I’ve been silent for a long time when I expected to be, well, not silent.  There’s a reason for that, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.  :<

So instead, here’s a (quite overdue) post on the completion of my Kobato figurine.

Earlier, you saw her (in small form) in this group shot:

The empty cage she’s holding is one I got at Michael’s, to fill in the gap.  Oh, btw, the original figure (which I’ve learned is Kotobukiya!) was based on this illustration:

I don’t remember how much I said about this figurine when I posted that earlier photo (I know I mentioned her at least briefly) and I’m too lazy to go back and look 😛 so I’ll just give the backstory now, and if I’m repeating myself, I apologize.  As I know I’ve mentioned before, there’s one anime store in my entire town (well, only one anime-specific store; there are several others that sell anime merchandise in addition to other stuff) and they sell used items as well as new ones.  So, the last time I was in there before they moved to their new (and inconvenient) location, I noticed they had Kobato-chan there in the case of used bishojo figurines.  Like Wish (to which it’s kinda-sorta a sequel), I found the ending of Kobato a bit disappointing, but not enough so to sour me on the manga as a whole, in large part because I loved the characters so much.  (CLAMP is good at that, after all.  Well, technically, they’re good at pretty much the whole storytelling package…)

Anyway, when I was buying the figurine (because CLAMP merchandise is scarce, particularly on this side of the Pacific), the store’s owner mentioned to me all the pieces she was missing:  the cage, the little “stuffed dog” in the cage, and her umbrella.  I figured a cage shouldn’t be too hard to find, and I was sure the parasol could be replaced with one of those little umbrella-drink umbrellas, but I knew Ioryogi-san was going to be harder to replace. Continue reading

The Undertaker

Writing this post has somehow taken me a lot longer than expected.  Not sure why.  Anyway, here’s my other new Taeyang from PullipStyle.

Undertaker 1

You may be thinking his box is absolutely identical to Grell’s, but it’s actually slightly taller.  Identical in every other respect, though. 😛

Undertaker 4

The Undertaker’s stock is rather monochromatic, but it’s certainly not dull!  BTW, has anyone played the game Suikoden III?  The first time I saw the Undertaker in the Black Butler manga, I was like “oh, so that’s where Yuber went when he teleported away at the end of the game!”  (For those who’ve never played it, you can see what he looks like here.)  Of course, the Undertaker is much more likable than Yuber.  And more competent.  But I digress. Continue reading

Grell Sutcliff

Now that it’s finally summer vacation, I finally had a few minutes to move my doll collection around a bit and give me a bit more display space, which means I was finally able to open my new boys from PullipStyle!  I’m posting about them separately, though, because…um…just because.  And even though he came out second, I’m starting with Grell, since he was the one who actually prompted the order.  Unfortunately, the light in these photos is almost entirely artificial.  As soon as I was ready for the photo shoot, the sun retreated behind a cloud or something. 😦

Grell 1

As you can see, he was very sad about still being trapped in his box. 😛

Grell 4

So, here he is out of the box, and adjusting his glasses.  I did my best to get his hair right, but…it’s lacking in body, so I guess I’ll need to keep messing with it to fluff it up a bit.  Especially because he should have an ahoge, which adds a lot of personality to his appearance.  The promotional shots of the doll have it, and there’s actually a bit on top of his head that has a bit of styling product in it to be the ahoge, but I couldn’t get it to stand up. 😦  On an unrelated note, I feel like there’s something odd about the way his legs join to his hips, but without disrobing both him and another Taeyang to compare them, I can’t be sure.  (And while I’m sure Grell would enjoy cutting Sebastian’s clothes off, I don’t think it’s a good idea. 😛 ) Continue reading


The Oh My Goddess version of the Norns, of course. 😛

Norn 1

I think this was tying in to the movie.  I’m not sure; she’s sort of been fallen over on the back of a shelf for years.

As you might guess, I’m not actually all that big a Belldandy fan.

(Actually, on the whole, I prefer Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses to Oh My Goddess altogether.  Lighter, fluffier comedy, without the romantic melodrama.  If I could find toys of the mini-goddesses versions of these characters, I would so be all over them.)

Norn 6

I’m showing these figures in the order in which I got them.  (Which it turns out is also alphabetical order, so long as you’re calling the middle goddess Belldandy instead of Verdandi.)  Skuld here is my favorite of the trio, character-wise.  She’s totally adorable, and makes all kinds of crazy inventions. 😀  (That being the case, I’m sure she’s fine with leaning against this Project MC² stand to stay up. 😛  The down side of getting used figurines like this is that often you don’t get their stands, or anything even close to useful as a stand.)

Norn 7

Technically, I also got one of her robotic creations along with her, but…he’s missing some pieces or something.  😦

Norn 2

I got Urd here quite recently.  Skuld came from the main used store where I score a lot of my neat loot, but Urd came from the anime store where I have some stuff on consignment.  She still didn’t have a stand though. 😦

Norn 3

A close-up to try and show her face a bit.  Urd’s also a lot of fun, because while she looks all sexy and mature, she’s also kind of a drunkard and horribly bad-tempered.

Um…that sounds worse than it is.  And actually that’s mostly her Mini-Goddesses personality I’m describing.  She’s really funny, in any case, which is what makes her likable.  (Actually, I think that’s why Belldandy doesn’t do much for me:  she’s not funny like her sisters.  There’s a reason I don’t actually like the “romantic comedy” genre…)

Yeah, “N is for Norns” was pretty short, huh?  (The gallery has a few more shots of Urd and Skuld, for whatever that’s worth.)

Well, they can’t all be winners!  (And I’d be exhausted if they all matched up to “M is for Mulan“!)  Tomorrow’s — er, Monday’s, rather — is also going to be short.  I’ll just confess that right now.

Hikaru Shidou

Not really what I’d hoped to do for “H,” but…sometimes life doesn’t cooperate.  Anyway, I’d been holding this girl in reserve since her arrival from Mandarake for just such an emergency!

Hikaru 1

As with Fuu, I’m not currently planning on opening Hikaru.  If I get my hands on Umi, then maybe, but…even then, without Ferio and Lantis and…um…teenage Ascot? it wouldn’t serve much purpose.  (Okay, maybe I’m shipping too heavily here…)

Hikaru 6

This is about the best shot of her face I could get inside the box.  It also nicely(?) shows off how they didn’t really manage to capture the exuberance of the CLAMP expressions.  They got the shape of the eyes pretty well, though.  The handle of her sword looks about right, too.



Well, that was short.

I’ll fill it in a little with something related that I also got from Mandarake.  (They must really be loving that I discovered them!)

Big Shipment 10

Yup, it’s Hikaru’s bestest-ever buddy in Cephiro, Mokona! 😀

Big Shipment 12

He’s a wind-up!  How adorable is that?  Though I doubt he makes his adorable little puu-puu sounds. 😛  (Of course, given what we learned about Mokona at the end of the Rayearth II manga, I’m not sure I’d feel right about winding him up…)

Rather than a gallery for this post, I’ve just made a gallery for Magic Knights Rayearth instead.  Though I don’t currently have much else Rayearth I could put in it:  I’ve got a plush Mokona somewhere (bought before Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles even existed, so it’s definitely a Rayearth Mokona) and there’s the CLAMP no Kiseki chess pieces, and I could cheat a little and use that Tsubasa Primera figurine…

You know, there really needs to be more Rayearth merchandise.  But I guess it’s not as popular in Japan.  (Probably because of how badly they loused up the second season of the anime.)  I did see a few keychains at the convention, but they weren’t terribly appealing.

Happy Leap Day!

Leap Year Day?  Well, Happy 29th of February, whatever you wanna call that! :p

"Happy Birthday, onii-chan!"
“Happy Birthday, onii-chan!”

Yep, the 29th of February is the birthday of one Toya Kinomoto.  Sadly, I have no toys of Toya, so all I can do is show Sakura-chan wishing her big brother a happy birthday.  (With Kero-chan hiding behind her, because he wasn’t about to miss any opportunities to sneak some cake.)

So, if Toya only has his birthday once every four years, doesn’t that make him younger than Sakura?  When the manga starts, he’s sixteen and she’s twelve…but he’s only had four birthdays in all that time, right?

(Unfortunately, due to poor lighting and not having time to clear away much space, this sad image is the best photo I can provide.  The shadow on the backdrop is particularly lamentable…unless Sakura’s just used the “Giant” card, or whatever it was called… (considering her fantasy in the very first chapter of the manga, that would actually be rather appropriate…))

Technically, the uniform is supposed to be Tomoyo-chan’s, but I still haven’t gotten a body (or wig) for her yet, so there was no harm in Sakura “borrowing” it. 😛