Body Swapping

Fixing Pyrrha’s eye mechanism is still on hold until I can go look for plastic-sticked cotton swabs, but I finally got around to some re-bodying.

So I’ve been wanting to give my Dal Len a male Obitsu body pretty much since the day he arrived here, right?  I’d seen this lovely tutorial on re-bodying Pullips with Obitsu bodies, so I thought I knew just what I’d have to do in order to make the swap from Dal body to 23 cm male Obitsu body.  Then I got a look at the 23 cm body’s neck:

Obitsu 23 cm boy body

And, as a reminder, this is the neck on the Dal body:

body swaps 1

In the conventional Pullip swap, you just need to get the two plugs compatible, right?  But this one has an added challenge above and beyond reducing the size of the plug:


Apparently, the larger body sizes (or maybe it’s the female bodies?) have the screw below the plug.  But here it’s at the top.  And this is the plug that goes on top, viewed from the underside:

body swaps 5

See the lip at the far end?  That would be the first thing to go if I was to simply sand the plug down, but that’s also the part that holds it in place on the stick below.  So sanding really wasn’t an option here, and I had to find another solution.

My solution, in the rough.
My solution, in the rough.

I made a mold of the plug on the Dal body neck, and cast a rough plug in opaque resin.  (Which I haven’t worked with since learning I couldn’t add paint to color it, and I had the unpleasant surprise discovery that a bit of partially catalyzed resin had gotten on the interior of the lid of one of the bottles, so I had to cut a hole in the side and transfer the rest into an empty water bottle.  Fortunately, it was the yellow stuff, so I won’t mistake it for water later on. 😛  )

Of course, then I had to cut off the excess, sand it down to a more-or-less flat surface and drill a hole through it, then sand down the stick it connects to, and use the drill to extend the screw hole further than it originally went.  But eventually, I got it to this point:

body swaps 7

Honestly, I should have kept going; there’s a lot more gap there than there is on the Dal body, but I was afraid to sand any further down.  I think what I need to do is to widen the hole on the resin so that it’ll pass down around the stick a bit.  But I’ll have to take poor Len apart again to do that, because he’s now re-assembled on his new, male body:


His head is way wobbly, and his clothes fit awkwardly, but at least he no longer has breasts.  (His head should get less wobbly after I adjust the resin plug a bit more.  But I’ll want to figure out where the heck my set of jeweler’s files disappeared to yesterday before I can do that…)

body swaps 13

He can now look like he’s really playing his…um…keytar?  (What the heck is that thing called?)  I do love the changeable hands, but I wish he came with a V-for-Victory set of hands.  That would have made that earlier picture perfect. 😛

body swaps 14

I sorta want to get Rin an Obitsu body now, too.  After I figure out how to fix the problems with Len’s wobbly head, anyway. 😛  (I also really need to figure out a good way to re-style his hair, ’cause that is so not what it’s supposed to look like.)

Anyway, not being the type who likes to have dolly parts lying around unused, I had to find a new head for the old Dal body, and that was easily accomplished:


Technically, the Licca clothes are a bit baggy on the Dal body — and the shoes are laughably large for tiny Dal feet — but they don’t look too bad…except for one tiny problem:

"Hee hee...don't tell!"
“Hee hee…don’t tell!”

Miku now has the wrong number on her arm. 😛  (Maybe she’s getting ready to perform “Rin-chan Now!“?)  Anyway, my Licca Miku is now just as poseable as my Pullip Luka:

body swaps 10

(Yeah, it’s been a while since I posted anything that crazy/creepy, right?)

Anyway, the Licca body has moved over to another Miku:

body swaps 11

The reason I wanted to give Yuki Miku the Licca body was because of those black tights.  They didn’t fit the Azone body properly.  And so instead of giving the Dal body to Yuki Miku here and leaving regular Miku as she was, I thought I’d do this swap, so that the tights would actually fit.  The Azone body now belongs to Sakura…not that I’ve actually started applying her face or anything yet.  (Syaoran’s face is almost done, though!  And both of their wigs are on the way.)

Speaking of black tights, though, I need to get some in Pure Neemo XS size.  ‘Cause I ordered one of the bendy Sakura dolls’ outfits off of Etsy, but it didn’t have its black tights or its kitty-ear headband.  I can make the headband (eventually), but the tights…I’ll need to buy those.  I didn’t find any Pure Neemo XS sized clothes on Etsy, though.  Not any black tights, at least.  I should probably check AmiAmi before I order black tights in another doll size, huh?  (Only just thought of that…)

The headbands are going to be another question entirely, of course.  I tested the one headband I already had on Mei-lin’s head, and it didn’t fit her.  So I’ll need to make a mold of a headband blank, I suppose, and then make resin copies of the wings off the headband I have, and add those on to one blank headband, and add kitty ears on to another blank headband.  I just have to figure out the size of headband to use for the mold first.  (Monster High will be a bit big, but I think Barbie will be a bit small…and I’m not sure I can find a blank Barbie headband anyway.)


A Big Day for Dolly Deliveries

So, yesterday saw three arrivals at my door.  First, with the mail came a little packet containing the other Blythe dress for Pyrrha, the one coming from Japan.  But when I took it out of the package, I became a little concerned, because it looked much too small for her.

Pyrrha's suspicious of that tiny thing...
Pyrrha’s suspicious of that tiny thing…

And guess what?  It was much too small for her!  Now, part of me just wants to say “well, it’s just because she doesn’t have a default Blythe body, and this BJD body is bigger.”  But the dress she’s wearing was sold as a Blythe dress.  It was being modeled on the seller’s page on a default Blythe body, so her BJD body is obviously pretty close to a default Blythe body in size.

So I’m thinking that the pretty dress I bought over Amazon for $20 from the seller with the fractured English was actually a Middie Blythe dress, not a Neo Blythe dress. 😦  Worse still, it was kind of poorly made, especially considering its price.  The top is an elastic-like material, and so you just stretch it out to get it over the doll’s body; there’s no fastening device of any kind.  Like the stubborn idiot I am, I still tried to get it onto Pyrrha, and ended up partially bursting a seam.  (And I wasn’t really applying enough pressure that seam-ripping should have taken place, lemme tell ya!)

In the end, I was able to squeeze the dress onto my Dal Tinkerbell, replacing the Bratz and Monster High outfit mash-up she had been wearing.  I had liked the way that looked, but she’s going to be wearing this instead, ’cause after I paid that much for it, someone’s darn well gonna wear it!

Tink in the new dress
Tink in the new dress

I need to get her a new hair ribbon and some new shoes now, though.  The shoes didn’t match the hair thing to begin with, and pink doesn’t go with black and bronzish-gold.  Black shouldn’t be too hard to come by, particularly for ribbons.  (In fact, for ribbons, that’ll be downright easy-peasy.  Shoes in Dal’s size will be a bit trickier, but…yeah, I’ll figure something out.  Actually, she can kinda-sorta wear Barbie shoes, and I literally have a whole lunch box full of those, so that’s no problem.)

Anyway!  Later in the afternoon, the doorbell rang.  It was UPS, delivering my two packages from Groove.  (They totally ignored my e-mail asking that the packages be shipped together.  I don’t see why they ignored it, when it would have saved them time and money, but…whatever.)

First to come out of her box was coincidentally also the first one ordered…

Tiny Wonder Woman box
Tiny Wonder Woman box

So, I’ve never bought a ComicCon Pullip before.  Are they always in these efficient but uninteresting packages, or was this a special box because it was one of Groove’s extra dolls for display purposes?  Either way, I was surprised (and honestly, a little disappointed) by the tiny, plain box within the shipping crate.  But it’s not the box that matters, after all…'s what's inside that counts!
…it’s what’s inside that counts!

It took me a while to figure out how to get the box to open, since it wasn’t the usual box, and the whole time I was fighting with this new computer, trying to get it to behave itself and work (please, don’t ask, just offer sympathy and/or money 😛 ), and getting more and more frustrated, between the computer refusing to work and how incredibly hot it was in this room, and then I finally get the box open and…ahhh!  Everything was suddenly so much better!  I went from “Argh, you stupid computer, why won’t you work?!” to “Whoa!  Her hair’s actually sort of a deep blue!  That’s so awesome!”  Of course, I kept having to struggle with the computer and the heat, but…things were definitely better. 🙂

Wonder Woman Pullip
Wonder Woman Pullip

If there’s anything at all to be said about her that isn’t positive, it’s that maybe she could do with a tiny bit more hair.  It seems like it uses wildness to cover up for lack of fullness.  (Perhaps that’s just typical, now that I think about it.)  That and that her lasso is just a bit of gold-colored cord, so it’s not really, well, a particularly functional accessory, unless one happens to be adept at tying cord into a lasso without wrecking up the cord.  I tried it, and the cord started to part out in the center (you know what I mean?) so I quickly stopped.  Her cape is only fastened by means of a hook that fastens onto a thin piece of thread, but if the thread snaps I think it could be easily re-sewn.  (I don’t usually think of Wonder Woman as wearing a cape, personally, but the doll does look a bit naked without it.)

<clever caption not found>

I actually forget why I took that photo, but I like it, so I had to share it.  Because this is a gorgeous doll.  On the whole, the superhero genre tends to be an “I can take it or leave it” type genre for me, so it’s all about the quality of the individual product, which makes it all the more impressive that I’ve fallen so completely in love with this doll.  (Admittedly, I fall in love with dolls pretty easily, but I’ve seen the Harley Quinn Pullip in person, and I didn’t fall in love with her, even though I absolutely adore the character of Harley Quinn.)

Ready to deflect some bullets!
Ready to deflect some bullets!

I still think it’s pretty awesome that her arm guards deflect bullets.  I bet I really loved those scenes when I was a kid.  (I know for a fact I had a Wonder Woman swimsuit when I was a little girl.  I’ve seen the photos of me wearing it.)

"Is that someone in trouble?"
“Is that someone in trouble?”

I told you at the time that Rena’s sunglasses made me think Lynda Carter, didn’t I?  Of course I had to put them on Wonder Woman!  (BTW, you can’t really tell in the photo, but I used her lasso to tie her hair back (loosely) into a ponytail.)

"Wonder Woman to the rescue!"
“Wonder Woman to the rescue!”

Okay, I know, opening the shirt is Superman, not Wonder Woman, but do you have any idea how long it would take to animate her twirling around to transform from her civilian disguise into her Wonder Woman costume?  Even if I had the set-up to do it properly, it would take a lot longer than I had to spend yesterday and today.  (Especially since I had a dentist appointment today.)

Now, that being said, I totally want to do that.  Once I figure out the best way to do it, I really do plan to do an animated .gif of my Wonder Woman Pullip spinning out of Rena’s original outfit into her Wonder Woman costume.  But who knows when that’ll be.  (If anyone has any suggestions about the best way to go about the process, please feel free to make them, btw.)

But now, on to the final delivery yesterday, the doll who has been something of a grail doll for me for some time now:

Megurine Luka in her box
Megurine Luka in her box

She was actually the first full-size Pullip I ever saw, in the hands of a twelve year old girl (or thereabouts) at an anime convention.  At that point I already had Zephyr, my Hestia, and I think I may have had my mini-Taeyang Sebastian, but I’d never seen a full-size Pullip before, and I was struck by how beautiful she was.  But at the time I wasn’t really able to do on-line doll shopping.  If I couldn’t get it in person, I couldn’t get it, unless I could convince my brother to order it for me and pay him back, which wasn’t an option on a doll that cost over $100.  $20-$25, sure, maybe even as high as $35-40, but much more than that and forget about it.

So the window to get this beautiful Vocaloid doll closed on me, and by the time I was able to do my own on-line shopping, she cost a ludicrous amount of money.  To make matters even worse, by now I’ve become hooked on the Project Diva games, which only made me want her more.  So even though I’d already bought the Wonder Woman Pullip literally the day before, when I saw that Groove had her available as well, I had to buy her.

Luka with her signature tuna
Luka with her signature tuna

Why is Luka’s signature item a tuna?  I guess it has something to do with the Japanese word for tuna…?  Many of the Vocaloids’ items mystify me.  Leeks, tuna, ice cream, tangerines, bananas, sake, carrots, eggplants…yeah, apart from a few of them being color-coded, I just don’t get it.  (There are probably lots of Vocaloid wiki sites that explain these things, but I’m too lazy too look them up. 😛 )

Backstage Preparations
Backstage Preparations…

This is, of course, Luka preparing for her famous song “Megane“. 😛  (I tried having her wear Rena’s sunglasses instead of Namu’s glasses, but they looked ridiculous on her.  Though these kind of make her look mean…)

"Come here, my small-headed little Miku-chan..."
“Come here, my small-headed little Miku-chan…”

You know, I think Luka’s dress may be made of real leather.  It doesn’t like to sit down, and it was not reacting well to her stand, either.  (In fact, I’ve got her in a generic doll stand, rather than the stand that she came with, to protect the dress.)

"My cute lil' Append-chan..."
“My cute lil’ Append-chan…”

Okay, okay, yes, I kind of ship them….

"Crystal Miku-chan is almost too tiny and precious..."
“Crystal Miku-chan is almost too tiny and precious…”

C’mon, it’s an officially recognized pairing!  Just look at the official DLC of “Magnet“!

Ahem.  Yes, moving on.

Luka's guitar solo
Luka’s guitar solo

I actually bought the guitar for the Kagamine Rin (Meltdown ver.) I’m eventually going to make out of a Make It Own kit, but I figured Luka could use it for now.  (The guitar is from the Beatrix Girls line.  Not a doll line I find appealing, but the guitars seemed like useful props, so I picked this one up on clearance at Toys R Us.)  The guitar will eventually get a paint job, presumably to a black and white color scheme to match the Meltdown outfit.

I was really worried about how much I spent in such a short amount of time on these two dolls–especially compounded by having to buy a new computer immediately afterwards–but now that they’re here, I feel like it was totally worth it, because I love them both.  That’s the good side.

The bad side is that I have to stop buying dolls.  Well, toys in general.  In fact, I have to pretty much cut my spending wherever I can.  I’m trying to go on a massive diet as well, so hopefully my food spending will also go down, but…the only thing I know for a fact I can cut from my budget without causing any harm to anything is my toy collecting habit, so it has to go for…I don’t even know how long.  Possibly the rest of the year.

Of course, there are bound to be exceptions.  My brother has not just spent a thousand dollars (well, nearly) in the last week and a half, so he’ll likely still be going to the used stores, and if he asks me to go along, and if I still do, and if I see things that are likely to vanish quickly–as they often do–I may still buy them, as opportunities that will never knock again.  (Like how you know that fourth Doctor doll wouldn’t still be there if I hadn’t bought him and went back to that store today!)  And maybe if I’m having too many withdrawal pains I can go to Tuesday Mornings and maybe find a Monster High doll for $10 or something.  Something inexpensive to dull the craving a little.

More importantly, even when I start buying dolls again, I think I need to stop buying Pullips, at least for a while.  I’ve bought too many; they’re too addicting.  I used to focus on trying to have all sorts of different types of dolls, and I need to go back to that, I think.  So I should be saving up to get a real Blythe, and to get different types of BJDs, not thinking about which Pullips I want that I don’t have.  Because there are so many Pullips, and they put out so many more all the time…it’s a never-ending stream of “I want.”

The one exception to that, of course, is that Make It Own kit to make the Meltdown Rin doll.  Because I am determined to do that.  It is happening.  Period.  It’s just a matter of timing.  Specifically, the timing of when I feel like I can spend money again, and the timing of PullipStyle getting in MIO kits again.


I know I should be happy.

I should be, like, dancing with glee.

And maybe I will be, when the irritation wears off.

It’s just, okay, I went back to Groove’s shop just now, curious to see what was left of the rare dolls from yesterday morning.  Seeing MEIKO was still there, I clicked on her, not surprised she hadn’t sold, and saw they even had two of her.  Then I noticed the bar at the bottom with the “you might also be interested in” dolls, and I was like “gee, it’s mean to show out of stock dolls,” but I went ahead and clicked on Luka anyway…

And she wasn’t out of stock.  They even had two of her!

Megurine Luka has been my number one most wanted Pullip forever.  Period.  So, I’m thrilled to have finally been able to order her without paying a scalper several hundred bucks extra.

But if Groove would  have just listed her with all the other rare dolls yesterday, I could have put her in the same order as Wonder Woman and saved myself a total of $30 shipping!

I suppose, in a way, it’s my own fault for being so panicky yesterday morning, and wanting to get the order placed as soon as possible so no one else could buy her before I did.  (It seems maybe their cart system prevents that?  I don’t know…)  Either way, it frustrates the heck out of me, just at the moment.

And either way, I have spent WAAAAAAY too much money in the last two days.  But I’ve been wanting those dolls for a long time–especially Luka, who was literally the first Pullip I ever saw–and thought I had long since lost the chance of getting them at retail prices, so…sigh…I think no matter what I did, it was bound to be the wrong thing.


V is for Vocaloid
V is for Vocaloid

This isn’t actually my complete collection.  I have some of those cute little enamel pins, only I don’t remember where I put them (ack!) and since taking these photos, I picked up the Funko Pop! versions of the Kagamine twins, but I didn’t think it was worth photographing them.  (Gotta say, though, I love the fact that the sub-series is called Pop! Rocks.  I always used to love those Pop Rocks candies…)  Also I couldn’t photograph Project Diva f because I only have the download version, and I couldn’t photograph Project Diva f 2nd because I got it used and it’s in one of those plain GameStop boxes because whoever sold it back to them didn’t sell them the box. 😦

My collection is sorely missing any representation of Meiko, apart from one of those pins I can’t find. 😦  I was hoping to find some at the convention last weekend, but all they had was one over-priced Nendoroid Petit.  But a couple of days ago I ordered a nifty Meiko from Amazon, so that’ll be changing soon. 🙂  (Also ordered Kaito and Rin, but Rin’s coming from Japan, so she won’t be here for a long time.  Which is sort of annoying, ’cause she was the one I was actually shopping for at the time.  The others were just in the same line and I couldn’t pass them up.)

Anyway, there’s another angle on the group shot above that makes a few things easier to see while obscuring others:

V is still for Vocaloid
V is still for Vocaloid

The doll in the Licca-chan Miku’s lap is one of the Littlest Pet Shop mini-Blythes.  I added her to my Vocaloid group because with those pink twin-drills, she looks like Teto.  (I know, Teto’s not a Vocaloid.  But close enough!  Especially since she’s an extra character in the Project Diva f games.)  The thing behind the tall Luka figurine is the soundtrack to Project Diva f, in case anyone was wondering.