A few WIPs

Because I’m bored and it’s gotten too dark for the photos I wanted to take today.  (I’ll have to do those tomorrow while the laundry’s going.)

I’ll start with the daughter of the Gryphon, for my Mad Tea Party.  She’s kind of ad hoc, like the whole tea party, but I think I chose the right doll for job.

The Daughter of the Gryphon
The Daughter of the Gryphon

I like her wings, and the main part of her hair and her “fur” match better in the normal lighting conditions in here than in the photo (that’s typical, isn’t it?), but I realize that just using strips of leather to tie chunks of faux fur to a doll is hardly customization.  It’s just that, well, my ability to sew is minimal.  And I haven’t the foggiest how I would want to go about sewing her a Gryphon’s daughter costume even if I could sew well.  So for the moment, until I figure out the best course of action, I probably want to leave her like this.  (It doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of furry suits for dolls.)

A priestess/daughter of Bastet, maybe?
A priestess/daughter of Bastet, maybe?

It was just way too sad that Cleolei got a special body with molded-on bandages that were then hidden by fully covering clothes!  So I got a spare, and painted the bandages in a color roughly appropriate for a mummy’s bandages (though they still need another coat), but I’m still not sure who she’s going to be when I’m done.  I may try to remove the Toralei-style spotting and striping on her face, but I’ll probably leave the rest of the face-up untouched, or only barely paint over it in other colors, following the original as a guide, because my face-ups are hideous.  I have no idea what she’ll wear that won’t hide the bandages, though.  (The bandages aren’t really enough by themselves, after all.)  I can sew something simple by hand, so I guess I can get some translucent cloth and make her a simple shift like something an Egyptian priestess/princess might have worn, and complement it with some Egyptian-style beads.

Now the one that really isn’t working…

The dreaded siren
The dreaded siren

Remember the Create-a-Monster…I think it was called Design Studio?  The coffin-looking thing that came with a faceless doll and temporary tattoo-like things to put on it?  And the add-on packs that came with two blank heads?  Well, this is one of those blank heads.  I decided to make it into a siren–classical Greek style, like this–and ended up chopping the head off a cheap dragon-bird-thing I found at Michael’s to provide the body (because otherwise I’d have had to sculpt it out of airdry clay, and that would have been really unsightly, even worse than this).  Now, the body paint is not finished.  Not remotely.  The pink needs another coat, at least, and the blue…I don’t know what it needs.  Something.

Even after the pink has been shored up so that you can’t see the original color through it anymore, I still feel like it’s missing something, like there’s just something I need to do that I haven’t done.  But I don’t know what, because I am utterly clueless at anything visual.

A bit out of focus...
A bit out of focus…

Obviously, her face is no good, either, but…it’s the best I can do, I’m afraid.  I just have no hand-eye coordination.  I draw like a little kid.  (It’s more than a little pathetic.)

Okay, sorry to have posted this stuff.  Like I said, I was bored, but I should have been posting the photos I brought back from the museum, of the dollhouse furniture I spent a couple of weeks gluing together.  It’s just that to me that’s even more boring than this.  (Because this is my own project, and that isn’t, y’know?)  But next time I’m bored, I’ll post those photos instead, I promise.


Juku Couture

J is for Juku Couture
J is for Juku Couture

The blonde in the back is the daughter of Alice for my mad tea party.  Her costume is inspired by the traditional Alice costume, but doesn’t really replicate it, as such.  (Not that you can see it right now, mind you.  I just wanted to point out that the hidden costume will be revealed later, as it were.)

Curiouser and Curioser

I’ve been working on assembling a mad tea party lately, with each doll in the party from a different line.  (Yeah, I know, it’s weird, but…it is supposed to be a mad tea party, right?  What’s madder than everyone being created in a wildly different style?  I am at least trying to keep the scale moderately consistent.)  At first, it was just going to be characters who might actually take part in a party given by the Mad Hatter, but I decided to extend it to every significant character in Alice in Wonderland.  (Not, however, any characters from Through the Looking Glass.  So, no twins, no Jabberwock.  Though I might do a second set to include them…)

ANYWAY!  Point is, in the past couple of days, because I had some new shelf space, I’ve been taking the first steps of getting the party started, including opening some things that have just been waiting around to get opened, whether they were old purchases that got set aside and semi-forgotten, or new things bought specifically for the tea party.  Including the Queen of Hearts.

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