Happy Halloween!

You know, I meant to be taking lots of fun photos all month long and really build up to Halloween. ¬†But I ended up taking all these pictures today. ūüė¶ ¬†Life has become super busy. ¬†(And the next two months are likely to be even worse. ¬†They keep asking me to come in and work extra days. ¬†I’m glad to be earning more money, but…ack. ¬†I feel like I don’t have time to breathe.)

So, my biggest plan for Halloween 2016 was to dress Gen up in the costume from my Living Dead Dolls Dracula.

But the costume wasn’t removable. ūüė¶

So I’ve tried to simulate the experience:


(Yeah, my photo manipulation skills suck. ¬†And the lighting on the two photos was very different, and…)

Anyway, despite that I’m¬†supposed to be on a buying moratorium, I couldn’t help picking up Isul Vermelho when I found him for under $80. ¬†Because I love Isul, and I love vampires.


My first thought, on ordering him, was that since he had blue eyes instead of red, I’d think of him as the title character from the Kagamine Len song “Sadistic Vampire,” but he just doesn’t seem to me like a version of Len now that he’s right here in front of me. ¬†Instead, I decided to name him Alucard.

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Isul Lir Nostalgia

Been a while since I posted anything here, and I really don’t want to work on my paper (shame on me!) so I’m going to post about Isul Lir Nostalgia, which I got on a serious sale from Pullip Style. ¬†I fell in love with this doll a long time ago, after seeing his picture on Amazon, but I kept putting off buying him, waiting for a price drop.

Lir in his box
Lir in his box

Much like what happened with Isul Midnight Deja Vu, I was initially disappointed, though this time it’s hard to say exactly why. ¬†Something about his face-up didn’t seem quite like what I wanted it to be, I guess. ¬†That went away quickly enough, though, and I’m very pleased with him now. Continue reading

A Groovy Package

I apologize for the horrible, horrible pun.

See, I’m giving my belated report (report? to whom?) on a doll delivery direct from Groove, manufacturers of Pullip. ¬†(And J-Doll, and BJD Ai, et cetera.) ¬†This is the first of several posts I’ll be putting up over the next week or so about packages and other major new arrivals over April. ¬†(And before I’m done with it, there will be May arrivals to talk about, too. ¬†I need to cut back on my spending…)

The Pullip logo right on the shipping box gave the package an extra kick of excitement!
The Pullip logo right on the shipping box gave the package an extra kick of excitement!

In the shipment was Isul Midnight Deja Vu and Taeyang Andre.  Also, I was surprised that they used an empty Pullip box as packing material to keep everything from sliding around!  (Actually, I freaked out a little when I opened the box and the first thing I pulled out was an empty box!  But then I noticed there were still two boxes left in the package, so I realized it was just packing material.)

boxed Isul thumb
Isul in his box

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