Blind Box Monday

In which I pretend I didn’t totally fail to get that other post up last week.


This is probably the most obscure blind box — rather, blind bag — product I’ve yet posted about.  (Rather, that I will ever post about.)  As you can see at the top, this is a tie-in for the game Persona 2 Innocent Sin.  As opposed to the game Persona 2 Eternal Punishment.  And yes, Persona 2 is in the same series as games like Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 (the latter of which I still haven’t played, so please don’t say anything about it, ’cause I don’t want it spoiled for me!), but Persona 2 (both versions) originally came out on the original Playstation, sometime around 1999.  (Okay, technically, I think Innocent Sin was 1998, and Eternal Punishment was 1999, but since Innocent Sin didn’t come to the US on the Playstation, it’s hard to keep its date straight in my mind.)  Anyway, the PS2 (and byeond) Persona games don’t have much in the way of commonalities (beyond the Persona system, the designs of the Personae, and (of course!) Igor and the Velvet Room) with the PS1 games (apart from some throw-away references in Persona 3 that both referred to the characters as existing and being the wrong age, and others that made them fictional), whereas both Persona 2 games were direct sequels to the first Persona game, and featured appearances from the original characters.  (Not so much like how Persona 4 had a sequence where the cast visited the high school from Persona 3 and met a few of the younger, more minor characters.  The appearances of original Persona characters in Persona 2 were more organic, and a more important part of the story; in Innocent Sin, one of the original characters is the photo–no, wait, that’s in Eternal Punishment, or–um, okay, see, the thing is, Eternal Punishment is half-sequel, half-fix-it-fic for Innocent Sin, so it’s hard to keep straight some of what happened in one and in the other.  But one of the original characters works as the photographer for reporter Maya, the player character of Eternal Punishment and one of the love interests for player character Tatsuya in Innocent Sin.)

*deep breath*

Sorry about that nonsense.  Back to this blind bag.  It’s a cell phone charm (or something) based not on the original Playstation version of the game, but the PSP remake, which was brought over here.  (Ironically, Atlus declined to bring over the PSP remake of Eternal Punishment.  So if you want to play both, you have to switch consoles…and switch to a translation more than ten years older, and rather, um, lacking.  I mean, I’ve seen worse PS1 translations, but it wasn’t up to the same standards as the remake’s translation.  (For one thing, in the remakes, the translation department made sure they were spelling proper names correctly in the descriptions of the origin of the various myths used for the Personae.)


Moving on…

My best result would have been Jun (who isn’t even shown on the front of the bag), but this was good, too. 🙂  This is Eikichi, or –as he wants to be called — Michel.  (As in the French version of Michael.  Not as in Michelle, which I’ve seen at least one fan-translation of the PS1 game call him.)  Eikichi is the lead of a band, and he’s wonderfully funny.  He views Tatsuya as his rival, and Tatsuya basically ignores that he exists.  (Or not; Tatsuya is a silent character in this game, so it’s hard to interpret his relationships with other characters.  Then in Eternal Punishment he starts talking, ’cause he’s no longer the lead, and you wish he wouldn’t.  Or maybe that’s just me.  (Because Maya absolutely should have picked Katsuya!  He was awesome and completely perfect for her!  I am intractable on this point.))  I’m not sure how well you can see it in the photo of the cover of the bag, but Eikichi’s skin looks super-pale, because he wears make-up to look more pale than he is.  Because he’s going for a sort of semi-goth Visual Kei thing.  And probably failing pretty badly, because he is, after all, Eikichi.  ;p

Anyway, you noticed the blonde girl on the bag?  That’s Lisa Silverman (or Ginko as Eikchi calls her), and I have a statue of her that I found at one point and I couldn’t resist picking it up because MegaTen merch that’s from a game other than Persona 3 or Persona 4 is so rare.  (Well, and now Persona 5.)  I posted a picture of it back during that first April A-to-Z.  (Still not sure if I’ll be doing April A-to-Z this year…but probably not, between April’s CampNaNo session and doing April A-to-Z on my other blog.  Which is why I wanted to post this today, btw, because today’s the theme reveal, and my theme is connected to the MegaTen games.)  I also posted a couple of blind box figures — Half Age figures for two of the Persona 4 characters — along with it.  I’m pretty sure I have more Persona-series cell phone charm blind bag things, too (another from Innocent Sin and one from Persona 4) but I apparently haven’t photographed them.  I thought I’d included them with the Lisa statuette, but it seems not.



So, I was at a store that sells all sorts of stuff the other day.  Mostly movies, games and music, but also some anime and game merchandise.  And I saw this sitting on the shelf:

Well, you know how I am about blind boxes, and Vincent is one of my favorite characters ever, and although Terra’s not my favorite character from the game, Final Fantasy VI is one of the greatest games ever made, and yet it’s relatively undermerchandised.  (Its competitors being Chrono Trigger and Suikoden II, of course.)  You’ll notice this box says “Vol. 2” on it; they also had “Vol. 1” but its contents weren’t terribly appealing.  (I only remember four of them, but that’s enough to know I didn’t want to risk it.)

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Not quite what I intended…

These didn’t quite work the way I wanted, so they’re being slammed into the same post. 😛  (Don’t worry, the last post of the month will make up for it. 😉 )

Haruka: Well, don’t you look lovely, koneko-chan?
Catra: Mrr? (trans: I’m not familiar with the kind of thing I’m seeing here.)
Michiru: *giggle*

Given that Haruka tends to call girls she’s flirting with “kitten”, how could I resist having her flirt with Catra?  But She-ra dolls don’t pose very well (especially if you want them to not fall over) and writing flirtatious dialog is not a skill I possess.  Still…I like the idea…

The intention here was a post called “Unrequited”…

The idea was that Yuffie was hugging Tifa from behind, with the general message that she didn’t need Tifa to return her love, as long as Tifa understood that she was loved…and that she had an alternative to the spiky-haired jerk.  Not that there’s anything in the game to suggest Yuffie is lesbian or bi, but there really isn’t much in the original game to say that she isn’t, either.  (Dirge of Cerberus, of course, is another story entirely.  And a different Yuffie entirely, having changed from Tezuka’s Dororo to Slayers‘ Amelia.)  In any case, though I generally like the canon (and semi-canon) hetero pairings for these two, I also have a soft spot for pairing them with each other.  (After all, Cloud’s pretty dull apart from his hair.  Tifa can do better.)

Anyway, the problem here is that the original Play Arts figures don’t actually pose very well.  (And although I do have a Play Arts Kai of Yuffie, I don’t have one of Tifa.  And they’re a totally different scale, so I can’t use one of each  Probably wouldn’t help the basic problem that Tifa’s rigid hair was completely and utterly in the way of the pose, in any case.)  So I couldn’t put them in a pose anywhere near what I had visualized.  Different angles helped a little, but not really enough…

This one looks like Yuffie’s offering her a tissue.  (It also makes it very evident that they didn’t scale these properly.  This Yuffie is much too close to Tifa in height.)

This one is awkward, because the eye reads the image as if the hand Tifa’s holding in front of her face is actually Yuffie’s hand.  Also, maybe it’s just me, but something about the profile of Tifa’s breast seems lewd here…

…though that’s nothing compared to the front view of her breasts!  Ugh.  They should have been slightly less faithful to the original character design there.  (They should also have made her skirt longer.  Like with the Sailor Senshi, it’s hard to avoid panty shots.  Only in Tifa’s case they actually are panties, rather than the lower section of leotards.)  As a romantic shot, this one works best, but it looks more mutual than unrequited, so it’s still sort of a failure.

Xenosaga, Episode I

Yup, another video game themed post.  But no screen shots this time. 😛

Xenosaga 1

I’ve been wanting to pick up some KOS-MOS merchandise ever since I found out there was such merchandise, but it’s hard to find any that I find appealing.  Because the visual aesthetic in Xenosaga Episode I was entirely different from the aesthetic in the other two games.  And since the first one is the one that’s actually good, I wanted one that matched the original, more anime-like aesthetic.  (Okay, to be fair, Episode II is still a pretty decent game.  Not great, like Episode I, but decent.  It’s Episode III that’s horrible.  Seriously, having both played the game given the subtitle Also Sprach Zarathustra and read the original book by Nietzsche, I can without question say that you will absolutely be served better to read the book.  Sure, it won’t tell you how the story of the first two games ends, but you can make something up that’ll be better than what Namco came up with.  (It really shows that they fired the series creator during Episode II…)  More importantly, the book is actually entertaining, and it will take far less time.)  The one exception to my “only Episode I merchandise” policy for KOS-MOS is that I would totally love to have the Dollfie Dream of her, even though that’s from the horrible Episode III.  (But I’d still rather have the Dollfie Dream of Miku…though any talk of Dollfie Dreams is just idle, because I cannot afford to spend roughly a thousand dollars on a single doll.)

Xenosaga 2

Here’s the back of the package, which helpfully shows how you can use/attach some of the pieces she comes with.  I call this “helpful” because it lets me know what it would look like, as I don’t intend to open her. 😛  Anyway, interesting thing about this figure:  as far as I could tell from the Mandarake page (of course that’s where I got her! 😛 ) she would seem to have been a pre-order bonus for the original game.  I am so jealous of that!  You know what I got for pre-ordering the first game?


There was a pre-order bonus for the second game, though:

Xenosaga 4

That’s a DVD containing all the CG cutscenes from the first episode.  With the wonderful-yet-unfair feature of being able to select the original Japanese language.  “Unfair,” of course, because the games themselves don’t have that option.  So if you watch the DVD in the original, and get used to what the characters are supposed to sound like, then you’re crushed by returning to the game and being forced back into the English voices.  (Though, honestly, the dub isn’t that bad.  It’s…okay, actually, I haven’t revisited any of the games since being disgusted by the final one (first major RPG I ever sold back immediately on completing it) but I recall it being serviceable.  Certainly there were no characters whose voices made me want to stab myself in the eardrums, and I can’t say that about all dubbed games…)


Okay, this post seems to have devolved into me soap-boxing my views on certain subjects, when it’s supposed to be about the figure.  So I’ll just shut up now, and present one last photo:

Xenosaga 3

Not the greatest sculpt in the world, but I’ve seen worse.  (Okay, yes, I know I said I’d shut up!)

BTW, if you’d like to see the gallery — though the only additional photo in it is a shot with the game’s soundtrack in front of the package — it’s here.


Terraria 1

Yes, today I’m just going to show you photos of my PSVita.

No, just kidding! 😛

Terraria 5

Terraria is one of those games that goes in fits and spurts for me.  I’ll play obsessively for a time, and then sort of let it slide for a while, and then play obsessively again and…that’d be a better thing, mind you, if I only had it on one system and therefore didn’t have to keep starting over again.  But I haven’t really been able to use my PS3 (or my television, for that matter) in a long time, so I ended up double dipping and getting it on the Vita…but that meant starting over…

Anyway, even though you’re encouraged to play on mulitplayer at all times (or at least often), I’ve never done so even once.  I don’t trust people, and besides I think some of my world design jokes would be misinterpreted:

Terraria 4
Share and enjoy! Share and enjoy!

Anyway, I’ve picked up a number of the Terraria toys, ’cause that’s what I do. :p

Corrupt Rabbit

I think this one’s my favorite.  A plush, 8-bit zombie rabbit.  What’s not to love about that?  (Well, okay, it’s not exactly a zombie, per se, but…yeah, it’s basically a zombie.)

Crying at all is not allowed,  not in my igloo on a cloud!
Crying at all is not allowed, not in my igloo on a cloud!

I’m not sure corrupt rabbits even show up in the console version or if they’re a mobile exclusive…but so far I haven’t found any to capture and put in my menagerie. 😛

Terraria 6

After eyeing this set at stores for months and feeling like it wasn’t quite worth the MRSP, then I found it for about half that on Amazon.

Terraria 7

They’re Monty Python fans! 😀

Terraria 8

Uh…yeah.  I’m not sure what I think of the idea of a comic book adaptation of something like Terraria.  (The art is certainly inappropriate, given what the game graphics look like!)  So why did I get it, then?

Terraria 9

It comes with the Dryad!  In all her Terra-like glory!  (Though I don’t think I’ve ever had one spawn whose name was Terra.  Though I did feel especially lucky when I had one spawn with the name Chryseis…)  Well, okay, technically she’s not all that much like Terra, since she’s wearing a green two-piece thing instead of a red one-piece, but…yeah, every time I see her my mind goes “Terra!”  Because FFVI rules.

Terraria 2

So, one last gratuitous game shot.  (Because I had it.  Because I had to wait around for the sun to come up so I could get that one shot I actually felt like I needed.)  This is my current pad in-game.  It’ll change, grow, and get a lot more chests. 😛  Also, don’t anyone knock my Mad Hatter hat!  I can have my yuki-onna wear a Mad Hatter hat if I want to!  I created a free world where that’s totally okay!  (Yes, I am adamant about this.  Why do you ask?)

Ooookay, I think I’m getting a bit unhinged.  I’ll just sign off for now.

(BTW, “T”!  April A-to-Z nears completion, and I’m still on track!  Yay!)

Kurtis (Prinny Version)

So today we’ve got a plushie instead of a doll.  He hails from one of my favorite game series I’ve totally fallen behind on:  Disgaea.  (I can’t help having fallen behind:  those games take so freakin’ long to play!  And I have a lot less time on my hands than I used to.)

Kurtis 3

I wasn’t a big fan of Kurtis when he was still a human, but he’s wonderfully fun as a prinny. 😀  I feel sorry for the people who were playing the game with the English language track selected, though:  at least in the original PS2 version, instead of getting Kurtis’ theme song “My Comrade” for his triumphant return, they ended up with some domestic song.  (There are other reasons to feel sorry for them, too, not least of which being that they missed out on all the wonderful performances, and especially Laharl’s laugh, but…that’s neither here nor there.)

Kurtis 4

Obviously, as a plushie, his eyes don’t change, but a different angle can really make it look like he’s got a totally different expression!

Kurtis 7

I don’t know why, specifically, he’s got a monster head printed on his little bag, but it’s a fun detail. 🙂

Also it gave me one more tiny talking point.

Plushies don’t make for very elaborate posts, it turns out. 😛

But that’s one more letter down!  I’ve gotten all the way up to “K is for Kurtis” now!  Yay!

Tomorrow’s L post will be more involved…but not really as involved as it ought to be, all things considered.  (Photography was not my friend with that doll.  Or vice versa.)

Oh, btw, there’s no Kurtis gallery, ’cause that seemed silly.  Instead there’s a Disgaea gallery, which includes the Etna and Flonne Nendoroids from last year.


This one probably slipped under a lot of radars…

Ghaleon 1

I got him by pre-ordering Lunar 2, which came out about the same time as the Playstation 2.  I’m not sure if he was made for that purpose, or if he was an over-produced bonus for the first game or what.  Regardless of that, he’s pretty special.

Because Lunar:  Silver Star Story Complete was my very first console RPG.

I’d played a few board games with RPG elements, and a few early PC games with RPG elements, but I didn’t know what a JRPG was until I played Lunar.  And, naturally, I loved it.  (I haven’t revisited it in a very long time, however, and I don’t know if I’d still love it.  I mean, I might still love it if there was a Japanese language option, or if you could turn the voices off, or…no, Alex was played by Akira Ishida.  I would need the Japanese voices.  Like, chemically.  Although that’s nothing compared to the need I would feel for the Japanese voices in Lunar 2:  Hiro was played by Hikaru Midorikawa.)

Anyway, given how long I’ve had him, and how rare he (presumably) is, and all that, I was not about to de-box him.  So here’s a through-the-plastic shot of his face:

Ghaleon 2

I do have more to say, though.  Check out the back of the box:

No, I was not drunk at the time I took this picture.
No, I was not drunk at the time I took this picture.

I have no idea what you had to do to get that Alex puppet.  Pre-order the first one, I presume.  (I got the first one used, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even have a Playstation at the time it came out, so…no clue.)

Ghaleon 5

I’ve actually seen a video of someone using one of these to attack one of their friends.  It was an Easter Egg video on the DVD of one of the seasons of Red vs Blue.  (Not sure which season, though.  I’ve only seen the first five seasons, so it couldn’t have been past that, and I’m pretty sure the first season (and maybe the second one?) didn’t have Easter Eggs, so there aren’t too many possibilities.)

Ghaleon 6

I think the sculpt on the Alex puppet looks better than the sculpt on Ghaleon here.  (Though maybe it doesn’t look as good in person?  Anyone know anyone who’s got one?)

Ghaleon 7

This, btw, is about what it was like to read one of Working Designs’ strategy guides.  I was very disappointed when I first read a non-Working Designs strategy guide, and found out they were entirely straight-forward and humorless.  (These days, of course, I don’t even bother with strategy guides.  It’s rare that I find a boss fight that challenging, and when I do, I just go to GameFAQs like everyone else. 😛  But back when I was first starting out…)

If you’d like to check out the “G for Ghaleon” gallery, it’s here.  If not (or even if so), I’ll be back tomorrow with “H is for [spoiler deleted]”. 😛