Piano Lessons

Stella: Like this? Penny: That’s the idea, yes. But keep practicing!

First ever attempt to use the cloth photography backdrops from Tiny Frock Shop.  It looked pretty crappy while I was taking the photos, but I think it actually looks okay in the finished product.  Not great, but…

Anyway, I’m glad to say I took the photos for several posts while I was at it, so hopefully I’ll not be quite so silent for a little while.  The point of this post, of course, is to show off a really awesome antique mall find from about a month back:

The copyright date on this piano (which is still a patent pending mark, so it’s likely to be from the initial run) is 1969, and it’s mostly lithographed wood, with some plastic (the interior workings and the keys, mostly).  It needs a good cleaning, and some of the lithos are damaged, but I still think it was a fantastic find.  I got it for a song (lol, stupid pun!), probably because the seller thought it completely doesn’t work.  It does work…so long as you hold it upside down when you want it to play.  (Seriously; it’ll only play one note if it’s right side up, but if you hold it upside down, you can get the whole song.  Though apparently some of these songs changed between the late ’60s and the late ’70s when I learned them.) Continue reading


Pineapple Princess Neo Blythe

I am astonished at how quickly this doll arrived!  She shipped from Japan on Friday, and arrived Monday morning!!  You have to pay through the nose for shipping when you buy from Junie Moon, but at least you get your money’s worth.  (I regret that I couldn’t post about her arrival yesterday, but I went to my parents’ place for lunch — so soon after her arrival that I didn’t have time to open the cardboard box she shipped in! — and didn’t get home again until almost ten o’clock.)

The first thing you notice about Pineapple Princess is her fun box.  Check out the full pattern (from the side of the box):

(And no, that’s not upside down.)  This is a blue version of the print on her dress.  And I have to say, I’d like to have a jacket for her in this blue version.  Or a blue dress.  Or something.  It’s such a fun print, you know?

So, here she is, out of the box.  Pineapple Princess is the first Blythe to be released with the new translucent mocha skin tone (at least, that’s how I interpret the phrasing on the Junie Moon order page), and I have to say that it’s absolutely gorgeous.  The one drawback to the skin tone is that her torso doesn’t quite match her arms, legs and head.  (Maybe for later translucent mocha releases, they’ll be able to address that.)

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