Some dolly clothes that got skipped over…

In my utter failure to keep up with photography and blogging, some new outfits arrived, were worn, and got put away again without any fanfare.  Probably a lot of them, in fact.  I only have photos of three, one on Yuzu and two for Ivy.  I’m going to share them now, if only to break up the monotony a bit.

We’ll start with Yuzu’s ’80s rocker look:

It’s sort of an awkward photo, I know, but that’s because I literally just decided to snap a couple of pics right after I got her changed into it.

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Partial Mail Call

I’m so unmotivated to take pictures right now.  I can’t explain it.  😦  Anyway, because of that, there’s a lot of stuff I want to show you that I didn’t end up taking pictures of.  (This is, after all, like two and a half months’ worth of purchases we’re talking about.  And I’ve been down in the dumps, which means I’ve been spending more money, ’cause I’m a moron.)  Hopefully I’ll get motivated later on and take more pictures.  Hopefully better ones, too.

Anyway.  So new clothes and wigs were something I wanted to fill you in on.  I finally got Ivy some new shoes:

There’s something massive about them that doesn’t really come across in the photo:  in person, they’re like a girly version of the Frankenstein monster’s boots.  And they don’t entirely match Ivy’s butterfly outfit.  (Though I’m admittedly at a loss to guess what would match it.)  Fortunately, I got her a new outfit that matches her rainbow booties, but I’ll show you that a little later on.

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April and Other Updates

So, for starters, I thought I should admit — as April is almost upon us — that I won’t be doing April A to Z this year.  😦  I’ve enjoyed doing it the past two years, but I have two research projects due this April (in the same class, despite that the “final exam” date is in mid-May) and I’ve been sick all month, so I haven’t been able to get anything done on anything at all.  (In fact, I spent a whole week doing almost nothing but sleeping.)  However, it turns out that there’s a new, less posting-intensive April challenge available, only requiring one post a week (an improvement over my posting here of late), so I’ll be doing that instead.

I’ve found myself going crazy wanting to do doll shopping while I’ve been sick.  Mostly I’ve been able to relegate that to “extensive browsing,” I’m glad to say, but a few orders have been made.  (Of course, what I really wanted was to be able to go doll shopping in person, which probably helped make it easier to resist the online shopping lure to what little extent I was able to do so.)  Alice’s Collections has had a spring promotion going on for some time, wherein you get a massive discount on a tiny little deer BJD (pet-style, not anthropomorphic) if you spend a certain amount of money on accessories, or buy a regular doll over 25 cm.  (And I do mean massive, btw:  $10 instead of $120.  But I also mean tiny, as it’s only 12 cm tall.  But for $10, that’s okay.)  The promotion ends at the end of the month, so I couldn’t wait any longer in the hopes that another sale would kick in to mitigate the cost somewhat.  (And I couldn’t pass it up, ’cause it’s a deer doll!)  Thankfully, I held back from buying a YOSD satyr girl (though I really want one!) and just bought accessories.  I got some new clothes for Arthur (again), some protective garments to protect various dolls from staining, a green wig and green eyelashes for the dark fairy — I mean, dryad — and…uh…I think there was more than that, but I’m having trouble remembering what.  Maybe some clothes for Juliet, too?  Oh, no, that’s right!  Shoes!  I bought some new shoes for Ivy that wouldn’t contrast so badly with her current outfit.  (I still need to get her a different outfit that will match her cute rainbow shoes, though…)  That should be an interesting package when it gets here, but it won’t be for at least a month, because they have to have the deer made.

There have been a few Etsy orders, too.  I ordered some shoes and socks for Betsy, and some white bloomers from Patsy, but they haven’t come yet, because while the shoes and socks were pre-made, the seller has to make the bloomers before the order can ship.  At about the same time I ordered some Mattel dolls from the ’80s and ’90s, mostly because there was one I’ve been wanting for some time now.


And just last night I finally ordered some dresses for the light and dark fairies.  (Well, fairy and dryad.)  It’s been hard to figure any dresses that would work for them, because I want them to be able to wear their wings and their clothes at the same time!  (And most sellers don’t post photos of the backs of the garments to show how low — or not — they are in the back.)  But I think these have low enough backs that they’ll work, and they just look so much like fairy dresses, you know?  My biggest worry is that they may have been made for a slightly more slender doll, and therefore might not fit. 😦  If they don’t, they’ll certainly fit Houston, in which case Ellowyne could wear what Houston is wearing, and one of the fairies might be able to wear Ellowyne’s dress, but…I’m really hoping they’re going to fit, since they’d be so perfect otherwise.

More than anything else, what I’ve really been finding myself drifting towards (almost obsessively) in the past few weeks is the idea of adding a vintage 8″ Betsy McCall to my collection.  I know I looked at some earlier and thought I’d prefer the Tonner version, and it’s not that I’m not happy with the Betsy I have (she’s adorable!) it’s just that somehow the vintage ones have started calling out to me of late.  I’ve found a couple of them that are actually quite affordable (much more so than 8″ Tonner Betsys!) but I’ve been dilly-dallying, not sure which one I wanted to order.  One of them is slightly cheaper and has nicer hair, but the hair is rather similar to my Tonner Betsy.  The other one is slightly more expensive (and has higher shipping) and has less nice hair, but she’s got her shoes.  Both are wearing vintage clothes that don’t particularly appeal to me, but finding them replacement clothes will not be difficult. 😛  (In fact, I’ve found a pair of nice vintage dresses on Etsy, and the seller who made my 14″ Betsy’s dress has some that would look gorgeous on the smaller Betsy, too…though then they’d feel even more like clones than they already would. 😛 )  Before I bought the fairy dresses (about $60, with shipping from Germany), I was thinking I might choose between the two Tiny Betsys and order one soon, but that is not to be after all…

…because this morning I got an e-mail from Ruby Lane about a change to one of the items on my wish list.  I don’t like that they send those e-mails (I keep wish lists so I can find things again, not necessarily to keep abreast of their price fluctuations) but in this case it turned out to my advantage.  The item in question was a 16″ Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth doll in need of repair work.  Primarily in the form of re-stringing, as she’s in pieces, but her face also needs some re-painting.  The photos aren’t great (or I’d share them), but they seemed good enough to assure me that the doll is actually in pretty good condition other than that she’s unstrung; the crazing seemed minimal, and her eyes are evidently undamaged.  (I think they must be tin, rather than glass.)  Modern Madame Alexander dolls don’t always do much for me, but the old composition ones are lovely, and I’ve been wishing for a long time that they weren’t so deucedly expensive.  So then here’s this girl, reduced down to $25 because of her TLC-needed condition.  I don’t know how much it’s going to cost me to have her fixed up at the doll hospital (if it was just the stringing, I’d try it myself, but I’m not about to try painting her face), but I know the total cost will still be way less than buying one in perfect repair.  Of course, I’ll also have to find her something to wear (she’s only got undies right now), but that won’t be hard to do on Etsy.  Still, her shipping was pretty pricey ($15 shipping feels like a lot on a $25 doll!), and given the doll dresses just last night…8″ Betsy is going to have to wait. 😦  Especially since I’ve so far only worked two days this month, due to my aforementioned sickness.  (Man, my paycheck will be pathetic this month.  Maybe they won’t even bother with it, and they’ll just tack it onto next month’s wages.)  But I’m on my second round of antibiotics now, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal by next week.

Anyway, I thought I should also mention that Bubbly Bliss has arrived, and she is gorgeous. 😀  I’ll do a proper post once I’m not sick and can take proper photos, but I did take a box shot before I freed her from her paperboard prison:

Given all the stars, I’ve decided to name her Stella.  She’s so tiny and cute!  And that translucent skin tone is amazing.  It’s easy to see why the translucent Blythes always sell out so quickly, and then skyrocket in price.  I was a little surprised by the roll wheel in the back to operate her eyes; I guess I was more expecting a little lever like on Pullips.

Once I’m well again — and have gone to the library to research the blasted take-home test (which is configured in such a way that you can’t do your primary research for it over the Internet, because this professor should have retired ten years ago) — I’m hoping to finally do the massive cleaning my place requires, which should let me add more doll shelves (so many more doll shelves!) and finally open some poor lasses (and at least one lad) who have been languishing in their boxes awaiting the day they can be released and join their fellows.  And hopefully I’ll manage to set myself up a nice workspace where I can do face-ups properly.  At this point I’ve got four BJDs (and that little deer on the way) in need of a face-up, and I still want to buy that grape Nano-Rabi from the Junky Spot, though that one probably won’t get any face-up anyway. 😛  (I almost ordered him the other day, actually, but I wanted to add on the DIY eye kit so I could make the perfect new eyes for the dryad, but I realized I didn’t know what size she needed. 😦  I need to take one of her eyes out and measure it, I guess.  Ack, that sounds gross.  I suppose I could also be all pedestrian and contact the artist on Kickstarter and just ask what size the eyes are….)  Anyway, the point of this paragraph is just to say that if things go to plan (like that ever happens), then I’ll probably still be pretty quiet on the posting for a while, but then it should pick up again with a considerable improvement in quality over what there’s been lately.

New Clothes

I was actually able to get some photography done this morning (naturally, before the sun came out…and naturally I wasn’t able to do any while the sun was out) and while most of it was actually for next month, I have a few pictures to show you now.

New Clothes 1

I found Juliet a new outfit in the most unexpected of places:  Toys R Us.  Okay, yeah, actually that’s a totally normal place to find doll clothes, but you wouldn’t expect to find 1/3 scale stuff there, right?  And, technically, this isn’t really 1/3 scale.  I have no idea what scale this is, but it’s actually a bit bigger than 1/3 scale.  (Which is why the sleeves on the jacket are a tad long.)  This is for a 28″ Barbie.  (1/3 scale would have a six foot tall individual be 24″, so even if we assume Barbie to be 6′, 28″ is still more than 1/3 scale.)  Anyway, the outfit actually fits pretty well, but I need to get her some new shoes to wear with it.  Closing the pants (thank goodness there’s velcro at the bottoms of the pants legs!) around the tops of her tall Converse-style shoes is less than ideal.

New Clothes 2

So, the fit’s not perfect.  You hopefully can’t tell from the front here, but the top is too big for her (big surprise), so I had to use a safety pin in the back to make it seem like it was her size.  And yet the pants (which are unfortunately attached to the shirt) are actually pretty tight around her hips.  If it weren’t for the tightness in the hips, I would say “ooh, maybe these will fit Claudette!”  (Yes, I still want to get one of those, despite the other resin BJDs I already pledged for.  The deadline to pledge is the 15th…so around then you’ll probably see either a “omg, I can’t believe I just blew that kind of money” post or a “will I regret not backing her?” type post.)  Still, for a bit under $8, this is a really great outfit! 😛  (The outfit was originally $10, but TRU has a sale on Barbie products right now.)  I am so going to get her some more of them.  Even if they’re only so-so, they’re more clothes to add to her wardrobe, and they don’t cost almost as much as she did.  (Actually, some clothes in her scale cost more than she did.)

Anyway, yesterday saw the arrival of the clothes I ordered for Petite, Curvy and regular Barbies.  I haven’t actually opened my Petite Barbie yet to try her clothes on her (but at least I finally did the in-box shot, so I can open her now) but the Curvy dress looks great.  And my Lammily arrived today, so I once her clothes arrive, I can do the Curvy/Lammily comparison post.  (That may take a while, though.  The order I made at the same time as the Barbie clothes still hasn’t shipped yet (well, it did say 1-2 weeks before it would ship) and the order I made (from a different seller) last night was obviously only ordered last night, so that’s going to take a while, too, though it’s a domestic order, so it shouldn’t take too long to get here.)  The Petite/Skipper comparison post I can do whenever I have the time and the lighting to take the pictures.  Uh, actually, given everything, I should probably try and get those pictures taken as soon as possible.  Maybe I’ll just use artificial lighting and do ’em tonight.

Anyway, the regular-size Barbie coat I got was not actually bought with the intention of putting it on a Barbie, though it doesn’t really fit the doll I did intend it for:

R:  What do you think of my new coat, Doctor? D:  Romana...what have you done to my scarf?
R: What do you think of my new coat, Doctor?
D: Romana…what have you done to my scarf?

(That pose was as close as I could get the Doctor doll to face-palming, btw.)  Anyhow, it occurred to me that this coat is actually more Romana I’s style, so rather than having it hanging all over the place being way too huge for Romana II, I’m going to try and find a Barbie who’ll make a good Romana I.

In other news, I spent all too long this afternoon going through boxes in my basement.  Ack, there’s a lot of crap down there.  I mean, I found all these shoeboxes that had been in my room at my parents’ house and which just got put in larger boxes and brought over here without me bothering to look at what was in them.  And so much of it was just plain garbage.  It’s gonna take me forever to go through all that stuff.  (Why I waited until I’ve lived here 16 years before thinking of going through it I couldn’t say.)  Anyway, I was mostly looking for a beat-up Ken I could use to make a ’80s-style hair band doll from, but the only beat-up Ken I found was my childhood Ken, whose hair I decided to turn from blonde to black by using a Sharpie on it….so now much of his face has been Sharpied, too.  (It’s not a pretty picture.)  Also his head is loose and rattles around because it used to go on a different doll, apparently.  (I’m no longer sure exactly what happened there, but that head clearly doesn’t go with that body.)  He may be too beat-up for the purpose.  I haven’t decided yet.  But!  I did find a lot of other stuff, stuff that was actually pretty cool, while I was searching madly about for the bag of loose Barbies.  (Yes, there’s a bag of loose Barbies down there.  But now it’s a different bag of loose Barbies, because the old one had a dead cricket in it.  Or a grasshopper.  Well, the variant of those things that lives in people’s basements.  I moved all the Barbies to a new, dead-bug-free bag.)  So, anyway, I might post about some of that stuff.  (Actually, at least one thing I found is going into the April A-to-Z, surprisingly enough.)  Or rather about some of the stuff I decided to salvage now and bring upstairs.  I’m not going to post about the miles of crap that’s still down there.  (Though the fact that I still have oodles of games not only on 3.5″ disks, but even 5.25″ floppies…yeah, that’s actually kinda cool.  I doubt they’d still work after they’ve been in a musty basement for 16 years, though.)

Oh, speaking of which, anyone know how to get rust off of doll stands?  I found a couple of them down there, but they’re kind of rusty.  (And one of them really needs to be salvaged, ’cause it’s Little Pullip/Petit Blythe sized!)

Romana in “Destiny of the Daleks”

Well, sort of. 😛

A brief intro for those who really only know post-2005 Doctor Who:  Romanadvoratrelundar (AKA Romana) is a Time Lady who traveled for a time as the Doctor’s companion.  Her first season was a season-long story arc, “The Key to Time,” and in that season, she was played by Mary Tamm.  However, she did not wish to return for the next season, as she felt that Romana’s character had no further need of growth.  (And her character evolution through that first season was definitely remarkable!)  But since Romana was a Time Lord, she could and did regenerate.  For Romana II (as she is usually called), they cast Lalla Ward, who had played a different role in the previous episode.  (Seriously.  In fact, when she regenerated (off screen), the Doctor became somewhat flustered, having no idea how Princess Astra could have gotten onto his TARDIS, but promising to take her home again right away.)  Despite wearing a couple of different outfits (and bodies) in the regeneration scene, Romana II spent most of her first adventure, “Destiny of the Daleks,” in a pink version of the Doctor’s outfit:

Image from "Tom Baker: The Official Site."  Click image to visit source.
Image from “Tom Baker: The Official Site.” Click image to visit source.

I wanted to dress my Blythe Romana in this outfit, or as near to it as I could come.  Easier said than done for someone who can’t sew. 😦  But I worked out a nice outfit that’s reminiscent of it:

Destiny of the Daleks 1

It would have been better if there had been a paler pink version of that coat, but it’s a really nice coat, isn’t it?  Sadly, the sleeves are small enough that I couldn’t have her wearing the shirt I bought to go under it while wearing the coat.  (It’s the shirt I showed Hangry wearing earlier.)  Etsy is surprisingly light on pink Blythe-sized trench coats.  (That’s a shock, huh?)  Anyway, the coat is by buttoncottage, the pants are by dollcat, and…


These very cool boots are by HelloCoolCat.  They’re not really the right type of boots for the outfit I wanted to recreate — the originals were more like pirate boots, you know? — but these are nice boots, and the right color (well, close to it, anyway) so I think I made the right call.

Destiny of the Daleks 3

Isn’t that cute?  It’s the little plastic box the boots came in.  I thought that was pretty nifty.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get this posted for a while now, so I just wanted to, well, get it posted. 😛

Oh, as you’ve probably guessed, I couldn’t find a suitable scarf, and substituted a ribbon. 😛

Dal’s Fashion Show

Having learned that Dal can wear Monster High clothes, I decided it was time for my Dal Tinkerbell to upgrade her wardrobe! 😀

She had long ago ditched her Tinkerbell outfit, since it’s ludicrous for Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to be the same size.  (Well, okay, Dal isn’t quite the same size as Pullip, but…Tink is supposed to be small enough to sit on Pan’s shoulder, not come up to his shoulder.)  But I had put her in a Barbie dress that was absurdly too large for her and then just left it on her, ’cause it matched her bow.  That was definitely silly, but I’d been lazy about it…for several years. 😛  But last night I finally decided to stop being lazy and give her a new look, at long last!

First try
First try

I think this one came from one of the Create-a-Monster kits.  It has an almost caveman look on her, don’t you think?  Not quite what I was going for in her new look, needless to say, but still kinda fun.


I think this was one of the dresses that came with the I Heart Fashion Abby, but I’m not positive.  (Seems like one of her colors, though.)


I love the way my spare Viperine dress looks on Tink!  I tried to put her in one of the typical Monster High pigeon-toed poses for the picture, but I couldn’t get her to do it; Pullip/Dal bodies don’t seem to want to do the pigeon-toed pose.  Anyway, unfortunately, Dal bodies aren’t quite slender enough in the upper torso for Monster High clothes, so a number of the dresses and shirts can’t close in the back, and this was one of the ones that couldn’t close, so although it looks great from the front, it was hanging open in the back. 😦

Who knew?
Who knew?

I’d call this Bratz outfit perfect if the pants fit better.  They look good in the photo, but that’s because she’s sitting down.  That hides the really ugly way they don’t fit at the waist, similar to the ugly way they don’t fit Monster High dolls at the waist, which is the only reason these pants have never found their way onto any dolls in the past.  (They were, after all, the main reason I had bought that four outfit multi-pack.  Because look at them!  Those are awesome pants!  Maybe they’ll fit Pyrrha…)

Pretty sweet, huh?
Pretty sweet, huh?

A Bratz top and a Monster High skirt on a Dal.  It’s almost a miracle that didn’t cause some kind of implosion…


Should I be worried that I already don’t remember where this dress came from?  Maybe it came with Iris Clops…  Well, wherever it came from, it’s a bit too sexy for Tink.

In the opposite direction...
In the opposite direction…

This one’s like the total opposite in every way, y’know?  It’s not even Monster High–or Bratz.  This dress is from a line called Only Hearts Club, which has a cloth body, and thus somewhat formless clothes.  However, those formless clothes do just barely Monster High–though they’re a bit on the short side–so I’ve picked up a few outfits when I’ve found them at Tuesday Mornings.  This is one of them, which I’d had on a Create-a-Monster catgirl for a long time, until I gave up and removed it, ’cause it made her look pregnant.  (Seriously, that Empire waistline is unfortunate on a Monster High doll.)  Didn’t look much better on Tink than it did on the CaM, really.

Pink Tink
Pink Tink

So this is another Only Hearts Club outfit, one I hadn’t opened before.  (Due to having given up on trying to get the outfits to work on Monster High dolls.)  Anyway, I’d thought to myself “well, it’s just sewn onto the paperboard, no need for scissors; I’ll just rip it out easily enough!”  Not only was the thread stronger than the paperboard, but it was also stronger than me.  Seriously, I ripped the entire loop of the thread out of the freakin’ package and had to cut it!  I think a lot of my clothes are sewn with thread that isn’t that strong.  Argh.  Anyway, the dress looked okay on Tink, but not great.  The shoes fit nicely enough, which is surprising.

Last one!
Last one!

This was from that Create and Color wolf girl Create-a-Monster, or whatever she was called.  I think.  Not really a great dress.  I just sort of tried it on her on a whim at the end there.

In the end, I decided to risk implosion, and put her back in the Bratz pink turtleneck, with the Monster High skirt, along with her own undies and tights (which I had removed for ease in the constant dressing/undressing process), and then added the Only Hearts Club shoes to the mixture.  She still hasn’t imploded yet, so I guess it’s not a chemical imbalance. 😛

Tink and friends
Tink and friends

Back in her home spot with Peter Pan and Tiger Lily. 😀  Also with Pan’s LPS Blythe Tinkerbell, Angel Pullip Tinkerbell wanna-be, and a gaggle of other dolls.  (Unfortunately, I goofed in taking the picture, and didn’t get her shoes in the picture. 😦 )

Oh, and lest he get jealous about being left out…

Captain Hook
Captain Hook

I don’t keep Captain Hook quite close enough to Pan and the girls to cause any fights.  As to why right at his feet the third Doctor is squaring off against an Auton and two very old Cybermen (one of which has shrunk) while Sashabella Paws looks on…uh, well, there just isn’t very much shelf space at my house, so everything’s kind of cheek-by-jowl.  There’s no real logic to it.

Anyway, random update:  I’ve ordered some clothes for Pyrrha, but it looks like being a race to see what’s going to get here first, Pyrrha or the clothes.  One of the dresses is coming from Japan, and was being sold by multiple vendors, so while it’s not expensive enough to be an official Blythe product, it must be some kind of product.  (Um, that was supposed to make more sense than that.)  Anyway, it’s really quite cool, with a metallic bodice, and I think it’ll suit Pyrrha perfectly.  The other is handmade by the vendor selling it, so I don’t know where it’s coming from, but like the one coming from Japan, it gave an expected delivery date in early to mid-August, same as Pyrrha herself.  And the vendor’s other doll clothes included traditional Chinese and Korean outfits, so presumably that outfit is either coming from China or Korea.  So…yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see what gets here first!