Quetzalcolor Doll Trio

These three are the backer rewards I got from a Kickstarter from last year.  I’ve had them for a while now, but it took me a while to get them stands that work for them.  (In fact, I had to make the stands!)

But what are they?  Well, the people behind the Kickstarter describe their work thusly:

QUETZALCOLOR creates HANDMADE TOYS inspired by popular legends, emblematic characters and cultural wealth of Mexico. Each toy, made and hand painted, tell a story. This project seeks to celebrate our folklore and cultural richness, to promote a sense of identity and mainly to rescue our ancestral stories from falling into oblivion. We want to continue telling this stories and legends from generation to generation.

Beyond that, they’re cloth dolls with yarn hair and unusual proportions.  (Which was a large part of why I had to make stands for them myself!)  Being entirely hand-made, they were a bit too expensive to get all the ones I’d have wanted all at once!  Check out their Kickstarter page to see how many cool dolls there were.  (I’m sorry; I really should have plugged them at the time, but for some reason I only seem to do that on projects that are still struggling to meet their goal, and this one had no trouble doing that.  I need to start plugging all the doll and doll-like projects while they’re still going, whether they need the help or not.  Anyone interested in enamel pins?  I seem to have gotten into a sudden spurt of backing a lot of enamel pin projects in the last three or four days…and one with a cute limited amigurumi…)  Passing up the Jaguar Warrior was painful, though. 😦  I was hoping they’d be available after the Kickstarter (and I’m sure they are) but they haven’t made any updates about an online shop or anything.

Anyway, enough introduction.  Allow me to introduce my three Quetzalcolor dolls:

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Sharing Another Kickstarter – Royelles

Just came across this on Kickstarter, and I wanted to share this with you right away, because they still need a lot more pledges.  (Admittedly, they’ve got 24 days, but the sooner the better, yeah?)

(Not actually a video; screen capture from Kickstarter. Click for source.)

The Kickstarter is to get a new line of dolls called Royelles, to help combat the negative body image that current fashion dolls can contribute to.  (Let’s be honest, though:  Hollywood plays an enormous role in the negative body issues plaguing young girls.  I didn’t need a Barbie to teach me my body wasn’t acceptable to the people around me, because I watched television and went to see movies.  By the time my mother relented and let me have a Barbie, all my issues were already set in stone.)

These are some really great-looking dolls, very different from anything available on the affordable side of the market (some OOAK artist dolls do have a similar aesthetic, though), and I’d love to see these succeed and reach children.  The photos are all of their 3D printed prototypes, and it looks like the prototypes should make a smooth transition to their finished material.  (Some sort of plastic, I’m assuming, but if they said which type, I missed it.)  From the photos of people holding the prototypes, I’d say they’re probably about 18″ tall, rather than the more typical 12″ for playline fashion dolls, but the extra height gives them a lot of room for added personality.

So, please check them out, and support them if you like what you see. 🙂

Pet Rainbow “Unity” (Kickstarter)

Something a little different now, but it’s such a timely project (in several ways) that I had to promote it here.  I was just made aware of this Kickstarter last night:

(c) Pet Rainbow Project.
Image source Kickstarter
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It’s not a Gay Pride rainbow, but I think the core values it’s promoting — particularly “Love” and “Respect” — fit in with the Pride Month theme.  Early on the Kickstarter page, the project’s mission is described as follows:

The goal of The Pet Rainbow Project is to teach core values that inspire positive behaviors so that together we can put an end to racism, bullying, violence and hate crimes.

By associating the rainbow’s colors with core values, Pet Rainbow brings to light a fun and engaging way that not only promotes our positive behaviors today, it helps create the positive leaders of tomorrow.

Promote this uplifting message and share it with the world, and help Pet Rainbow achieve its goal to end division, promote inclusion and create one incredible global unity for all.

One of the goals of the project is also to donate a number of these plushes to children’s hospitals.  (The number presumably being dictated by how much funding they get.)

Please check out the Kickstarter page if you have a moment, and consider backing them.

Light and Dark Fairies

I had the pics taken for a post on my Black Friday order from Tiny Frock Shop, but this takes precedence! 😀  (I’ll do the other post soon.)

You may remember a while back I posted about a Kickstarter I was backing:

(No, it's not actually a video. It's a screen-cap of a video. Click for source.)
(No, it’s not actually a video. It’s a screen-cap of a video. Click for source.)

Well, the tracking said they were going to be delivered today, and so at work today I kept checking the tracking over and over again, having become ever so slightly paranoid after what happened with my Junky Spot Black Friday order.  (Still no movement on that front, btw.  I’m afraid the “return to sender” packages all got shunted to the side in the holiday rush, and won’t get dealt with until January.  I may be wrong, of course, but…one way or another, those dollies are still in limbo.  Though as of today, almost all their clothes and other accouterments have arrived.)  But it kept not being updated beyond “out for delivery.”

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BJD Fairies and Centaurs

Okay, mostly this post is about the Light and Dark Fairy Ball Jointed Dolls that I mentioned backing on Kickstarter earlier.  According to their latest update, the company they’re working with is going to require them to order at least 20 dolls, so the fewer full-doll Kickstarter backers they have, the more they’re going to be out-of-pocket.  So I thought I’d post an advertisement for them here, in the hopes that maybe someone would see it who’d want to back them.

(No, it's not actually a video.  It's a screen-cap of a video.  Click for source.)
(No, it’s not actually a video. It’s a screen-cap of a video. Click for source.)

So, those are the dolls I backed.  Aren’t they cool?  Anyway, at present they’ve actually pre-sold fewer dolls through Kickstarter than they had earlier:  the other person who had picked the “Super Early Bird Special” backed out.  (So that’s now got one opening, for anyone who happens to know they’ll have $500 available nine days from now.  Ack.  $500.  Did I really promise them $500?  Ohmigod…what’s wrong with me…?)

You may be wondering, though, why the mention of centaurs?

Well, I came across this site selling all sorts of BJDs, and they were offering this deer centaur.  Given my recent sub-collection of deer dolls, I of course fell in love with the doll instantly.

But the thing is…based on the prices…I think it’s a knock-off.  I think the whole site is selling nothing but knock-offs.  So, the site is here.  Does anyone know it?  Is there any chance in heck that it’s legit?  (I fear there isn’t.  Such an awesome doll at such an affordable price is too good to be true…)

One last question.  If that site is selling knock-offs, can anyone direct me as to where to look to find the real thing of that doll?  ‘Cause she’s too freakin’ cute.  I so want one!

I am criminally stupid!

Ugh, after all that talk yesterday about trying to reign in my spending, and how much I’d already spent and so I needed to stop…why did I look at Kickstarter this morning?!?


What’s done is done, of course.  (Well, technically not.  The pledge won’t be collected for 29 days, that’s plenty of time to chicken out and cancel it.)

Okay, let me back up.  I went to Kickstarter to see if there were any new doll or toy related projects, because I am a glutton for punishment.

And there it was, Light & Dark Fairy Ball Jointed Dolls.

I have a thing for fairies.

I love dolls.

I’ve been wanting a 1/4 scale doll, and these are 1/4 scale.

And the “Super Early Bird Special” pledge level still had one opening, allowing one to get both dolls at a discounted price.

And I am a freakin’ moron.


So, yeah, I just pledged more to them than the Claudette pledge would be.  And yet I still want to get Claudette, too.  (Although in defense of my actions, getting clothes for these fairy dolls would be a lot easier than for Claudette, since their proportions are more standard for BJD dolls in their scale.  And this was two dolls instead of just one.)

And because my pledge moved the project from about 86% funded to about 107% funded, I would feel like an extra cad if I were to cancel the pledge.  (Like I’d cancel it.  Those dolls are incredibly cool!)

Even with $40 shipping (yes, seriously), it’s a pretty decent price for two 1/4 scale BJDs.  (I looked around at prices on the Junky Spot, and while some were cheaper, there were some that were actually more expensive, and almost none of them also came with resin wings.  (There was one Bobobie dude that came with wings and a tail, but no others did.))  The listing said they’d refund shipping to people attending the Atlanta BJD show in November, because they could deliver the dolls in person in that case, but that doesn’t help me much, since I live in Missouri, not Georgia.  (And I doubtless won’t have the time to go to Atlanta for a convention, between class and museum work.  Whether or not I could afford it would depend on various factors like my spending over the summer and how much the museum is going to pay me.)  Of course, since attending a convention would cost a lot more than $40, that wouldn’t really be any savings anyway. 😛  (For people who would be going regardless, then it’s a savings.  In my case, not so much.)

I think I need a roommate, someone to hover behind me and slap my hands away every time I try to order something online.

Or maybe that’s more of a babysitter.

Or one of those little things that sits on your shoulder and tells you to stop doing things you shouldn’t do.

A, uh, what’re those called?

Oh, yeah, they’re called Jiminy Cricket.  Yeah, I need one of those. 😛

More Kickstarter (plus some Barbie talk)

I don’t have time to do a real post today, still. 😦  (But I have a couple of posts I want to do as soon as I can get some photography done.  Hopefully it’ll be sunny tomorrow…)  However, I thought I would briefly point you towards some more Kickstarter projects.

Specifically, I especially wanted to point you towards this one:  Claudette, a curvaceous ball jointed doll.

The Kickstarter is to fund a 1/3 scale resin BJD that has more generous proportions, rather than the traditional super-skinny kind.  The prototype looks very pretty, and as someone with considerably more flesh than is healthy, I’m obviously all in favor of something less anorexic-looking than…um…every single doll I own.  (Ahem.)

The down side is that since the doll is 1/3 scale and resin, she’s going to be very expensive:  the lowest pledge level to get a doll is 420 Euros, which comes to around $460 US, before the likely very expensive shipping.  Yikes.  That’s almost my entire bank balance at the moment.  (Which is why, of course, I need to stop spending money, pronto.  As usual…)  Of course, the Kickstarter doesn’t end for 41 days (and being already at 86%, it seems a certainty that it’ll be fully funded) so I could, technically, obtain that money in the mean time, but…ugh, it’s a lot to drop on a single doll.  (Though it’s not unusual for a 1/3 scale doll to cost that much, or more than twice that much…)  For the moment, the doll will go on my “oh man, do I want that!” pile, and I’ll worry about whether or not I actually pledge to the Kickstarter later on.  (Especially I’d like an idea of what kind of money I’ll be getting in my stipend, and when.  I suspect it won’t be very much, but I have absolutely no idea how that sort of thing works, and I was embarrassed to ask.)

In any case, I wanted to pass the word along so that others could pass it along, so that anyone who’s interested in this unique doll (and can afford one) will have the chance.

Of course, speaking of curvaceous dolls, I assume everyone’s already seen photos of the new “curvy” Barbie body, right?  I only saw the ones that Time magazine posted online (there may have been more in the printed version) and so far I can’t say I’m impressed.  Something just looked off about her.  (Possibly because she still had a Barbie face, which looked rather out of place above a more meaty body.)  I think the parts that bothered me especially were her legs and chest.  The really long legs don’t fit well with the fleshier shape, to my mind.  More importantly, her chest was pretty small, making her backside larger than her top, which is just not attractive.  (And, let’s be honest, the point of a fashion doll is to be attractive, irregardless of all else.)  In my experience, the tendency is to gain weight relatively uniformly.  I know there are women who gain more in the stomach and buttocks than in the breasts (technically, I’ve tended a little more heavily towards the lower half of the body in the last ten years or so, but not to the extent that I look particularly lopsided), but I think, overall, the majority gain weight in a relatively uniform fashion, and the doll would have benefited from being more balanced in that regard.

Naturally, seeing a few photos are not the same as seeing the doll in person.  And yes, I’ll probably get one eventually.  (When I have more money again…)  Actually, I pretty much definitely will.  I want to compare her to the Rosie O’Donnell doll that Mattel put out…uh…whenever that was.  (I’m wanting to say very early 2000s, but it might have been very late 1990s.  I’m really not sure anymore, and the doll’s in my over-filled hall closet, so I don’t want to dig her out and check the package’s copyright date right now.)  The doll had a unique body as well as a unique face, and as I recall (haven’t set eyes on it in years) both had a pretty decent resemblance.  I never actually opened the doll (I kept hoping Mattel would release some clothes based on some of her movies, particularly her uniform from A League of their Own) but if they ever did, I didn’t find out about it.  Still, with a new Barbie body to compare her to, that seems a good reason to finally let her out of the box.  Getting some other less scrawny dolls might be an interesting comparison, too, but I’m not sure what else would fit the comparison bill.  (Lammily, maybe?)

Also on the Barbie front, I’ve heard that the articulated Silkstone Barbie is going to be a very affordable $40, so once I have some money again, I may have to pick up one of those, too.  I don’t have too many of the Silkstone dolls (and most of them were gotten at Tuesday Mornings…) but I do love the weighty feel of the material, so having one that’s jointed at the knees, elbows and wrists should be pretty neat.

Anyway, you may recall that at the beginning of the post, I mentioned more than one Kickstarter project to direct you towards, right?  Well, digressions now having been fully digressed, here’s the other one:  Sweet Plush — Candy-themed Designer Plushie Toys.

(Hmm, kind of a theme with the last time I posted about a Kickstarter project…)  These plushies are animal/candy fusions, and very cute…although the 2D keychain versions may be even cuter.  This one has 12 days to go, and is only about 25% there so far, so they could use some help.  One of the pledge rewards — apart from the plushies themselves — are some very cute, 3D decorated smart phone cases with an icing and candy theme…but I don’t have a smart phone, so they’re of no use to me. 😛  (Actually, while they look great, I don’t know that they’d be very functional; they’d get all wrecked up in your purse, surely.  Or they would in mine, anyway.  Everything gets wrecked up in there.)