Wonder Woman Nendoroid

I had to pre-order this Nendoroid as soon as I first found out about it.  Because Wonder.  Woman.  Nendoroid.

Of course, since it was a pre-order, there was nothing else being shipped in the package, and it was a smaller package.  Which apparently was a bad thing, because when I went to the post office to pick up the package (it came while I was at work on Wednesday), when the person behind the counter moved aside to look for it, I was able to see this on the shelves:

Without even thinking, I immediately said something along the lines of “Oh god, it’s been crushed!”  The postal worker ignored that, and sounded angry at me when I tried to direct her to where the package was located, even after I said “It’s the one with amiami written on the side.”  Because, you know, obviously I couldn’t know what my own package looked like.  Because of course no store or online distributor ever put their logo on the side of a box.  (In all the times I’ve had to pick up packages there, I’ve never once seen another package from AmiAmi or Mandarake there, so I think it’s perfectly reasonable of me to have assumed this package was mine.  Especially since I was expecting a package from them.)

Love the damage to the side obscuring the “Please Handle with Care” label.

She also insisted that the damage had to have been done before the package entered the country.  I’ve never had a package from Japan arrive in this condition before…but I’ve had domestic packages arrive in similar conditions.

Fortunately, the cardboard box absorbed nearly all the damage; there’s just a bit of a dent/crease on the Nendo box.  So I don’t have to try to get one or the other postal services to honor the insurance I paid for as part of the shipping cost.  (Ordinarily, this would seem like a good reason to say “screw this” and pay the extra money to use DHL so that my packages from Japan wouldn’t be in the hands of the USPS, except once a DHL delivery truck almost killed me, and I hold a grudge.)

Unlike every other Nendo I’ve ever seen, Wonder Woman has articulated knees and elbows! 😀  (Please forgive the photos in this post, btw.  After I picked up the package, I went to my brother’s place instead of back home.  Partially because I wanted moral support in case it turned out my new Nendo had been damaged, and partially because the people across the street are having construction done, and one of the vehicles of the construction company is parked behind my driveway, making it really hard to get in and out of my driveway, and I couldn’t face it yet.  Anyway, because of that, I was using my brother’s camera at his place, and it’s either not a very good camera and/or I don’t have any clue how to use it, plus the lighting wasn’t very good, so all the photos are kind of blurry.  But they at least get the idea across.  At some point I’ll get my various Wonder Woman dolls assembled and do a proper post on Wonder Woman…)

Of course, she comes with her sword and shield. 🙂  Thankfully, she’s a tie-in with Wonder Woman, not Justice League, so she has the more attractive sword. 😉  (Not that you can tell that from this terrible photo…)

She also comes with her Lasso of Truth! 😀  I love that they went ahead and incorporated that, despite how it’s a bit silly.  (They must have snuck that past the Warner’s executives…)  Unfortunately, I forgot to take the lasso off her belt for this photo, though.  😛

Bullet deflection time! 😀  I love that they included this part for the Nendo.

(Also, is it wrong that I totally want a Nendoroid of the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman now?)

This…happened a lot.  For whatever reason, that arm does not like staying on.  😦  I think it was that her hair kept knocking into it…

So, I hung out at my brother’s place for a while after I finished taking the pictures, and rather than just putting Wonder Woman back in her box, I set her up with this statuette of Alena (Dragon Quest IV) attacking a teeny-tiny King Slime.  😛  Unfortunately, the flash totally washed out everything. 😦

Anyway, I’m hoping to post again soon (er, aside from the regular Monday posts), because I got another doll in today, who I was wanting to post about right away.  But Wonder Woman arrived first (even if it took a day before I could get my hands on her), so I wanted to post about her before about my “new” doll.  (“New” in quotes because said doll is newly mine, but older than I am. 😛 )


Hidamari Sketch

“I don’t want to graduate!”

Wow, has this photo been sitting around forever waiting to go up!  (Like, January of last year!)  I haven’t watched the anime of Hidamari Sketch, just read the manga, which was given the translated title of Sunshine Sketch.  This photo was taken in response to what was at that time the latest volume (there’s been one more since then; not sure if the manga’s over, or if Yen Press decided to give up on translating it) in which two of the cast were about to graduate from the high school they’d all been attending.  Which is a big deal, because the primary cast is all living in a little apartment building right across the street from campus, a sort of unofficial dorm for high school students from out of town.  Hiro (the one with the buns) was especially broken up about it, hence the photo.  (They’re in a candy shop largely because I still had the MiWorld Sweet Factory set up, and it’s the right scale.  But Hiro does love sweets, so it’s easy to imagine them going there to try to distract her from her sorrow at their impending graduation.)

Anyway, these two aren’t officially a couple, but it’s one of those things where they’re a couple in all but name.  And probably the only reason they haven’t figured it out is because they’re both girls.  But after graduation they move into the same apartment, so they’ll probably figure it out long before they finish with college. 🙂  The manga (and likely the anime as well) definitely encourages the audience to ship them. 😉

Sebastian takes up guitar

Sebastian on guitar 1

Sebastian:  While it goes without saying that I can master something as simple as the Spanish Guitar, I must say that this does not seem to be an activity befitting the dignity of the Phantomhive butler, young master.

Sebastian on guitar 2

Ciel:  I didn’t tell you to stop, Sebastian.

Sebastian on guitar 3

Sebastian:  Very well, young master.  (Must remember how delicious his soul is going to be.  Must remember how delicious his soul is going to be.  Must remember…)

Yeah, that was weird, I know.  (Sorry about Sebastian’s intrusive stand, btw, but it’s not like there’s any way to make him stand up without it!)

I know it’s also rather weird to put the Little Taeyang+ Sebastian together with the Nendoroid Ciel, but…that’s what I’ve got.  (In fact, I have three Black Butler SD characters, all in different styles/formats.  Though the Funko Pop! Grell fell behind the desk and I can’t get him out until I move enough of the crap in front of the desk to be able to move the desk.  (He would do that.  He’s such a drama queen!  Er, drama shinigami?))

Actually, there’s another Black Butler toy I might get if the store still has it when it becomes seasonally appropriate.  On Tuesday night, I was at one of those used stores I’m always frequenting, stores which also carry lots of new merchandise.  And two of the new things they had were a couple of Black Butler Christmas-themed plushies.  Now, Sebastian dressed in red just doesn’t work for me, not at all.  (He has to wear black:  it’s the title of the manga!)  But the Santa Grell was unspeakably adorable.  (And I’m not exactly a Grell fan, I might add.  It’s not that he’s not entertaining, it’s just that he murders the pacing every time he’s shown up since that first appearance.  I don’t think he was actually supposed to come back, and only did come back because he’d become so popular.)  So if they still have him when it’s December — or at least late November — then I’m totally going to get him.  They won’t still have him, of course, but…

Anyway, on a final note, I’m preparing a non-Halloween-themed post soon, on my further adventures(?) in attempted resin casting, including eye chips that may or may not end up in Pyrrha’s head.  (We’ll have to see if I feel satisfied with how any of them look in place, y’know?)  I’ve taken the photos, but haven’t finished processing them yet (okay, I know, cropping and re-sizing is not that time-consuming, but I do have 746 pages of reading due by Thursday!) and writing the accompanying post would take time, so…well, it’ll probably go up tomorrow or the next day.  (So I guess this paragraph was a “coming soon” announcement?)


Aigis Parform

I’m not sure exactly what “Parform” is supposed to mean, to be honest.  But this version of Persona 3‘s Aigis caught my eye and kept it when I first came across her on Amazon.  Only she was really expensive, so all I could do was sigh sadly and move on.  But Good Smile is going to be re-releasing her in February, so some of the vendors have dropped their prices on the original release, and I was able to buy her.  (Though I probably should have held off, given my financial situation!)

In the box
In the box

There are two surprising things about the front of her box.  See them?  One, in Japan her name is spelled with the original Greek version of Aegis.  And two:

Jack Frost logo
Jack Frost logo

What’s Sega got to do with it?  Maybe that’s what Jack Frost is trying to figure out, too…  (He’s such a cutie!  I really want the Nendoroid of him, but dang is that thing expensive!)

EDIT — I just remembered earlier today what Sega’s name is doing on the logo:  Sega bought Atlus a while back.  (If I hadn’t noticed Sega’s name being on the logo on the soundtrack to Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker, I might not have remembered at all…)

Anyway, moving on…

Rocket punch!
Rocket punch!

(Actually, I don’t remember Aigis having a rocket punch attack, but it’s been quite a while since I played P3/FES….)  I was particularly taken by this level of SD-scaling because it’s exactly the proportions of the characters in Persona Q.  (Sigh…still need to re-play that from the P4 side…man, I need 50 hour days!)  The larger heads allow for much more personality than the Figma heads, and the faces are a bit easier to change than Figma faces, too.

Vulcan hands
Vulcan hands

It’s not actually a good shot, but she’s using the hands here that are kind of the “starring role” hands:  she’s firing the guns in her fingers, so you have this red burst of fire, and bullet-casings on top.  They looked super-cool in the promotional shots, and they’re really pretty cool in person, too.  But it turned out that they’re also very fragile.


The effects are not actually attached to the hands, so they come off and go back on again.  That, of course, is not the problem.  The problem is that one of the freakin’ bullets broke off!  In theory, I should be able to glue it back in place.  If I can figure out exactly where it came from on her hand.  And if I can develop steady enough hands to do the gluing.


Those were the hands I’d been looking forward to the most, but now I’m too hesitant to put them on her, for fear of losing pieces of them. 😦

Anyway, given her proportions, I was expecting her to be about halfway in size between a Nendoroid and a Figma, but it turned out she’s larger than that.

With Teddie (Kuma) and Link
With Teddie (Kuma) and Link

(I didn’t have any Persona-related Figmas, so…Link’s doing stand-in duty.)  Technically, I suppose she’s slightly smaller than Figma, if you’re just going by body height.  But for most purposes, I think one would consider her the same size as Figma.  (Though not the same scale:  I believe she, like Nendoroids, would be called “off scale”.  Whereas Figma would be about 1:12 scale, given how neatly they fit standard dollhouse furniture…)  Poor Teddie; he can’t leap out of his fur and dance with her in this scale.  (It’s so cute when he does that in the opening movie for Persona Q!)

With Elizabeth
With Elizabeth

Surprisingly, she’s significantly — well, maybe not significantly, but certainly noticeably — smaller than the SHFigurarts Persona figures like Elizabeth here.  The surprise there being that I thought Elizabeth was smaller in scale than Figma; she’s normally seated in her little blue armchair, and her head is smaller than my Figmas, so there’s this optical illusion that she’s smaller, I guess.

With Airi and LIsa
With Airi and Lisa

LOL, couldn’t resist doing a further MegaTen comparison shot. 😛  I hadn’t realized how much smaller Lisa was than Airi, before I brought them together for this picture.  (Lisa lives in a different room most of the time…)  Sadly, this is probably about the only way I’m ever gonna see any kind of P2/P3 cross-over… 😦  (Or any other kind of PS1-era/PS2-era Persona cross-over, rather…even though both P2 games were so freakin’ awesome…)

Hmm.  Feels like I ought to have more to say than this.  It’s been a long day; I probably would have thought of it if I’d been working on this in the morning, before I went and did all that stuff.  (Among other things, my brother’s thinking of moving, and so my parents and I joined him in checking out three condos on the market, each of them with three floors to visit.)

Elizabeth again
Elizabeth again

I had to give Elizabeth her own shot because she doesn’t normally get to hold a card; I’m too worried I’d knock it off and lose it.  Though she looks cooler holding it when she’s sitting in her chair, of course…

Okay, well, that was a pointless digression.

Anyway, I’ve been a bad girl again.  I broke down and ordered the Pang-ju Black Russian Pang, after seeing just how super-cute he is.  (I mean, I’ve been wanting to order him this whole time anyway, but…)  I really need to find some way to make some money quick.  It’s not that I don’t have enough to live on, but…ugh.  Realistically, I need to go through all my collector Barbies and cull a bunch of them to sell.  I have a whole bunch of these “store exclusive” ones from the mid- to late-1990s, things that are kind of collector and kind of not.  But most of them have been in my basement for 15 years, and so they’re probably a bit musty by now.  I’d probably have trouble getting $20 for them.  (Though in at least some cases, they still have the price tags, and I actually paid less than that, so…)  Plus it sounds like a hassle.  I mean, rather, selling them to the local used store would not get me any money:  they would want to be able to sell them for $10-15, tops, which means they’d give me maybe half that.  I’d get more money selling them directly online, but. then there’s the hassle of trying to collect the money and ship the dolls and…ugh.  No matter what, it’s not going to be pretty, and it’s not going to net me any significant amount of money.  (Especially since there’s a limited number of them that I’d be willing to part with.  I mean, I only have so many period, and I actually care about a number of them.  But those “store exclusives” and some of the holiday dolls…yeah, I could part with those and have no hole in my life.)

More importantly (?), way back in August, I pre-ordered that nearly two foot tall ballerina doll — I think I’ve mentioned this before? — and according to the e-mail I got a few days ago, she should have shipped today.  So that’s something to look forward to.  Though of course once she gets here then I have to buy her new clothes, shoes and wig.  Because I want something a little more fun and exotic than a ballerina. 😛  (The down side to that is that based on what I’ve seen on Etsy, re-outfitting her will probably cost more than she did…which just gets me back to the “ack, I need more money” line of thought…)

So…yeah, I gotta work on those polymer clay charms tomorrow after I get back from the museum.  (Today ended up going almost entirely to my brother’s condo-hunt.)  Because maybe if I’m lucky I’ll actually make something I could reproduce in resin and sell.  Probably not, but it’s worth a try, anyway.  I’ll probably make some polymer clay pull rings, too; at least a TARDIS-blue one for Romana, anyway.  Um, assuming I have any polymer clay that’s navy.  I’m not so sure that I do, actually.  Rats…


Anyway, there’s more shots of Aigis in her box in the gallery, if you want to see them.  (The box is pretty cool….)


Z is for Despair
Z is for Despair

Zetsubou-sensei is in despair!!

He’s in despair because I put him under his unpleasant nickname, Zetsubou, instead of his real name, Itoshiki.  Also because he knows that everyone was expecting me to put “Z is for Zombie” and then post a picture of Ghoulia or something. :p

He’s also in despair because he’s last.  And because the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge is over.  And because I took a lot more pictures than I ended up actually using, so he’s in despair that those photos won’t be seen.  Or will they?

He is also, of course, in despair because I couldn’t quite get the focus right.  And there’s still a bit of dust on his head.  (Despite that I haven’t had him all that long.)

And, naturally, he’s also in despair because the English translation of his manga stopped.  Or maybe I’m the one in despair over that…