If you’ve been following my blog long, I’m sure you already knew that Z would be for¬†Zootopia. ūüėÄ

Zootopia 1

A gazelle isn’t quite a deer, but…I’d have wanted to add her to my collection anyway, ’cause just look at her! ¬†(No, btw, I have never tried the “try me” singing function. ¬†And there’s a little on-off switch, so…ooh, I need to remember to remove the batteries! ¬†If I leave them in there indefinitely they could corrode.) ¬†Oh, wait, it’s not so easy to see her in the box…

Zootopia 5

So here she is out of the box…and it’s still pretty hard to see her. ¬†Gazelle is a very hard doll to photograph. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†Anyway, as you can see — or not see — her shoes are just glittery paint (heaven forfend the Disney Store sell a doll without glitter!) but her skirt and shirt are actual clothes…though I guess the picture makes her shirt look like more glitter paint.

Zootopia 10

She has elbow and knee joints, but the extreme thinness of her arms (forelegs?) makes the elbow joints a little bit tenuous, and every time I try to move them I feel like I’m going to break her. ¬†(Though I’m sure it would actually be quite difficult to do so; the Disney Store usually releases pretty sturdy products.) ¬†Oh, and yes, that¬†is a Pullip stand. ¬†With such flimsy limbs, I figured there was absolutely¬†no way I was ever going to get Gazelle to stand up on her own, and I had this spare Pullip stand handy, so…wait, why do I have a¬†spare Pullip stand? ¬†That’s weird. ¬†Most of my seated Pullips were samples who didn’t have them, so…oh, wait, maybe it belongs to — oh, crap. ¬†It’s not a¬†spare stand; it’s Selina’s stand. ¬†Well, I guess Gazelle will have to get a new stand once I get Selina put back together again.

Zootopia 9

There’s one problem with the hand that holds her microphone, however. ¬†(Aside from the fact that no matter how they evolved, gazelles should never have fingers. ¬†But I’ll let that slide, ’cause the movie was awesome. ūüėÄ ) ¬†As you can see here, when you bend her elbow up to bring the microphone towards her face, it’s facing away from her. ¬†*ahem* ¬†The elbow turns in its socket, which I didn’t notice until it came time to actually write this. ¬†Because I am, apparently, an utter moron. ¬†I’m pre-writing this on the 26th, so if I have time I’ll get another photo of her holding her microphone up the¬†right way…but given everything going on around here, I likely won’t have the time.

Zootopia new

EDIT — Okay, I didn’t get it up anywhere near in time for the original post, but just in case anyone reads this post belatedly, here’s a new photo of Gazelle holding her microphone the right way. ¬†Though that’s about as close to her face as I could get it.

Zootopia 11

So, one last attempt to get a good shot of her face. ¬†Like Manny Taur, it’s really hard to get a decent photograph of her face. ¬†Though at least Gazelle isn’t trapped in a box. ūüėõ ¬†(Once again, the strong shadow makes it look like she’s in a ’50s horror movie…)

Anyway, let’s move on! ¬†There’s someone I’d like you to meet. ¬†He’s one of the nicest folk on the river…

Zootopia 12

So,¬†Zootopia featured a lot of character designs that were…how do I put this? ¬†To call them “homages” to earlier movies seems to be understating it. ¬†Well, whatever you want to call it, a lot of the character designs seemed to be updating and 3Difying the character designs of earlier Disney anthropomorphic animal characters, particularly ones from¬†Robin Hood and the animated section of¬†Bedknobs and Broomsticks. ¬†(Which was, of course, the reason why the lion mayor was named Lionheart, ’cause he was based on the design for King Richard.) ¬†I’m not sure if this was just tribute to the earlier movies, or if it was to make¬†Zootopia fit more neatly into the Disney visual aesthetic, or what. ¬†Probably the former, really. ¬†Anyway, regardless of that, I imagine that at some point there was a production meeting discussing these character designs, and the subject of the weasel came up, and a conversation along the following lines took place:

“You know what I’d like the weasel to look like? ¬†I mean, it’s not one of ours, but remember those weasels in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”?”
“Yeah, the ones who looked like that weasel from the Riverbottom Nightmare Band?”
“Dude! ¬†That’s it! ¬†We have GOT to name our otter Emmett!”

Lol, okay, yeah, that’s probably not how it happened.

Zootopia 13

But it can’t be a coincidence that Mr. Otterton’s name is Emmett. ¬†Not since Disney now owns all the Muppet properties. ¬†Besides, look at his shirt here. ¬†It’s totally saying “Kermit”. ¬†(It didn’t in the movie because it was a sweater vest. ¬†But when it’s all made out of this felt-like cloth? ¬†Then it becomes pure Kermit.) ¬†Anyway, even though he doesn’t really look much like Emmett Otter, I just had to get this when I saw it. ūüėÄ ¬†So far, I’ve been resisting the lure of the sloth…but I totally want that one, too. ¬†ūüėõ

Zootopia 14

I could¬†not, however, resist getting a few Tsum Tsums. ūüėõ ¬†This stacking is pretty wrong, I know, but…seriously, that hair! ¬†She can’t go on the bottom.

"I am a real cop. I am a real cop."
“I am a real cop. I am a real cop.”

So cute! ¬†Though her ears won’t behave…

"It's called a hustle, sweetheart."
“It’s called a hustle, sweetheart.”

The first time I saw the movie, I had to fight not to laugh in the scene where he brings out his “son” to convince the elephant to let him buy the jumbo pop. ¬†But I didn’t want to allow myself to laugh, because I couldn’t be sure everyone else in the audience knew a fennec fox when they saw one…

"Us little guys have to stick together."
“Us little guys have to stick together.”

Normally, I wouldn’t get merchandise of a character like Bellweather, but…this was just too darned cute to pass up! ¬†I gotta say, when I saw the movie the second time, I was really struck by how amazing her wool looked. ¬†All the fur textures were amazing, of course, but her wool and Lionheart’s mane were the two that really stood out to me. ¬†The amount of time and effort that had to have gone in to making the textures and the algorithms to make the fur move properly…it must be staggering, but the end result was incredible, so I’m sure the people who worked on it felt it was worth all the time they put into it.

Okay, well, that’s all I have for you today. ¬†If you want to see the gallery for this post, it’s here.

And that makes the successful conclusion to April A-to-Z! ¬†Yay! ūüėÄ



Meet Ursula, one of my childhood dolls:

Ursula 1

I’m not sure where that staining on her face came from. ūüė¶ ¬†She’s constructed in a really interesting manner: ¬†inside her head, as far as I can tell, is a large styrofoam sphere, just covered over with cloth. ¬†The rest of her body is a standard cloth doll, of course. ūüėõ

Ursula 2

A second angle so you can see her eyelashes. ūüėÄ ¬†It’s funny, though: ¬†I always thought she and the two others like her I have (one of which was technically originally my mother’s) were local in some way, hand-made dolls exclusive to the shop in which we bought them. ¬†Turns out she was made by Applause. ¬†That’s actually pretty disappointing. ¬†(The odd thing is that her tag identified her by some name that utterly didn’t fit her, like “Milicent” or something. ¬†If I saw that tag at the time, I was wise to re-name her. ¬†I checked my other doll, Gretchen, but she didn’t have a tag (as far as I could tell) so I can’t be sure if I even knew they came with names, or if I’d just named them because they were dolls and so they needed names.

???  Is something wrong?

Oh, I’m sorry. ¬†Were you expecting something more like this?

Ursula 3

You know, I thought about using Ursula the Sea Witch for April A-to-Z last year. ¬†(But then I went with something awesome I’d just gotten at an anime convention instead. ūüėÄ ¬†) ¬†I had even taken the photos of the supremely, incredibly cool collector’s Ursula doll that Mattel put out…uh…somewhere in the late 1990s? ¬†(Wow, my recall is so complete!) ¬†And then I put a link to a gallery including all my unused April A-to-Z shots at the end of the A-to-Z last year, so I’m assuming that means they’re all off limits by my ludicrous set of personal rules for this year. ūüėõ ¬†So that means I can’t put a picture of that doll in this post.

Ursula 4

Ugh, what was Ursula¬†doing that caused her to smear her lipstick all over the plastic? ¬†Trying to¬†eat her way out of the package?! ¬†(Between that and the horrible residue left by the Tuesday Mornings price tag, there’s not much point to leaving these dolls in the package…except to protect them from the rampant dust in this house.)

Ursula 5

A different angle so you can see more of her face and less of the smeared paint.

BTW, am I the only who thinks the Disney Store should do those cute little toddler dolls of their villainesses as well as their heroines? ¬†(Just in the tiny Kelly-sized versions, though. ¬†The super-sized ones aren’t as cute.) ¬†A chibi baby Ursula would be adorable. ¬†Or maybe that’s just me? ¬†(And a baby Queen of Hearts? ¬†It’s like “just take my money already” just thinking about it!)

Well, that got a bit weird there….but here we are at “U is for Ursula,” which means that April A-to-Z is almost finished!

That means I’ll be back to my own devices again soon. ¬†I’ll hardly know what to post about…er, no, actually, that’s more true on my main blog than it is here. ūüėõ


I’m warning you right now: ¬†this is a very photo-intensive post. ¬†Because I’m not just showing you a Mulan doll or two. ¬†I’m running a full-on comparison of the new Hasbro Mulan doll against both the Disney Store Mulan doll and a Mattel Mulan doll. ¬†(And yes, I’m sure many, many others have already made similar Hasbro/Disney/Mattel comparison posts. ¬†But I’m doing it anyway. ¬†Hopefully, there will be at least some aspects of my perspective that are different from what everyone else has already said.)

Mulan 1
In-box Comparison Shot

Yes, I still have a boxed Mulan from the time the movie came out. ¬†I lived by two Mattel outlet stores at the time, so I bought a ridiculous number of dolls, and some¬†never ended up getting opened, like this one. ¬†Fortunately, I had plenty of others, so I didn’t have to open this one for the comparison.

Mulan 8

See? ¬†I got two of both of these at the time. ¬†(They were used for a particularly destructive attempt at creating a doll of a game character. ¬†It involved re-rooting, painting even the skin, and possibly re-bodying in the case of the one in the red dress. ¬†I’m not sure what happened that I ended up needing to do the whole thing twice, though…) ¬†Anyway, the open one in the purple and green will be our primary Mattel comparison doll here. ¬†(And I did actually try checking the stores for leftovers of more modern Mattel Mulan dolls, but it was far too late. ¬†Besides, I don’t think they were making as many of Mulan as of the actual princesses. ¬†It’s just that I really don’t like the way Hasbro’s Princess dolls look; I found the Mulan one the most palatable.)

Mulan 7

So, here they are open and…wait, before I proceed further, before Mattel loses everyone’s vote based on that open-mouthed facial sculpt, let me show you a different Mattel Mulan doll, one that isn’t, technically, part of the comparison:

Mulan 3

I’m not sure how many of these “Film Premiere Edition” dolls they did. ¬†I have two: ¬†Mulan and Ariel. ¬†If there were more, it was after I moved away from the Mattel outlet store area, and was no longer as tied to that particular dolly zone.

Mulan 4

On the facing flap, there’s some pop-up stuff, but I couldn’t get a good shot of it.

Mulan 5

Anyway, throughout the review, let’s try and keep¬†this face in mind as the Mattel face of Mulan, okay? ¬†Because this is the good one.

All right, so now we can get back to the comparison!

Continue reading

My Friday Haul

Okay, so it would have made more sense if I was posting this on Saturday, but…well, I had to find time to take pictures, and I work on Saturdays, so…

Anyway, the local used everything shop had a big sale over the weekend, which included 33% off all used toys.  Naturally, that meant I was going to hit both locations if I could.  I was only able to hit one on Friday, and I chose (wisely, it turned out) to hit the one that more frequently has used dolls.

Oh. Wow.

They had in so many new dolls that I was carrying a stack of them around with me, and stuff kept falling off! ¬†And, actually, I left behind a whole lot that I was tempted to get. ¬†The one I most regret leaving behind is the My Scene Barbie “Bling” bathing suit girl¬†with translucent, sparkly blue swimming pool. ¬†(For $19.99, pre-discount.) ¬†Yeah, I¬†really¬†should have gone back for her. ¬†It’s just…she was a¬†blonde. ¬†And I already have a My Scene blonde with pretty much that exact hair. ¬†And where would I put a Barbie swimming pool in this overcrowded house?

Not that logic prevents dolly remorse, mind you. ¬†I’m going to be kicking myself over not going back for some time to come. ¬†(But she was probably gone by Saturday night anyway, right?)

Anyhow, I’d like to share the stuff I¬†did buy.

Friday 1

We’re starting here because she’s the first one I spotted. ¬†And I was very excited to see her! ¬†Earlier, I was showing you one of my two Jazzies, and saying how I really was going to have to start looking for more of them. ¬†And then along comes this girl, a Jazzie in body, and¬†with my all-time favorite Barbie face mold! ¬†Obviously, I was thrilled by such a find! ¬†And, bizarrely enough, she’s only missing one piece of clothing: ¬†she was supposed to come with enough clothes to make “5 great looks” (as you can see the front of the box proclaiming) and she’s actually got all her clothes except the blue tank top, but for some reason the person selling her back decided to leave her virtually topless, instead of putting, say, that white shirt on her. ¬†I don’t get it, but I’m not complaining, ’cause if they’d put a shirt on her, her price tag would probably have been a lot higher than $2.99. ūüėõ

Friday 3

I’m showing you the back of the box not to revel in its glorious ’80sness (though it¬†is glorious, isn’t it?) but in order to show you two of the other dolls in the Jazzie line.

Friday 4

Specifically, these two. ¬†We’ll start with her. ¬†Because OMG, I¬†must have her!

You may be wondering why.

I’ll explain with two words: ¬†Melanie Bush.

(c) BBC, image from Wikipedia; click to visit
(c) BBC, image from Wikipedia; click to visit

Seriously, doesn’t that doll look exactly like her? ¬†It’s downright eerie! ¬†And, okay, yeah, Mel’s not exactly my favorite companion. ¬†But…when a doll looks that much like someone from your favorite show, doesn’t that just fill you with the urge to get your hands on the doll? ¬†(Or is that just me?) ¬†Anyway, Mel first appeared on¬†Doctor Who in 1986, and the copyright on that Jazzie box said 1988, so…it may not be coincidental. ¬†(Or it might. ¬†Big hair was kind of an ’80s thing, and big smiles were not unheard of in the Barbie line…)

Of course, I have no idea where to look for Jazzie dolls apart from keeping an eye on used stores and garage sales, but…I am totally going to be on the look-out for that doll from now on. ¬†Though if I find one then I’m going to somehow have to procure a 6th Doctor doll…and I doubt there was such a thing… ¬†(Also I’d have to track down some 1/6 scale carrot juice, but that’s probably easier to find than a 6th Doctor doll.)

Anyway, moving on to “Dude” there….

Friday 5

Is it any wonder he caught my eye? ūüėÄ ¬†Looks like Derek got recycled into “Dude”…which meant being downgraded from the main (by this point adult) line into the teenage Jazzie line. ¬†I do wonder if “Dude” too was strung to give a more flexible waist the way Jazzie was. ¬†If I ever see one in person, I may have to get him just to find out.

I don’t remember the order of finding the rest of these dolls (which I think were all but one sold back by the same person, given they’re all opened playline dolls returned to their original boxes) so I’m just going to go with the order in which I photographed them, ’cause that’s easier than trying to remember. ¬†ūüėõ

Friday 6

This one may have been even more exciting than Stacie there. ¬†Because this is a Skipper face I didn’t have before. ¬†(Though there’s one with this face sitting in my Etsy shopping cart. ¬†Because I’ve developed a bad habit of putting things in the cart and then just leaving them there for weeks. ¬†There’s like 19 things in there…) ¬†See, while I may talk about my “Skipper collection,” for the most part it’s just my childhood Skipper (early ’80s), one slightly older Skipper I got at the antique mall (I think she’s from ’76), a bunch of Teen Skippers, and a small assortment of more recent ones. ¬†I’ve been wanting to add more to the collection to cover the various older forms of Skipper that I missed between my childhood one and the Teen Skipper of the late 1990s, so…this makes one step in that direction. ūüėÄ ¬†(I’d also like to add the vintage Skippers that pre-date my childhood one, but…that’s expensive. ¬†Way, way more so than ones from the 1980s onwards.)

Friday 8

Her hair is so never going to look like that. ¬†Even after I give her a serious dolly spa, it’s just never going to look like that. ¬†In fact, it probably¬†never¬†looked like that anyway. ¬†In any event, sadly she does not have her seahorse comb. ūüė¶ ¬†I’d have liked that. ¬†She also doesn’t have her lei. ¬†But I wanted the doll, not her accessories, so who cares? ūüėõ

Friday 10

I really should have removed the price sticker before photographing this one. ūüėõ ¬†Anyway, I have some others from this collection (I should do a post about them at some point) but I had passed on this one at the time because I didn’t feel like it was quite worth the price, since there was only one actual doll in it. ¬†For $10 at 33% off, she was definitely a bargain. ūüėÄ

Friday 14

These get the prize for the most surprising things I found there: ¬†two unopened, Japanese Happy Meal toys. ¬†Of course, I had no idea what was in them, and neither, I’m sure, did the people selling them. ¬†(Not that it likely would have changed the price, mind you.)

Friday 18

I like the “100% Fresh Guarantee” on it, as if it contained food. ūüėõ

Friday 19

This shot — in addition to showing how they cutely made the box look like a food crate — explains why I bought these without knowing what the heck they were. ¬†Because I looked at this and thought it said “Monchichi” and immediately was like “oh yeah!”

I was in for a rude awakening when I opened the first one…

Friday 21

I have zero idea who this hungry (screaming?) kid is. ¬†He’s not very cute, whoever he is.

Friday 23

The pineapple monkey in the other crate is cuter, though nowhere near as cute as a Monchichi. ¬†(Yes, I had one of those as a kid, too. ¬†No idea what happened to it…but they’ve come back to the States a few times since then, so I do have a modern one.)

I have to admit to being curious as to what the other flavors were like.  I guess at some point I should try to find out.  Just not right now.

Friday 25

Moving on, we have these…

Friday 30

I identified them at the time — probably correctly — as a kind of a knock-off of MGA’s Hi-Glam line, which was itself a, let’s not call it a knock-off but an homage to Hasbro’s 1972¬†Leggy line. ¬†Naturally, for that reason I picked up two of the four they had. ¬†My plan was to compare them to my Hi-Glam and if they matched up enough — and were well made enough — to go back for the other two. ¬†They actually seem pretty decently made — those long legs have click-knees — but their legs were shorter and heads smaller, and…well, the other two in the store had the same clothes as these two, and…I decided to use my Saturday time to go check the other store (which was kind of a bust) rather than go back. ¬†(Though in retrospect, I should have gone back to get that My Scene pool…)

So, you may be wondering why I only have in-box shots of these previously de-boxed dolls? ¬†Well, it’s because it’s too soon.

Or rather, because they smell funny.

It’s not cigarette smoke, or anything else I can concretely identify.

To be honest, I call it “old doll smell”.

I’ve had them airing out in my basement since I took these pictures, but they’re still kind of smelly, so tomorrow I’m going to give all of them a bath and wash all their clothes. ¬†Skipper was getting a bath anyway to wash her hair, so…may as well give them all the same washing up, right? ¬†But I didn’t want to let the post wait even longer, so I figured I’d just post without any post-bath pictures.

Anyway, that wasn’t the end of my Friday. ¬†In fact, it was only the beginning. ¬†Because I needed to go to GameStop, as I’d pre-ordered¬†Hyrule Warriors Legends, which came out on Friday. ¬†And while I was there I ended up picking up a couple of Amiibos (one new and one used) as I’ve learned since the Marth disaster that if I pass on one that seems likely to have been produced in limited quantities that I will never, ever see it again. ¬†And a statuette that was on clearance. ¬†Plus a used Vita game. ¬†So that came to all too much (thank goodness the stuff at the used store was on sale and cheap to begin with!) but I didn’t think it necessary to post pictures of any of it. ¬†(Though the Amiibos and statuette will probably show up at some point, as they’d make good “Silent Sundays” fodder.)

And there was one more stop: ¬†the Disney Store. ¬†Because I wanted to buy a certain doll. ¬†And I did, though you won’t be seeing pictures of her until April 30th. ūüėČ ¬†But as soon as I set foot in the store, I saw this:

Tink n Belle 1

I’m amazed I didn’t squee. ūüėõ ¬†I love Tinkerbell, and I’ve loved my little Rapunzel from this line, so how could I possibly have passed her up?

And, since there was a sign saying “Buy one get one half-off”…

Tink n Belle 2

It was hard deciding which one to get for the second one, actually.  I know back when I got Rapunzel I was saying I wanted to get Snow White for her table and stool, but thinking about it, these dolls sit in a most unladylike fashion, so a little stool is not actually a good idea.  (Though I suppose Suve or Melitta could use it.)  I ended up mostly being torn between Belle and Jasmine (because Mulan and Merida and Aurora are not currently on offer in this format) but I felt like Belle got a better facial sculpt, so I went with her.

I gotta say, though, looking at the stuff Belle comes with: ¬†who the heck wants a sparkling pig?! ¬†Seriously, the glitter-covered baby crocodile was hard enough to swallow, but a¬†pig? ¬†No. ¬†Just plain no. ¬†(I mean, it’s not like it’s Miss Piggy or something! ¬†Her sparkling I could get, but this is just a random, ordinary pig!) ¬†Actually, seriously, someone needs to do something about the glitter addiction they’ve got going on at the Disney Store. ¬†I mean, I like glitter as much as the next girl, but this is just too much! ¬†Sparkly sheep and pigs and horses and crocodiles and tigers and…too much already!

Aaaaaanyway, I haven’t actually opened these girls yet. ¬†Because time. ¬†(Also because I’m strangely hooked on¬†Hyrule Warriors Legends, even though I’ve already played the WiiU version. ¬†I just keep wanting to unlock all the new story battles…which does not help the “time” issue.) ¬†Also because glitter.

I’ll probably post about them when I actually do open them. ¬†Though at least — unlike Rapunzel — they won’t¬†require a new wardrobe, as their current attire looks like actual attire, rather than looking like a nightgown. ¬†(They even both have shoes and everything.)

So, that was my Friday craziness.  The gallery (which has lots more box shots, mostly) is here.

Oh, before I forget. ¬†At the end of yesterday’s post, I said I wasn’t sure if I had very exciting weekend plans or not. ¬†It looks like I¬†probably do. ¬†See, there’s a convention in town this weekend. ¬†Among the guests for the convention are both Matt Smith and David Tennant. ¬†I went to this convention a couple of years ago, when Smith was in attendance, along with Karen Gillan (who was there largely for the (then upcoming) release of Guardians of the Galaxy) and a bunch of other, non-Who related exciting people, and afterwards I was like “one Doctor down, eight to go!” ¬†So changing that to “two down” would be awesome. ¬†(Plus he’s so sexy! ¬†And he’d probably be using his real accent for his panels… *swoon*) ¬†There are some other pretty cool guests (including the actress who plays Simmons on¬†Agents of SHIELD) but it’s mostly for the Doctors that I want to go. ¬†And I¬†did get the pain pill prescription I’d need to keep my arm issues enough tamped down that the surge of humanity wouldn’t have me squirming in agony. ¬†So I’m¬†probably going to go. ¬†But it’s not certain yet. ¬†But if I¬†do go, then I’ll likely come back with all sorts of goodies, because this year my father will not be coming to look at my purchases with disgust. ¬†(Yeah, a woman of my age shouldn’t care. ¬†I know. ¬†But I can’t help it.) ¬†Even with him there last year, I ended up with lots of loose¬†Doctor Who figures, and one Little Pullip+. ¬†I’m hoping this year, if I do go, I might get something even more fun and exciting. ¬†(Not that I know¬†what, off-hand. ¬†Just…something.) ¬†But since it’ll be April then, I would only be able to post about it on Sundays. ¬†(Unless it fit one of the letters that are more squishy in my plans. ¬†Though there’s really only two of those, and one of them is “B” so that wouldn’t even be a thing anyway. ¬†And really “B” is only squishy ’cause Target keeps refusing to put those dolls on sale, and I’m being stingy for no good reason. ¬†If they’d have just cooperated and put them on sale, I’d know exactly what I was doing for “B”. ¬†And I could still do that, I’d just have to pay full price. ¬†(Goodness knows, I’ll buy the doll eventually, and when “full price” is $20, that’s not actually a big deal…))

I feel like I had more to say about the potential weekend, but I see it’s 11:00, so I need to start thinking about getting ready for bed. ¬†(Or rather for sitting in bed playing games until my eyes start bleeding and/or I fall asleep mid-battle…)

Rapunzel and other tiny dolls

I ended up going to the Disney Store on the way home from class on Tuesday, because it was only a little bit out of the way, and I didn’t feel like going straight home. ¬†I wasn’t planning on buying anything, per se, but…sometimes stuff happens. ūüėõ

Animator's Collection (mini) Rapunzel
Animator’s Collection (mini) Rapunzel

I’ve never cared for this line at its 16″ size, but the mini versions are quite cute, and yet this is the first one I’ve been like “ahhhh, I’ve gotta get that one!” ¬†It may have been the little guitar that pushed this over the “must buy” threshold. ¬†Or the plushie-style Maximus. ¬†Or more likely a little of both. Continue reading