me squirming in agony.  So I’m probably going to go.  But it’s not certain yet.  But if I do go, then I’ll likely come back with all sorts of goodies, because this year my father will not be coming to look at my purchases with disgust.  (Yeah, a woman of my age shouldn’t care.  I know.  But I can’t help it.)  Even with him there last year, I ended up with lots of loose Doctor Who figures, and one Little Pullip+.  I’m hoping this year, if I do go, I might get something even more fun and exciting.  (Not that I know what, off-hand.  Just…something.)  But since it’ll be April then, I would only be able to post about it on Sundays.  (Unless it fit one of the letters that are more squishy in my plans.  Though there’s really only two of those, and one of them is “B” so that wouldn’t even be a thing anyway.  And really “B” is only squishy ’cause Target keeps refusing to put those dolls on sale, and I’m being stingy for no good reason.  If they’d have just cooperated and put them on sale, I’d know exactly what I was doing for “B”.  And I could still do that, I’d just have to pay full price.  (Goodness knows, I’ll buy the doll eventually, and when “full price” is $20, that’s not actually a big deal…))

I feel like I had more to say about the potential weekend, but I see it’s 11:00, so I need to start thinking about getting ready for bed.  (Or rather for sitting in bed playing games until my eyes start bleeding and/or I fall asleep mid-battle…)

New Dolly Dresses

So, my first Etsy orders have arrived, except for the eye chip mold.  (Thought earlier that it had arrived, but that turned out to be Romana instead…)

Anyway!  I can at least show you the dresses!

Pyrrha's new dress
Pyrrha’s new dress

Pyrrha’s dress is from BeMyChic.  Though I shouldn’t really call it “Pyrrha’s” dress.  There’s a layer of netting or something (sorry, I’m utterly inept about clothes) inside to give the skirt some body, which gets bent out of shape by having her sit while wearing the dress.  But with Pyrrha’s body, she can’t really stand well, even on a stand.  (Though it might help if I had an actual Blythe stand for her.)  Net result, though it looks cute on her, this dress isn’t really something Pyrrha can wear.  So it’s actually going to be Romana’s dress.  (Fortunately, it’s definitely Romana’s style.)  But Pyrrha’s going to keep wearing it a little while longer, just ’cause.

Arizona's new dress
Arizona’s new dress

The big reason to buy some doll clothes from Etsy, of course, was to get this dress for Arizona.  (Who still needs a new name!)  What with Moxie Girlz Teenz not having lasted very long, there’s a real dearth of clothes for them, even in the hand-made department.  This outfit was made by DollUniverse, and it fits her so snugly that it was actually a bit tricky getting it on her!  (I probably should have put her undies on second instead of first.  That would have helped…)  It looks really great on her, doesn’t it?  I’m glad the outfit was navy and white; she’s been wearing a navy Gene dress with white trim for the last umpty years, so I’ve gotten used to her being in those colors.   Since taking the photos, I managed to find one of the missing pair of MGT shoes hanging around here (they were in the lunchbox with the Barbie shoes, which sort of makes sense and sort of doesn’t) so she’s no longer barefoot, though I’m not entirely pleased with the combination, since the shoes are black, not navy.  I need to get her some navy or white shoes.  (That’s not going to be easy to do, though!)

The important thing, of course, was that now that Arizona’s no longer wearing that Gene dress, it was available for someone else to wear!

Madra's new (for her) dress
Madra’s new (for her) dress

I think it actually looks pretty good on her — better than on the blonde Gene it came on — but I need to find the matching shoes and hat/hair ornament.  I thought I knew where the hat-thing was, but it wasn’t there. 😦  The shoes…I know where they are, I just can’t get at them.  (God, I need to clean my house desperately!)  I really should have removed her lingerie before trying to get the dress on her; it’s a little tight because of the extra layer.  But worse still was trying to get the sleeve on over her right hand; the fingers are spread out a bit and didn’t want to go through the sleeve opening.  I hate when that happens. 😦  But the net result was worth it, because now she’s no longer hiding in her box due to lack of clothing! 😀

Anyway, back to Arizona!  She also has a new little sister.

Arizona and Bryden
Arizona and Bryden

When I was getting those three Bratz Kidz outfits for the Angel Pullips, two of them were “add-on items” which meant I couldn’t actually order them unless my order already came to $25.  (Yet another oddity from Amazon…)  In order to shore up the order, since the MCSquared dolls were on sale, I decided to pick up another one, and I went with Bryden for a couple of reasons, one of them being that I thought she’d look good with Arizona.  (I’ll go into the other in a minute.)  They do look sweet together:

Arizona and Bryden, portrait version
Arizona and Bryden, portrait version

I think this photo answers the questions everyone’s been asking about why MGA gave Bryden blue-green eyes when the actress she’s supposed to resemble has dark eyes:  they wanted to make her match Arizona a bit better.

I was a little worried when Bryden arrived, because there were some paint smudges on the plastic blister of her box, but there wasn’t any sign of anything wrong with the doll herself, thank goodness!  Her joints seem to be less floppy than McKeyla’s, too, which is nice.  I have a major beef about her outfit, though.  I already knew from Amazon reviews that the fairly ugly orange shirt was attached to the white shirt beneath it, but it looked to me like I could just snip it loose.

No such luck.
No such luck.

The only places the two shirts are actually connected is at the velcro.  I’ll have to ruin one of them to get them apart. 😦  Granted, I hate the orange one, so that’s not a huge loss, but I still don’t like the idea of having to destroy part of a doll’s garments!

Anyway, the other reason I picked Bryden over Camren (and her awesome copper-colored hair) is because I saw this review on the ToyBoxPhilosopher that showed how great Bryden looked in the Disney Store Periwinkle outfit, while also pointing out some shedding problems with the outfit itself.  Well, I didn’t wanna mess up my Disney Store Periwinkle’s clothes, but I thought maybe she’d look just as good in a Jakks Pacific Periwinkle outfit!

Bryden in Periwinkle's garb
Bryden in Periwinkle’s garb

Unfortunately, it’s a bit small on her; getting it over her hips was a nightmare. 😦  Looks pretty cute, though.  Pale blue is definitely her color.  (I need to get her a new, pale blue shirt to replace the orange thing.)  I had trouble figuring out how to keep her hair and the wings from fighting, though. :p  But there was a slight problem I discovered in getting her ready for this picture, as you can see above; the places where she had been fastened to the box pressed her tights into her legs hard enough to stain her legs. 😦  (I also found a surprising stain on the back of Periwinkle’s leg, too, as if the wire inside it was staining outwards.  Probably not actually the cause, but I’m not sure where it did come from.)

The really surprising thing about Bryden’s legs was actually her feet.  Specifically, her high-heeled feet:

Bryden's and Elissabat's feet
Bryden’s and Elissabat’s feet

Look at ’em:  they’re almost Monster High feet!  It’s like they just scaled up the Monster High feet about 5-10%.  Of course, the major reason this was surprising was the fact that her adorable winged sneakers are not high-heeled!  The interior just has supremely massive arch support. 😛  That brings up the question of why they’re high-heeled feet instead of flat feet like McKeyla’s, but…I figure there’s not a lot of point in asking a question like that, since it obviously won’t be answered.

Elissabat in Bryden's shoe
Elissabat in Bryden’s shoe

Of course, seeing the similarity in foot shapes and sizes, I had to see if they could wear each others’ shoes.  Well, Monster High can wear MC2 high-heeled shoes, but the reverse is not true.  Elissabat’s foot fit nicely in Bryden’s shoe, as you can see, but Bryden’s foot wouldn’t go into Elissabat’s boot.  (I used the Londoom Elissabat because of the convenient Monster High dolls in here, she seemed the one with the simplest shoes to deal with.  The shoes have been getting pretty fancy lately…)

Bryden's glasses
Bryden’s glasses

While I was at it, I also snapped a shot of Elissabat in Bryden’s glasses.  As the reviewers on Amazon already pointed out, Bryden can’t actually wear her own glasses; they just don’t fit.  But they fit Monster High just fine.  (Though the fit would be better here if Elissabat wasn’t wearing that headband, which collided with the glasses a bit.  I tried earlier on a different doll, and they worked better there.)  Naturally, I couldn’t do anything about the foggy-looking lenses, though. 😦  Sooner or later, I’ll definitely be handing over the glasses, and possibly the shoes, to some Monster High doll or other.  Just need to figure out the right one.  (Neon yellow is a tricky color, all the more so considering the temples are hot pink.  Actually, they’d look awesome on a miniature Gooliope…exactly her colors.)  I might want to put a thin veneer of a dark colored paint over the lenses and turn ’em into sunglasses; that way the foggy lenses wouldn’t be an issue.  (Or if I could find some mirror-causing paint, it really wouldn’t be an issue!  Mirrored sunglasses are fun…but what kind of paint would I use to emulate that?  Silver-colored paint wouldn’t really cut it…)

Anyway, I just made my second resin casting experiment (not that I’ve given my report on the first one yet, lol) and I’m hopeful it will have turned out better, or at least less worse.  In the boredom of the video that was being shown in class today (seriously, everyone in the class is a senior or a grad student; we’re beyond needing videos!) I found myself sketching out a list of charms I wanted to make in polymer clay and then cast in resin, charms primarily for Romana’s pull-ring, but if they work out, I’d like to sell them on Etsy, maybe actually make a teeny tiny bit of money somehow.  (Just looked at my bank account.  Not pretty.  Which is a problem, because PullipStyle got the Black Russian Pang-ju back in, and I don’t want to miss that again…but it’s $50…and I’m broke….argh!!!)  I’m supposed to be working on my paper for Thursday right now — still — but after that’s done with, I should have time to do some sculpting.  Friday should be doable, I think.  Then if it works out, make the mold and the first casting attempt on Saturday, and by Sunday I’d have an idea if there’s any chance…right?

(The link to the DropBox gallery is here.)

Lonely Dolls

Another long over-due post, with photos I took before my old laptop went down.  This time, the post is about dolls in my collection that are in some way unique in my collection; dolls that are the only ones from their series that I own…and probably going to stay that way.  (Um, more so with some of these than with others.)

Now, I have a lot of dolls that are “lonely” in the sense that I don’t have any others.  Pyrrha’s my only Blythe (clone), but I totally plan to get more (and I have tons of the LPS mini-Blythes), and I only have the one Tangkou, but I might get more, and besides I just posted about her not that long ago.  I’ve got a single Nancy Ann Storybook doll, but how much is there to say about that?  (Besides, I might do a post at some point about dolls older than I am.  That would also cover my solitary Liddle Kiddle, too.  Though I would totally snap up more Liddle Kiddles, if I found ones I wanted at prices I was willing to pay.)  And I have a few other “unique” dolls whose exact origins I don’t know, or which were hand-made, or whatever.  So I thought it was best to limit to more or less recent, and very much established, known dolls.  And, of course, this is just a random sampling anyway. 😛

Well, let’s start with the oldest, shall we?

Golden Girl (NRFB!)
Golden Girl (NRFB!)

I’ve always written off Galoob’s Golden Girl as basically a She-Ra clone (and yet I forgot to include her in “Send in the Clones!“) and yet she has a copyright date of 1984, the year before She-Ra came out, which I find curious.  I ought to put in some research on how that’s possible, but…yeah, too lazy.  I found this one at an antique mall some 15 years ago.  I had a number of these dolls back in the day, but never this one.

Back of her box
Back of her box

So, the ones I had were Jade, Onyx, Dragon Queen and Wild One.  I know this because I still have their die-cast shields.  Also their capes and helmets.  (Except Wild One’s helmet.  I don’t have that one, which is a pity, seeing as it’s all, you know, Viking and stuff.)  But look at those fashion packs!  (Seriously, follow the link and check out the full-size picture.  Awesome stuff there.)  Why did I not have any of those?!  Seriously, what was wrong with me?  I had one She-Ra fashion pack–which I lost along with Perfuma when I moved here, of all the annoying things–but that was a pretty lame fashion pack, unlike most of the fashion packs pictured on this package, which are freakin’ sweet.  Man, I can’t believe I didn’t own every single one of those.  If I had a time machine….!

Uh, anyway.  Sticking with the ’80s theme…and yet also not…

Moonglow (?)
Moonglow (?)

I didn’t much care when they decided to try re-inventing Rainbow Brite a few years back, because I had been just old enough that the original had been too childish for me, so what they were altering was not a treasured part of my childhood.  (This does not hold true for the various other 1980s iconic properties that have been re-invented lately.  Well, okay, for some of them I don’t care, one because I had bought into social gender norms at the time, and was a little too old for another.)  Uh, point is, I didn’t mind the changes that many people slightly younger than myself were horrified by, and thought this doll was sort of cute, so I picked her up when she got cheap.

Okay, past this point it gets harder to say how old the dolls are, so I’m just going to try to put them in roughly the order in which I got them.


I mentioned this girl before, way back when I was talking about Hasbro’s 1972 Leggy line of dolls.  She’s from MGA’s similarly long-legged, and similarly short-lived Hi-Glam line, though she’s currently wearing clothes belonging to a PlayHut MystiKats doll.  (Part of the outfit she came with is currently being worn by my kuchisake onna Monster High custom doll.  Not sure what happened to the rest of it, but it’s around somewhere.)  I need to put some shoes on her…


This is Zephyr, my Hestia Isora.  Okay, yeah, so maybe Zephyr shouldn’t count, since she’s a Groove doll, and I’ve got oodles of those.  But I don’t have any other Hestias!  I’ve got Pullips, Dals, Taeyangs, Isuls, Byuls (well, one here, and one in transit, due to arrive by Wednesday), J-dolls, and two BJD Ais, but she’s my only Hestia.  (I’ve also only got one Yeolume, but…they only released two of those, so that’s a little different.  And oh…man, would I like to get a Blackberry!  She’s so cute!  Or, actually, I wish they’d done Sailor Chibi-Moon as a Yeolume.  I don’t even like Sailor Moon, but that would have been so perfect!  Although the Dal version is almost criminally cute already, so maybe they thought a Yeolume version would be lethally cute…)  I changed Zephyr out of her original outfit into this high-end Barbie dress because I really didn’t like her stock.

Zephyr's face
Zephyr’s face

Just a close-up to show you her face better.  Because.  The head-on shot doesn’t really do her justice.  Her eyes are strongly domed, and that gives a heightened illusion of reality to them.  (Rather like with J-Dolls, in fact, only a bit more so, since these eyes are bigger.)  I came across Zephyr at Tuesday Mornings a number of years ago–the first Groove doll I ever saw (in fact, I hadn’t even heard of Pullip yet)–and after getting her home and out of the box, I raced around to all the other Tuesday Mornings locations in the area, but no one else had any.  For some time after that, I watched the stores like a hawk, but after a while of nothing turning up, my attention started to drift, until hearing about the full-size Disney Pullips turning up, at which point I started watching like a hawk again (which paid off in full!) and I’ve been sort of an on-and-off hawk ever since. 😛  They’ve been relatively dry of late, apart from the Little Dal+ White Rabbit about, what, a month or two ago?

Fairy Tale High Cinderella
Fairy Tale High Cinderella

So, I bought her on clearance at Toys R Us as an experiment to see if her clothes would fit Monster High dolls.   They did, but not terribly well, and it occurred to me, after the fact, that it hardly mattered even if they did, because I didn’t actually like the clothes the other dolls in her line were wearing anyway.  Still, her clothes looked pretty good on the Create-a-Monster gorgon girl, so for a long time this girl was wearing Clawdeen’s cast-off swimming cover-up.  Eventually, largely due to not being able to think of any other doll to use, I came to the tentative conclusion that I should use her as the daughter of the Dodo for my mad tea party–if I ever get back to working on that–and in taking her back out of the doll storage thingy, I decided I needed to find her something less transparent to wear.  But while Monster High dolls can wear her clothes, she can’t wear Monster High clothes.  Or Bratz clothes.  Or Bratzillaz clothes  But she can wear Liv clothes, which is what she’s wearing now…and the pattern on that shirt has me wondering if she should be the daughter of the Caterpillar instead of the Dodo.  (Though I was going to use an LPS mini-Blythe for that, all decked out in a caterpillar suit, if I ever managed to make it…I really gotta start working on this thing again…)

Hujoo Freya
Hujoo Freya

And speaking of the mad tea party, here’s the daughter of the Cheshire Cat, my Hujoo Freya.  Who I’ve shown before, so I shouldn’t show her again, but I’m showing her anyway, ’cause I want to.  Because I like her. 😀  I know I probably ought to give her a face-up, put some color on her nose and in her ears, but…I don’t know, I think she works as is, and I’d only mess her up, you know?  Still not sure about the dress, though…

Zeenie Doll Leena
Zeenie Doll Leena

Zeenie Dolls are eco-warriors, which is cool.  Made with bio-degradable materials–which is both cool and a little unsettling (I’m not sure I like the idea of dolls that will just decompose if you leave them outside too long)–and with less anorexic proportions than the standard fashion dolls on the market.  The eco-conscious materials are kind of a double-edged sword, though; they feel a little strange to the touch, and it turns out that whatever their faces are made from collects dust like nobody’s business; Leena here had more dust on her face than any other doll on the shelf, including ones who had been sitting there two or three times as long.  (Yes, I don’t dust clean my house nearly as often as I should.  Despite that I’m asthmatic and allergic to dust.  My house is a recipe for disaster in all sorts of ways.)

Leena's close-up
Leena’s close-up

Ability to hold dust not-withstanding, it’s a nice face, though the lips are a bit odd.  She has glass eyes, which is something I always like, though I notice that–like many other play-line dolls with inset eyes on the domestic market–her eyes simply stare straight ahead, somewhat soullessly.  (Bratzillaz and Novi Stars sometimes avoided this pitfall.  Sometimes.)  For inset eyes–or really, any doll eyes–a slight angling of the gaze can really help liven the doll up, you know?

Greta Vendetta
Greta Vendetta

This is a BeGoths doll called Greta Vendetta, part of a sub-series called “Silent Scream,” inspired by classic Hollywood.  To be honest, I still have no idea how I feel about this doll.  I found the doll line on Amazon, in the “people who viewed this item also viewed” bar below some Living Dead Dolls I was looking at, and clicked on it out of curiosity, because it looked like a Bratz head on a Barbie body.  When you see the doll in person,  she doesn’t look quite so much like that as she does in the photos, but the general idea isn’t as wrong as I might like it to be, either.

Side view
Side view

Her body proportions are similar to Barbie’s, but she’s thicker all around; Barbie clothes would never fit on this gal.  (She and Leena might be able to share clothes, except for the general dissonance of styles, and the fact that her bust is about twice the size of Leena’s.)  Her head is about as much larger in comparison to her body as a Bratz head is to a Barbie’s body, but the head itself is much more round in shape than a Bratz head.  The face-up is similar to a Bratz face as well, though a bit more refined, and with less gaudy make-up.

Absurd footwear
Absurd footwear

Aside from her big, honkin’ boots (with high heels, no less!), her dress would probably say “Morticia Addams” to most people.  (It certainly does to me!)  But I think we’re supposed to think more along the lines of “Vampira,” given the deathly white skin she’s sporting, not to mention her bat-shaped tattoo:


I like the bat tattoos.  That’s fun. 😀  Not fun are the stains on her hand. 😦  They look like bruises, don’t they, as if she’s just been in a big fist-fight.  I’m sure there are ways to try to remove them, but since they’re only on her hand, and she’s not exactly the star doll of my collection, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

And that’s the last of ’em.

So, in summary, let’s look back over them, and see how many of these dolls I’d like to make less lonely in the future, if I could.

  • Golden Girl:  if I found an opportunity to get more of these, I so would.  Especially if they still had their wonderful accessories.
  • Moonglow:  Uh, no, not likely.
  • Hi-Glam:  yeah, if I could find one that wasn’t too expensive, I would definitely get more.  I’m very fond of this girl, and I’ve often regretted not getting more of them when they were still around.
  • Zephyr:  if I could get another Hestia without having to pay more than $50, I would, but I don’t think I’d pay more than that.  (And yes, I know I couldn’t get one for less than that.  But I just don’t like them enough to pay more than that.  Well, maybe $60, for one with really good stock.)
  • Fairy Tale High:  nope.
  • Hujoo Freya:  yeah, I’d love to get another Hujoo, though I’m not sure which one.  Probably not another anthropomorphic doll, though.  I don’t usually like that, but Freya’s special.
  • Leena:  hmm, not sure.  Depends on what the next set of Zeenie Dolls looks like, what they’re going for–if I find them on sale, like I did Leena–and so forth.  I’m certainly not opposed to the idea.
  • Greta Vendetta:  highly unlikely.  Apart from the “Silent Scream” series, most of these dolls aren’t to my taste at all.  (Actually, they’re much like the Living Dead Dolls in that respect; the only ones of those in my collection are Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bride, and Dracula.  Not sure if I’m going to get the Creature from the Black Lagoon or not.  It doesn’t quite have the same charm as the other three Universal licensed dolls.)


W is for Witches
W is for Witches

Okay, that’s kind of stretching it, I know.  But I realized I hadn’t included any of my Bratzillaz yet (ugh, I hate the whole “z-instead-of-s” thing!) so I thought I’d better find a place to include them, and this seemed the easiest way.  I decided just to go with the original line, and not add any of the later dolls.  (Not that I have all of the later dolls, mind you, just most of them.)

Apparently, MGA is bringing Bratz back (again) sometime this year.  I hope they also bring back the Bratzillaz sub-line; I absolutely love them, whereas the main Bratz line has always been sort of “meh” in my eyes.