Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay, not the most standard greeting, but New Year’s Day is a Monday, and that’s still dedicated to Blind Box Mondays.  (No worries; I have a super-special one to post tomorrow.  Very festive. 😀  )

Anyway, some of my girls are getting ready for the big moment that we leave this crappy year behind us!

Ivy has this pretty kimono to wear, complete with a matching hairbow!  (At least, I assume that was meant to go in her hair, and not around her waist…)  I probably have the kimono put on wrong; I’ve never had to try putting one on before that didn’t have, you know, velcro or something.  I’m not sure which side is supposed to go on top, left or right; I think there’s a meaning to which one is going under the other, only I didn’t have the Internet turned on when I was dressing the dolls, so I couldn’t check.  😦

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Happy Halloween!

You know, I meant to be taking lots of fun photos all month long and really build up to Halloween.  But I ended up taking all these pictures today. 😦  Life has become super busy.  (And the next two months are likely to be even worse.  They keep asking me to come in and work extra days.  I’m glad to be earning more money, but…ack.  I feel like I don’t have time to breathe.)

So, my biggest plan for Halloween 2016 was to dress Gen up in the costume from my Living Dead Dolls Dracula.

But the costume wasn’t removable. 😦

So I’ve tried to simulate the experience:


(Yeah, my photo manipulation skills suck.  And the lighting on the two photos was very different, and…)

Anyway, despite that I’m supposed to be on a buying moratorium, I couldn’t help picking up Isul Vermelho when I found him for under $80.  Because I love Isul, and I love vampires.


My first thought, on ordering him, was that since he had blue eyes instead of red, I’d think of him as the title character from the Kagamine Len song “Sadistic Vampire,” but he just doesn’t seem to me like a version of Len now that he’s right here in front of me.  Instead, I decided to name him Alucard.

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I’m still here. Basically.

Sorry I’ve become so infrequent on my own blog.  It’s just…ugh.  I don’t even know what it is, exactly.  I can’t seem to get photos taken, mostly.  Space and mess constraints.  Mostly space.  Like those two Pullips and one Taeyang I still haven’t deboxed, ’cause I have no place to put them.  (Which seems sort of stupid when I say it like that, since they take up more space in their boxes.  But those can be stacked sideways on the floor, y’know?  The dolls…not so much.)

Anyway, due to the whole “no space” issue, I haven’t been doing much buying, ’cause where would I put it?  At least, I haven’t been doing much until today, when I spent like $200 without even meaning to. 😦

See, what happened was that today I learned that Arthur’s stock shirt might stain him.  (Also that he and the Snow Queen have removable head caps!  Yay!  Though their eyes are glued in, so changing them will be difficult, but should be possible.  Presumably.  I’m hoping someone else will post a how-to on it so I don’t have to experiment and ruin one of them.)

Well, I didn’t want Arthur getting stained, so I decided I’d better take his shirt off.  But then he’d be sitting around topless, and that’d be awkward for everyone, right?  So I dug out all of Juliet’s clothes, figuring that the white 28″ Barbie shirt would fit him.  (And yeah, it wouldn’t be terribly manly, but…he does share a name with a character who went to a rock concert in a glittery purple blouse (and I totally plan on getting him a glittery purple blouse just like it) so I figure he’d be okay with it.)  But as an experiment, I tried her Etsy shirt on him first.

Juliet:  You're wearing my shirt. Arthur:  So?
Juliet: You’re wearing my shirt.
Arthur: So?

It’s a little tight around the waist — which combined with his fairly large pecs makes it look a bit like he’s got breasts — but it totally fits him.  I didn’t even bother with the white Barbie shirt.  (I did try on the bright pink jacket, though, which also totally fit, but was tight in the waist.)  Oh, and yes, while I was at it, I changed Juliet’s clothes.  Largely because I noticed this dress was getting wrinkled in the drawer, and I thought it’d help if I had her wear it for a while.

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A Big Day for Deliveries (Unexpectedly)

I wasn’t expecting anything today.

Well, no.  I was hoping to get that package from Amazon.  The one I ordered on the 14th, which got lost in the mail, got refunded, and then I had to re-order it and today was supposed to be the first day of the delivery window.  (But when I checked this morning, they still hadn’t even shipped the bloody thing. 😦 Boooo!)  But I wasn’t expecting anything else to arrive today.

So then I was surprised when I got a package this morning.  Inside it…

big delivery 1

A tiny, non-windowed box, like Wonder Woman came in.  I haven’t actually de-boxed her yet, but here’s what she looks like still in the package:

big delivery 4

I’ll give her a proper photo shoot and review when I have a chance.  (Maybe work will be light this weekend and I can take her to work with me and take her picture there.  That’d be cool.)  I gotta say, I love the glittery eye chips (they were one of the big selling points for me, in fact), and her face-up is really sweet.

Anyway, if Amelia was the only package that arrived, I wouldn’t be doing this post; I’d just wait until I had her full photo shoot ready.  But when I was starting my dinner, I checked the porch again (because it occurred to me I forgot to actually look in the mail box to see if there was, you know, actual mail) and found two tall cardboard mailers taped together.  Inside…

big delivery 5 big delivery 8

I didn’t even know they had shipped yet!  I thought it said they were going to ship the 15th.  Maybe it said the 1st and I mis-remembered, but either way, I wasn’t expecting them to get here today!  I hadn’t even gotten an e-mail telling me they were shipping!  (Though I guess I didn’t check my e-mail this morning, but I know I checked it last night.)

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Pullip Make It Own Wig Selection

Yikes, how’s that for an exciting post title?  And after I’ve been absent for so long, too. 😦

Well, things are still weird here, so…yeah, things will stay sporadic until my life gets back under control.  Now that the semester’s started, I’ll be working fewer hours, which might give me more time for dolly things.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  (Goodness knows I still have two Pullips and a Taeyang waiting to be deboxed, not to mention another Pullip coming pretty soon.)


Back when JPGroove was offering a discount code to celebrate San Diego Comic Con, I used that code to place an order.  Those two Pullips, and one of the “Value Sets” of three wigs.  The dolls are still in their boxes, unfortunately, but at least I can finally show you the wigs.

Oh, but first, meet Nadia:

Pullip wigs 3

Technically, she’s shown up here before, as Tiger Lily Byul, but since I got a new one whose wig hairstyle wasn’t messed up, the original became free for re-styling.  Just taking down the wrecked up braids and putting her in this Monster High dress from Etsy really changed her look a lot!  I wish I had a full progression to show for her, but unfortunately she’s still got these same eye chips in.  Because Byul takes Blythe-sized eye chips, right?  So I was gonna have a big eye chip trying on party, letting her try all those eye chips that I decided weren’t right for Pyrrha.

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Deliciously Cute

Okay, a long time ago now, I put up a post about a Kickstarter I was backing.  Well, the plushies produced by that Kickstarter arrived months ago, but due to one thing and another, I’m only just getting around to them in any proper manner.  (Timing was part of it:  they arrived when my house stank because of the dead mouse in the walls, so I left them in the plastic bag they shipped in, to protect them from the smell, only then everything went all weird on me otherwise, and…)

So, without further ado, let me start the post by introducing you to the goodies I got for backing the Kickstarter. 🙂

del cute 1

To start with, here’s the logo, on the grocery tote I got.  (There was all sorts of neat stuff in the add-on shop, y’know?) Continue reading

I may be slightly demented.

(The title of the post will make sense eventually.  Possibly.)

Okay, so in taking a break from the July CampNaNo project that has been devouring my soul for the last 20 days (actually, more like 23 or 24 when you count the planning stage) I went, on a whim, to the My Ballerina Dolls site to see if the pre-orders were open for their handsome prince doll.  This guy:

(Screen cap from My Ballerina Dolls site.  Click for link.)
(Screen cap from My Ballerina Dolls site. Click for link.)

And it turned out that they were.  As were the pre-orders on the Snow Queen doll.  (Though I thought she wasn’t gonna be out until next year, but…hey, I can wait.)  And they’ve got a bit of a sale on, too, so I went ahead and pre-ordered both of them.

Now, obviously, I wanted to get the prince to go with Juliet, right?  And I was thinking “okay, so what am I gonna name him?”  Obviously, Romeo is out. 😛  But back when I decided to name her Juliet, I had thought “well, in honor of the song ‘Romeo and Cinderella,’ I’ll name the prince after the prince in Cinderella.”

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