Hidamari Sketch

“I don’t want to graduate!”

Wow, has this photo been sitting around forever waiting to go up!  (Like, January of last year!)  I haven’t watched the anime of Hidamari Sketch, just read the manga, which was given the translated title of Sunshine Sketch.  This photo was taken in response to what was at that time the latest volume (there’s been one more since then; not sure if the manga’s over, or if Yen Press decided to give up on translating it) in which two of the cast were about to graduate from the high school they’d all been attending.  Which is a big deal, because the primary cast is all living in a little apartment building right across the street from campus, a sort of unofficial dorm for high school students from out of town.  Hiro (the one with the buns) was especially broken up about it, hence the photo.  (They’re in a candy shop largely because I still had the MiWorld Sweet Factory set up, and it’s the right scale.  But Hiro does love sweets, so it’s easy to imagine them going there to try to distract her from her sorrow at their impending graduation.)

Anyway, these two aren’t officially a couple, but it’s one of those things where they’re a couple in all but name.  And probably the only reason they haven’t figured it out is because they’re both girls.  But after graduation they move into the same apartment, so they’ll probably figure it out long before they finish with college. 🙂  The manga (and likely the anime as well) definitely encourages the audience to ship them. 😉