Deliciously Cute

Okay, a long time ago now, I put up a post about a Kickstarter I was backing.  Well, the plushies produced by that Kickstarter arrived months ago, but due to one thing and another, I’m only just getting around to them in any proper manner.  (Timing was part of it:  they arrived when my house stank because of the dead mouse in the walls, so I left them in the plastic bag they shipped in, to protect them from the smell, only then everything went all weird on me otherwise, and…)

So, without further ado, let me start the post by introducing you to the goodies I got for backing the Kickstarter. 🙂

del cute 1

To start with, here’s the logo, on the grocery tote I got.  (There was all sorts of neat stuff in the add-on shop, y’know?) Continue reading


Happy New Year!

"Akemashite omedito gozaimasu!"
“Akemashite omedito gozaimasu!”

Lea is wishing her friends a happy new year in the traditional Japanese manner.

New Year 5

Rena is working at the family shrine again, selling good luck amulets to help people through the coming year.

New Year 9

Looks like Tsukasa is working at her family shrine, too…

New Year 1

Barbie is all dressed up to accompany Lea to the temple.  (All that pink hair last night must have been just a wig…)

New Year 6

May Lin is all ready to visit the shrine, too.

New Year 8

Looks like Jenny’s already gotten a charm from Rena!

New Year 10

Mulan’s even brought a little friend to wish everyone a happy new year!