1960s with the Barbie Family (Sort Of)

I’m stepping up the pace here, covering two dolls instead of one.  Luckily, there’s a theme…

Yeah, don’t get excited.  This is the 1990s reproduction.  (Hence the “sort of” in the title of the post.)  I would love to have one of the real thing, but they cost about $800, minimum, so…not happening.  Not without the invention of time travel.

I like this view better, because it almost hides the fact that she’s only wearing one shoe. 😛  If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’ve seen both this doll and these clothes before.  The repro Francie was in my post about the petite Barbie I got, and the reproduction of the Gad About fashion (which came on the reproduction of the Caucasian Francie) was in my post on…um…well, I called it a “clone” post, but most of the dolls are more “similar to” than “clone of” type dolls.

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Blind Box Monday

So, this was an impulse buy (as most blind box figures are, after all), influenced by two factors.  One, I liked the package. 😛  Two, the display promised that the rare find was a purple glitter pet.  And I love things that are purple and things that glitter.

I’d like the hard plastic doll purse better if it didn’t say “Barbie” on it.  I mean, that’s fine if I want a Barbie to carry it, but what if I thought it would match a Pullip’s outfit?  Or a Lammily outfit?!

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Happy National Teddy Bear Day!


Did you know it was National Teddy Bear Day?  (Corollary:  did you know there’s apparently a “national day” of something pretty much every day?  It’s kind of pathetic, really.)  Since we still have a teddy bear exhibit up at work, we tried to do a little something for NTBD, which mostly consisted of the employees all bringing in their own teddy bears.

My Fozzie (hey, I learned to talk in the late ’70s; of course I named my bear Fozzie!) sitting in a high chair, hoping for something sweet to eat. 😛

When the exhibit opened, I put out this Enchantimal set I had bought a few days earlier because, I mean, y’know…it’s a bear girl and her bear friends having a picnic and we were putting up an exhibit called “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” so how could I have resisted?  Besides, look at her!  She’s so cute!  (I totally want to get the entire freakin’ line.  I have such a weakness for this stuff…or maybe it’s a sickness…)  I put them out again today, but her hair’s kind of a mess now, because the Assistant Director’s three year old has played with her a few times since this photo was taken. 😛

Lame reason for a post, but…hey, at least it’s a post!  (Though I’m going to have a photo session as soon as the new doll dress arrives from Etsy; a newly arrived girl still has nothing to wear, and I don’t wanna photograph her until she’s got some clothes.  I am also trying to resist the urge to order the Bobobie deertaur from Junky Spot.  I may lose that battle…)