Happy New Year!

"Akemashite omedito gozaimasu!"
“Akemashite omedito gozaimasu!”

Lea is wishing her friends a happy new year in the traditional Japanese manner.

New Year 5

Rena is working at the family shrine again, selling good luck amulets to help people through the coming year.

New Year 9

Looks like Tsukasa is working at her family shrine, too…

New Year 1

Barbie is all dressed up to accompany Lea to the temple.  (All that pink hair last night must have been just a wig…)

New Year 6

May Lin is all ready to visit the shrine, too.

New Year 8

Looks like Jenny’s already gotten a charm from Rena!

New Year 10

Mulan’s even brought a little friend to wish everyone a happy new year!



K is for Kagami
K is for Kagami

You know, until I took this photo, I hadn’t stopped to think how nicely the Figma scale fits the standard dollhouse scale.  Suddenly, I have a new reason to get my dollhouse cleaned up and re-organized.  (Though they’ll make an odd set of house-mates…)