So, I was at a store that sells all sorts of stuff the other day.  Mostly movies, games and music, but also some anime and game merchandise.  And I saw this sitting on the shelf:

Well, you know how I am about blind boxes, and Vincent is one of my favorite characters ever, and although Terra’s not my favorite character from the game, Final Fantasy VI is one of the greatest games ever made, and yet it’s relatively undermerchandised.  (Its competitors being Chrono Trigger and Suikoden II, of course.)  You’ll notice this box says “Vol. 2” on it; they also had “Vol. 1” but its contents weren’t terribly appealing.  (I only remember four of them, but that’s enough to know I didn’t want to risk it.)

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Frustration and Delay

Ideally, I’d have a real post for you today.  (Ideally, it wouldn’t have been over a month since my last post, either…)

But my place is still a mess, and I’ve had two major events at work — each with massive preparation and post-event clean-up — plus there’s another one this week, so…yeah, there hasn’t been as much time for photography as I’d like.  Especially since I was doing NaNo again this year.

However, I should have been able to at least do a quick photo of my Black Friday Junky Spot order.  (I know, I have no room for things, so why am I still buying them?  Well, I’m trying to cut back as much as possible, but…deals…)  It’s not a huge order, but I’m looking forward to the dolls in it.

If they ever get here.

Okay, so I made the order on Black Friday, yes?  And — as is typical of the efficiency of the Junky Spot — they were also shipped on Black Friday.  And on Monday, when I got home, I found a notice in my mailbox saying that I had a package I needed to sign for.  I go into the post office on Tuesday to pick the package up, and after standing there for 20 minutes while they look around, they still can’t find it, and say they need the tracking number to find it.  The tracking number wasn’t on the notice they left in my mailbox, so I had to go home and find it in my e-mail.

While I was getting the number from the e-mail, I went ahead and used the “Track Package” link, right?  Guess what I saw when I did?

Just guess!


The package returned to the post office a little before 11 o’clock Monday night…and then shipped out again a little after midnight.

They didn’t hold onto it for ten days like they’re supposed to:  they started the “return to sender” process before two hours had elapsed!

It gets worse, though.  I’ve called the post office several times to try and get them to stop the return process and send it back to me.

Nothing’s happened.

At all.

As of last night, it’s still in the same place it was on November 30th.  In a limbo called “In transit to destination.”  Without saying what the destination is.  Did they lose it in between the airport facility and my post office?  Did they lose it on the plane back to San Francisco?  Did some creep make off with it?  Did someone run it over with a truck?  No freakin’ clue.

That’s the worst part, y’know?  At least if I knew what had happened, I’d, well, know what happened.

I’m gonna try calling the post office again to see if anything can ever be done.  And I guess if nothing happens after another few days, I’ll e-mail the Junky Spot and see if there’s anything they can do on their end.  (If nothing else, they should be able to get the post office to cough up the insurance money so they can replace my dolls without having to go out of pocket.  Though I think one of them may be out of stock now.)

I’m trying not to blame the post office for this.  I know they’re swamped with work at this time of year.  But I was really looking forward to those dolls (even though they need face-ups that I don’t really have time to give them), and they’re just out there somewhere in the cold, cruel world all alone, instead of here in my cold, cruel house.  (Uh, wait…)

The problem is that, even though I know it’s unreasonable, this is making me start feeling fearful for all my other inbound packages.  Realistically, there’s no reason to worry about other packages on their way.  Most places I order from don’t require signatures for the packages when they arrive, and it was the signature (rather the lack thereof) that caused the problem.  Statistically, the odds of lost packages are very small:  in all the time I’ve lived here, I can only recall three problem packages.  This one, one from Amazon that was lost for a month (though it did eventually arrive…) and one that was coming from England and just plain got lost en route.  So I shouldn’t worry.  But I can’t help myself.

Once I have some time and composure, I’ll try and give some reports on my other Black Friday and Small Business Saturday purchases.  There’s one in particular I want to do a comparison report on, which’ll take a lot longer than just “hey, here’s this doll I got” or “hey, here’s some nifty doll clothes I bought”.

EDIT – This time when I called the post office, they told me that when a package was being returned, they sometimes stop using the tracking number, so the package was already back with the shipper.  I e-mailed the Junky Spot, and the package isn’t back there yet, but they’re going to re-send it when it does get there.  UGH, though.  It’s just such a…okay, right, stop.  Trying not to blame the postal workers.  So I’ll just stop talking now.  I’m still trying to sort through the last month of incoming blog posts, after all.