Ballerina Odile

Before I get to my post, let me apologize yet again for this blog having gone nearly dead.  It’s just…ugh, things have been bad here.  Not like bad bad, just like really super-aggravating no motivation bad.  If that makes any sense.

A you might have guessed if you’ve followed my blog for a long time, I have problems keeping my place clean, and eventually those problems sort of slammed me into a wall.  I’m tearing down that wall now, but…yeah, it’s kind of rough trying to find my feet again, ’cause I hit it pretty hard.

And that metaphor is now completely overused, so I’ll just move on.  I’ve got a new mostly-dolls shelf, which you can see here…

I apologize for the crappy quality of the picture, but the light in there is awful.  There are two more shelves below these ones, but they’re filled with books. 🙂  There are some dolls on the shelf who merit special attention, but I don’t really have any pictures ready for them.  That purple glow on the bottom shelf next to the ∞ Miku is indeed a lit up bottle; it’s a “potion” bottle that cycles through a rainbow of colors.  Y’know, now that I think of it, I did take a recording of it going through its cycle soon after I got it.  I’ll add that to the gallery for this post if I can.  The only doll of note that I have a photo ready to show you for the contents of this shelf is a pretty crap photo…

This is my second ever Liberty of London doll!  She’s Queen Elizabeth, but she’s also a super-early doll (circa 1937), when they were still doing shaped faces with seams down the center of the face, instead of side seams that don’t show with faces that were primarily painted on.  Her costume, rather than being based on a portrait, appears to be based on some of the stuff worn by Flora Robson in the 1937 film Fire Over England, which is about the 1588 defeat of the Spanish Armada (I think).  IMDB has a photo of her addressing her troops wearing a hat just like this one, so I do think that movie is where her design came from.  And I have no idea if her hands are supposed to look like that, or if something fell off there before I got her.  Probably there were leather hands there, but I can’t be positive.  All the other Liberty of London Elizabeth I dolls I’ve seen picture of online have been based on portraits of the actual queen, so they look nothing like this.  (But we know for a fact that the sisters who made these dolls did base some of their designs on movie stills they saw in magazines; a relation of theirs has a comparison photo of a Robin Hood doll and a publicity shot of Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, and the resemblance is undeniable.)

These are the two stuffed animals that were cut off in that full shelf shot.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back to regular blogging; I have to pick up my life and put it back together first.  There’s all sorts of stuff I’d love to share with you, but…I’m just not mentally up to trying right now.  However, I do have one thing to show you now.

So, the folks at My Ballerina Dolls (who seem to have changed their name again?) have put out a 1/6 scale version of Clara-Marie and the Snow Queen, as well as a new version of Marie in the usual 1/3 scale as Odile the black swan from Swan Lake.  I didn’t bother with the new 1/3 scale doll (since it’s just a new outfit on the same doll), but I picked up the 1/6 scale Odile and Snow Queen.  (Haven’t opened the Snow Queen yet, but she looks good, just like her larger version.)

why…?!  Why is she still wearing those pink boots?!

Sorry, that had to be said.

Aaaaaaanyway, footgear aside, her outfit is very pretty, and she came wrapped in protective layers of plastic under that black dress to keep her from staining.  Which, of course, means she doesn’t move very well right now.  Oh, and if you’re thinking “that’s not really the 1/6 scale doll, that’s just the 1/3 scale doll in a different box,” have a look at this:

Odile is utterly dwarfed by Arthur.  (Apologies for the terrible photo, but as I said, the lighting in there is ghastly.  Oh, and someday I will show a proper picture of that dollhouse behind them.  I found it at the same antique mall as the shelf, and it is totally cool.  Though I still have to research how to clean it (there were mouse droppings inside it, yuck!) and then, you know, furnish it…)

In honor of Halloween, a brief skit…

“Welcome, mademoiselle. Care to have your fortune read?”
“Hold your question in your mind. Do not let it go.”
“And here is your answer, mademoiselle…”
“You want to know what the cards mean? Ah, but you’ll have to pay for that, mademoiselle!”

So, as you might have deduced from the photos, the 1/6 scale version has solved the problem the larger dolls have with the wrists not having a full range of motion…but it’s introduced a new problem where the heads don’t have a very full range.  She can turn her head, but not tilt it.  (I’ve noticed that Made-to-Move Barbies have the same problem.)

I haven’t done a full investigation, but the hair issue is a bit more complicated than on her 1/3 scale counterparts.  Her hair is rooted to a thick rubber cap that (in Odile’s case) is a medium brown in color, similar to the color of her hair.  It seemed like the rubber cap is removable, but I don’t want to start experimenting with it unless I have time to fix any problems my experiments might cause, and I don’t have that much time right now.  But I think they are indeed removable, which might or might not give access to her eyes as well (the Snow Queen still has brown eyes, weirdly (along with those blasted pink boots)) and should make it possible to re-wig her, though a bald cap to replace the rooted one would be required to fill out the shape of the head.

In terms of clothing, I think they’ll take just about any 1/6 scale fashion doll clothing:  standard Barbie might hang a little loose, but the more slender Barbie sizes as well as Pullip should fit.  I think.  Like I said, I don’t have a lot of time right now, so I haven’t made any attempt to re-dress (or even undress) her.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, those were actual Tarot cards she was using…

I saw this in a shop and immediately said “I need that for my dolls!”  (Though oddly, I’ve backed a surprisingly large number of tarot decks on Kickstarter in the past few months.  Only one of them has arrived so far, and I haven’t tried any readings with it, but…I’m not sure what sparked this renewed interest in Tarot…possibly those enamel oracle charms I got a while back…)

Anyway, just a few more brief things before I end this post (since, after all, I have no idea when I’ll get around to making the next one).  I wasn’t able to get a photo ready of my Halloween tree (yeah, it’s a black mini feather tree on my dining room table), but I did take a picture of this Halloween Pusheen blind box duplicate I gave to my brother to be a Halloween decoration at his place:

And I wanted to report on something I saw in the toy aisles at Target.  They’re already getting out their Christmas stuff, of course, so they’ve started putting out the child-sized dolls that pretty much only seem to be around at Christmas time.  (I guess they’re high ticket enough that they figure parents aren’t going to shell out for them at any other time?)  And I was annoyed by the comparison between these two Disney dolls…

You can’t really tell in the photo because Moana is closer to the camera, but they have exactly the same body mold.  One of the things I loved about all the normal-sized Moana dolls was that they had unique body molds, not the same ridiculously skinny ones that all the other dolls have.  But this one has the same mold as Rapunzel there.  😦  I mean, I guess I understand why they’d do that, considering how few of these they sell compared to the normal sized, $20 and under dolls, but…*sigh*  In addition to all the other problems, this way makes her head look freakin’ huge.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay, not the most standard greeting, but New Year’s Day is a Monday, and that’s still dedicated to Blind Box Mondays.  (No worries; I have a super-special one to post tomorrow.  Very festive. 😀  )

Anyway, some of my girls are getting ready for the big moment that we leave this crappy year behind us!

Ivy has this pretty kimono to wear, complete with a matching hairbow!  (At least, I assume that was meant to go in her hair, and not around her waist…)  I probably have the kimono put on wrong; I’ve never had to try putting one on before that didn’t have, you know, velcro or something.  I’m not sure which side is supposed to go on top, left or right; I think there’s a meaning to which one is going under the other, only I didn’t have the Internet turned on when I was dressing the dolls, so I couldn’t check.  😦

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I’m still here. Basically.

Sorry I’ve become so infrequent on my own blog.  It’s just…ugh.  I don’t even know what it is, exactly.  I can’t seem to get photos taken, mostly.  Space and mess constraints.  Mostly space.  Like those two Pullips and one Taeyang I still haven’t deboxed, ’cause I have no place to put them.  (Which seems sort of stupid when I say it like that, since they take up more space in their boxes.  But those can be stacked sideways on the floor, y’know?  The dolls…not so much.)

Anyway, due to the whole “no space” issue, I haven’t been doing much buying, ’cause where would I put it?  At least, I haven’t been doing much until today, when I spent like $200 without even meaning to. 😦

See, what happened was that today I learned that Arthur’s stock shirt might stain him.  (Also that he and the Snow Queen have removable head caps!  Yay!  Though their eyes are glued in, so changing them will be difficult, but should be possible.  Presumably.  I’m hoping someone else will post a how-to on it so I don’t have to experiment and ruin one of them.)

Well, I didn’t want Arthur getting stained, so I decided I’d better take his shirt off.  But then he’d be sitting around topless, and that’d be awkward for everyone, right?  So I dug out all of Juliet’s clothes, figuring that the white 28″ Barbie shirt would fit him.  (And yeah, it wouldn’t be terribly manly, but…he does share a name with a character who went to a rock concert in a glittery purple blouse (and I totally plan on getting him a glittery purple blouse just like it) so I figure he’d be okay with it.)  But as an experiment, I tried her Etsy shirt on him first.

Juliet:  You're wearing my shirt. Arthur:  So?
Juliet: You’re wearing my shirt.
Arthur: So?

It’s a little tight around the waist — which combined with his fairly large pecs makes it look a bit like he’s got breasts — but it totally fits him.  I didn’t even bother with the white Barbie shirt.  (I did try on the bright pink jacket, though, which also totally fit, but was tight in the waist.)  Oh, and yes, while I was at it, I changed Juliet’s clothes.  Largely because I noticed this dress was getting wrinkled in the drawer, and I thought it’d help if I had her wear it for a while.

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A Big Day for Deliveries (Unexpectedly)

I wasn’t expecting anything today.

Well, no.  I was hoping to get that package from Amazon.  The one I ordered on the 14th, which got lost in the mail, got refunded, and then I had to re-order it and today was supposed to be the first day of the delivery window.  (But when I checked this morning, they still hadn’t even shipped the bloody thing. 😦 Boooo!)  But I wasn’t expecting anything else to arrive today.

So then I was surprised when I got a package this morning.  Inside it…

big delivery 1

A tiny, non-windowed box, like Wonder Woman came in.  I haven’t actually de-boxed her yet, but here’s what she looks like still in the package:

big delivery 4

I’ll give her a proper photo shoot and review when I have a chance.  (Maybe work will be light this weekend and I can take her to work with me and take her picture there.  That’d be cool.)  I gotta say, I love the glittery eye chips (they were one of the big selling points for me, in fact), and her face-up is really sweet.

Anyway, if Amelia was the only package that arrived, I wouldn’t be doing this post; I’d just wait until I had her full photo shoot ready.  But when I was starting my dinner, I checked the porch again (because it occurred to me I forgot to actually look in the mail box to see if there was, you know, actual mail) and found two tall cardboard mailers taped together.  Inside…

big delivery 5 big delivery 8

I didn’t even know they had shipped yet!  I thought it said they were going to ship the 15th.  Maybe it said the 1st and I mis-remembered, but either way, I wasn’t expecting them to get here today!  I hadn’t even gotten an e-mail telling me they were shipping!  (Though I guess I didn’t check my e-mail this morning, but I know I checked it last night.)

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Pullip Make It Own Wig Selection

Yikes, how’s that for an exciting post title?  And after I’ve been absent for so long, too. 😦

Well, things are still weird here, so…yeah, things will stay sporadic until my life gets back under control.  Now that the semester’s started, I’ll be working fewer hours, which might give me more time for dolly things.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  (Goodness knows I still have two Pullips and a Taeyang waiting to be deboxed, not to mention another Pullip coming pretty soon.)


Back when JPGroove was offering a discount code to celebrate San Diego Comic Con, I used that code to place an order.  Those two Pullips, and one of the “Value Sets” of three wigs.  The dolls are still in their boxes, unfortunately, but at least I can finally show you the wigs.

Oh, but first, meet Nadia:

Pullip wigs 3

Technically, she’s shown up here before, as Tiger Lily Byul, but since I got a new one whose wig hairstyle wasn’t messed up, the original became free for re-styling.  Just taking down the wrecked up braids and putting her in this Monster High dress from Etsy really changed her look a lot!  I wish I had a full progression to show for her, but unfortunately she’s still got these same eye chips in.  Because Byul takes Blythe-sized eye chips, right?  So I was gonna have a big eye chip trying on party, letting her try all those eye chips that I decided weren’t right for Pyrrha.

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I may be slightly demented.

(The title of the post will make sense eventually.  Possibly.)

Okay, so in taking a break from the July CampNaNo project that has been devouring my soul for the last 20 days (actually, more like 23 or 24 when you count the planning stage) I went, on a whim, to the My Ballerina Dolls site to see if the pre-orders were open for their handsome prince doll.  This guy:

(Screen cap from My Ballerina Dolls site.  Click for link.)
(Screen cap from My Ballerina Dolls site. Click for link.)

And it turned out that they were.  As were the pre-orders on the Snow Queen doll.  (Though I thought she wasn’t gonna be out until next year, but…hey, I can wait.)  And they’ve got a bit of a sale on, too, so I went ahead and pre-ordered both of them.

Now, obviously, I wanted to get the prince to go with Juliet, right?  And I was thinking “okay, so what am I gonna name him?”  Obviously, Romeo is out. 😛  But back when I decided to name her Juliet, I had thought “well, in honor of the song ‘Romeo and Cinderella,’ I’ll name the prince after the prince in Cinderella.”

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Not Really Ideal

My Mysterious Vintage Girl

A few weeks ago, I mentioned having come across an Ideal Miss Revlon doll at an antique mall for a great price.  Well, after having done some research, it turns out that she is definitely not a Revlon doll, nor any doll made by the Ideal company.  However, I’m quite sure she’s genuinely from the era of Ideal’s Revlon dolls — late 1950s to early 1960s — so it’s not like I feel ripped off.

Not Ideal 2

This is her.  I’ve decided to name her Patty.  If you’ve ever seen any photos of Ideal’s Miss Revlon dolls, I’m sure you see the similarities.  But if you really know your Ideal dolls, you may already see the differences as well.

Not Ideal 1

Here’s a close-up of her face.  There’s some dirt and smudges, which I’ll do my best to clean off at some point, but right now I want to be careful, lest I cause damage instead of getting rid of the dirt.  (I have no idea what the best procedure for cleaning a vintage doll is.  I’m going to have to research it after the semester ends.)

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New Clothes

I was actually able to get some photography done this morning (naturally, before the sun came out…and naturally I wasn’t able to do any while the sun was out) and while most of it was actually for next month, I have a few pictures to show you now.

New Clothes 1

I found Juliet a new outfit in the most unexpected of places:  Toys R Us.  Okay, yeah, actually that’s a totally normal place to find doll clothes, but you wouldn’t expect to find 1/3 scale stuff there, right?  And, technically, this isn’t really 1/3 scale.  I have no idea what scale this is, but it’s actually a bit bigger than 1/3 scale.  (Which is why the sleeves on the jacket are a tad long.)  This is for a 28″ Barbie.  (1/3 scale would have a six foot tall individual be 24″, so even if we assume Barbie to be 6′, 28″ is still more than 1/3 scale.)  Anyway, the outfit actually fits pretty well, but I need to get her some new shoes to wear with it.  Closing the pants (thank goodness there’s velcro at the bottoms of the pants legs!) around the tops of her tall Converse-style shoes is less than ideal.

New Clothes 2

So, the fit’s not perfect.  You hopefully can’t tell from the front here, but the top is too big for her (big surprise), so I had to use a safety pin in the back to make it seem like it was her size.  And yet the pants (which are unfortunately attached to the shirt) are actually pretty tight around her hips.  If it weren’t for the tightness in the hips, I would say “ooh, maybe these will fit Claudette!”  (Yes, I still want to get one of those, despite the other resin BJDs I already pledged for.  The deadline to pledge is the 15th…so around then you’ll probably see either a “omg, I can’t believe I just blew that kind of money” post or a “will I regret not backing her?” type post.)  Still, for a bit under $8, this is a really great outfit! 😛  (The outfit was originally $10, but TRU has a sale on Barbie products right now.)  I am so going to get her some more of them.  Even if they’re only so-so, they’re more clothes to add to her wardrobe, and they don’t cost almost as much as she did.  (Actually, some clothes in her scale cost more than she did.)

Anyway, yesterday saw the arrival of the clothes I ordered for Petite, Curvy and regular Barbies.  I haven’t actually opened my Petite Barbie yet to try her clothes on her (but at least I finally did the in-box shot, so I can open her now) but the Curvy dress looks great.  And my Lammily arrived today, so I once her clothes arrive, I can do the Curvy/Lammily comparison post.  (That may take a while, though.  The order I made at the same time as the Barbie clothes still hasn’t shipped yet (well, it did say 1-2 weeks before it would ship) and the order I made (from a different seller) last night was obviously only ordered last night, so that’s going to take a while, too, though it’s a domestic order, so it shouldn’t take too long to get here.)  The Petite/Skipper comparison post I can do whenever I have the time and the lighting to take the pictures.  Uh, actually, given everything, I should probably try and get those pictures taken as soon as possible.  Maybe I’ll just use artificial lighting and do ’em tonight.

Anyway, the regular-size Barbie coat I got was not actually bought with the intention of putting it on a Barbie, though it doesn’t really fit the doll I did intend it for:

R:  What do you think of my new coat, Doctor? D:  Romana...what have you done to my scarf?
R: What do you think of my new coat, Doctor?
D: Romana…what have you done to my scarf?

(That pose was as close as I could get the Doctor doll to face-palming, btw.)  Anyhow, it occurred to me that this coat is actually more Romana I’s style, so rather than having it hanging all over the place being way too huge for Romana II, I’m going to try and find a Barbie who’ll make a good Romana I.

In other news, I spent all too long this afternoon going through boxes in my basement.  Ack, there’s a lot of crap down there.  I mean, I found all these shoeboxes that had been in my room at my parents’ house and which just got put in larger boxes and brought over here without me bothering to look at what was in them.  And so much of it was just plain garbage.  It’s gonna take me forever to go through all that stuff.  (Why I waited until I’ve lived here 16 years before thinking of going through it I couldn’t say.)  Anyway, I was mostly looking for a beat-up Ken I could use to make a ’80s-style hair band doll from, but the only beat-up Ken I found was my childhood Ken, whose hair I decided to turn from blonde to black by using a Sharpie on it….so now much of his face has been Sharpied, too.  (It’s not a pretty picture.)  Also his head is loose and rattles around because it used to go on a different doll, apparently.  (I’m no longer sure exactly what happened there, but that head clearly doesn’t go with that body.)  He may be too beat-up for the purpose.  I haven’t decided yet.  But!  I did find a lot of other stuff, stuff that was actually pretty cool, while I was searching madly about for the bag of loose Barbies.  (Yes, there’s a bag of loose Barbies down there.  But now it’s a different bag of loose Barbies, because the old one had a dead cricket in it.  Or a grasshopper.  Well, the variant of those things that lives in people’s basements.  I moved all the Barbies to a new, dead-bug-free bag.)  So, anyway, I might post about some of that stuff.  (Actually, at least one thing I found is going into the April A-to-Z, surprisingly enough.)  Or rather about some of the stuff I decided to salvage now and bring upstairs.  I’m not going to post about the miles of crap that’s still down there.  (Though the fact that I still have oodles of games not only on 3.5″ disks, but even 5.25″ floppies…yeah, that’s actually kinda cool.  I doubt they’d still work after they’ve been in a musty basement for 16 years, though.)

Oh, speaking of which, anyone know how to get rust off of doll stands?  I found a couple of them down there, but they’re kind of rusty.  (And one of them really needs to be salvaged, ’cause it’s Little Pullip/Petit Blythe sized!)

Dolly Barrettes and Other Resiny Stuff

So, I finally got some pictures taken of my dolls with their homemade barrettes in place.  I’ll start off with the doll who inspired the whole project:

Barbara, beautiful in red
Barbara, beautiful in red

There’s something else to see here, before I get to my barrettes, though.  See?  She’s got new shoes:

barrettes 2

They’re a little bit large for her, being intended for Blythes, but as long as you don’t get this close, they look fine. 😛  They’re by MissBlythe2012 on Etsy.  The important thing is, they match her lovely dress, and they aren’t Barbie pumps, so they’re not going to break.  (Seriously, the white Barbie shoes she was wearing in the earlier shot of her in this dress?  One of them developed a fracture running through it.  All I can think is that they’re not designed to hold up the weight of a Pullip head.)  I don’t have a lot of other red clothes — though they might look nice with Romana’s stock outfit, now that I think about it — but since the red looks so good with the tanned skin tone, I’ll just have to get more red clothes for Barbara and Selina.

barrettes 3

Anyway, here’s the barrette that started this new application of my resin stuff.  Or rather, the barrette whose need started the…well, anyway, the shade of red isn’t quite right, being a bit too dark, but it still looks a lot better than that Monster High barrette did.  And it holds her hair out of her face, which is the important part. :p

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Juliet’s new wig(s)

Seems like it’s actually been a while since these arrived, and I just haven’t gotten anything posted.  (Well, it’s been hard to find time to get the photos taken, and then to find time to get the post written.  I seem to be teeter-tottering back and forth between which blog gets more of my time…and since deciding I was going to do April A-to-Z again, I’ve been devoting some of that time to research for the other blog’s A-to-Z, and…um, yeah, irrelevant.)

So, like I said whenever that was, Juliet needs bangs, so I had to order her some new wigs.  I ordered these from Toy Malaysia’s Etsy store.  (Forgive me for not looking up the link right now.  I’m feeling lazy…and actually I should be reading about the Enlightenment right now, instead of blogging, so I shouldn’t be wasting time on URLs…or on this apology…)

Both were listed as Pullip wigs, and displayed being modelled by a Pullip, so I knew they’d be the right size.  Though when they arrived, they looked every bit as small as the one that I denounced as being only big enough for Hayley.  (Which makes me wonder if I gave up on it too soon…)

First, we have the short one:

Juliet's new wigs 1
Actually, it may be on a little crooked here…

I have come to the secondary conclusion that Juliet also needs long hair, in addition to bangs.  Unless she was wearing a hood.  This wig would look fabulous with a hood.  And there’s this Etsy store that sells the most gorgeous hooded cloaks in 1/3 scale!  (Of course, they cost about as much as Juliet did, but…)  Still,  I’m planning on trying this wig on Selina and Hayley to see if it looks better on them.


This one, I think, looks absolutely wonderful on her.  The color works well with her coloration, and the bangs are just the right length.

But every time I look at her now I think “man, she needs new clothes!”  She needs dressier clothes.  I mean, what she originally came in was dressy, but…too frilly.  Or too young?  Or…I don’t know.  Too something.  Maybe I should try getting the other dress sold by her manufacturer (it’s much cheaper than handmade clothes in her size) but…I don’t think that it would fit her new personality, either.  (Not that I have a really good grasp on who she is just yet, not compared to, say, Pyrrha or Hayley.)

Then, of course, there’s the whole “money” issue.

I’m determined to slash my spending until I’m actually employed, or at least receiving my stipend.  (Though I’ll have some money coming in, regardless of my employment status, in about three months.  I got an “unclaimed property” notice from the state treasury office.  They won’t tell me exactly how much it is — or where it came from, unnervingly — but it’s at least $200.  That’ll cover plenty of doll clothes.  Once it gets here.  But the form says their turnaround time is 90 days.  Which may mean 90 working days, which’d be even longer…ugh.  I’ll be employed by then, which would make $200 a lot less of a thing…though it’d still cover a lot of doll clothes…)

I’ll be getting a little money in a few days, but I’ve already booked enough of it that I feel like I can’t spend any more.  I’m getting a hat for Pyrrha (the fox ear one, if you’ve still got it), Pyrrha’s new eye mechanism, a Lammily, and one each of the three new types of Barbies.  I’m not sure exactly how much the new Barbie bodies cost, but I’m guessing in the neighborhood of $15-$20 each.  Once I’ve spent that, I’ll need to conserve the rest for groceries, utilities and emergencies.  But hopefully I’ll start getting paid soon.  (Especially, I’m hoping I’ll start getting paid in time to be able to get that beautiful curvy BJD!  But there’s no layaway option on Kickstarter, so…)  Overall, I think I need to start budgeting better.  Given my lack of space in this house, I need to start focusing more on clothes for the dolls I already have (particularly ones like Juliet, with few wardrobe choices in my current collection) and a lot less on new dolls…though some dolls have such a short window that I have no choice but to get them when I can.  (Monster High, the new Black Butler-related Taeyangs, any fabulous used dolls that pop up on Mandarake…that sort of thing.)  I should probably cull some of the Barbies that I’m not as fond of, but I think I’d lose so much money selling most of them that it wouldn’t be worth my time.  (Not to mention that I’m not even sure where I’d want to sell them.)

However! I’ll still have plenty to post about.  I’ve decided I really do want to open that Vampire Princess Miyu doll, and I’ll want to post lots of pictures of how her body is put together, ’cause it’s really quite neat.  And I have resin pictures to post, too. 🙂  Er, let me rephrase that.  I have resin stuff to post pictures of.  I haven’t actually taken most of the pictures yet.  (I’m really getting bad about getting pictures taken, it seems.  Poor lighting combined with lack of space, making it time consuming and…ugh.  I need a magic wand to wave to get my house instantly clean.  That would help so much.)  And I’ve been meaning to do a post about my Skipper dolls (though that’ll probably wait for the Petite Barbie to arrive) and the Monster High/Greek mythology OCs, and…well, there’s all sorts of dolls I haven’t photographed yet/recently, not to mention all sorts of Figma/Nendoroid/Play Arts/SHFigurarts/et cetera around here that haven’t seen the light of the web.  (Er, did that make sense?)

Ack, how did it get to be 10 o’clock?  I’ve only read like ten pages today!

Ugh.  Time to put the nose back to the grindstone…