(After School Teatime presents) Death Devil!

The cute and innocent girls of After School Teatime dressing up in the style of their faculty adviser’s former band, Death Devil (Desudebiru), a headbanging death metal band.   (In context of the episode, it did make sense.)  And it seemed to me that a death metal band was an appropriate subject for a Friday the 13th post, right?  (Plus since they’re dressing up in costume, it’s a little like Halloween, right?)

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More than Friends?

I found these two at the local anime store a while back, and I finally started watching the anime of K-On!! earlier this month.   (I’ve read the manga, but considering it’s about a band, it seemed sort of silly not to have heard it, too.)  I wasn’t sure how the anime was going to deal with the implied possible romantic relationships in the manga, especially given that one of the other character seemed to be actively shipping them.  To my surprise (and delight) they didn’t change the way the characters in the ships acted, they just made Mugi even more obviously interested in seeing them as couples.

Of course, who could see Ritsu and Mio together and not think they were (or at least ought to be) involved?

It’s hard to make two non-poseable figurines look like they’re interacting, though. 😦  At least I was sort of able to make both of them use Mio’s stand.  I took a couple of other angles, but I think this one worked out best.  (The other two will be in the gallery at the end of the month.)