Haruka and Michiru

Just a random little post…sort of.  Apparently October is LGBT History Month, which I had never known until I got an e-mail about it from the university.  I used up most of my LGBT material back in June, though, so…here’s a random shot of Haruka and Michiru I took during the photo shoot earlier.

“Shall we go?”

They’re heading off for a night on the town (or something).

I still haven’t replaced Haruka’s broken-footed body, because…well, reasons.  (I’m still on the fence about getting another Pullip body or trading out for an Obitsu, among other things.)  Michiru’s new dress is a Blythe dress by sleepforever.  It’s actually a bit risqué (the top part is see-through), but otherwise I think it’s totally her style. 🙂

They’re up on a little wall-mounted mini-shelf in my bedroom, which had formerly been filled with manga (for reasons that made sense at the time) that’s been cleared away to make more room for dolls.  (Because what else matters, right?)  As to the other occupant of the shelf, whose hair you can see in the photo… Continue reading


Clothes Shopping

Picture, if you will, that Usagi somehow dragged Michiru and Haruka into a clothing store, and is shoving clothes at them in the changing rooms…

“I rather like this. It’s quite subtle. How does yours look, Haruka?”
“I don’t even want to look at myself in this. It’s so…girly…”
“It’s a lovely dress, but it’s so loose in the chest! I feel as though it’s going to fall off!”
“I should have saved the hyperbole for this one. Off the shoulder with roses, and pink capris? She’s trying to kill me, Michiru…”
“Maybe you could go easy on her for a bit, Usagi-san?  Haruka is more sensitive than she likes to admit.”
“This one isn’t too bad.  A bit baggy, but it would make a nice jacket…”
“Usagi-san, this neckline is really much too low. I couldn’t go out like this…”
“Maybe you can wear it sometime when we’re alone…”
“Why…why are you having me try on a school uniform? Whose is this?”
“The shorts aren’t bad, but what is this shirt? Am I supposed to be cosplaying Oscar Wilde?”
“It’s not a bad outfit, Usagi-san, but it really isn’t my style. Perhaps you should try it yourself?”
“You have real problems judging sizes, don’t you, bun-head? This shirt is enormous, and those black and white checked pants you sent in were Chibi-usa’s size! I like the jacket, though.”
“Oh, this one is cute! What do you think, Haruka?”
“Whoa, nice! This makes me feel like an American. Maybe we should go on a little trip overseas, Michiru…”

Yeah…that was weird.  (And probably more than a little OOC, especially on Haruka’s part.)  But I was trying a handful of clothes I’d brought with me on them to see what would fit/look right, and this just sort of came at me and I had to do it. 😛  Would have been easier if I could have gotten Haruka’s boots off…

…actually, it was two photo shoot sessions, and for the second one I managed to get one boot off, then tried so hard to get the other one off…that I snapped her ankle. 😦  So now Haruka has only one foot. D:  I’ll have to re-body her at some point now.  (And find her some replacement boots, since I can’t get the foot and partial ankle out of the one boot.)  Maybe an Obitsu rather than another Pullip body, for a little added articulation.  *sigh*  Well, I’ve been meaning to make a Junky Spot order anyway.

In any case, that last outfit Haruka is wearing came on my new (sample) J-Doll.  (Let’s not address whether or not it’s appropriate for Haruka to be going grunge…)  She came with the name Charing Cross, so I’ve re-named her Sharon.  She’s currently wearing Rena’s shirt and shorts.  Speaking of which, who knew Haruka could channel Ciel Phantomhive so perfectly?  The second photo shoot featured a lot of Shibajuku clothing packs that I got on clearance at Target.  (The school uniform, the black jacket, the pink outfit, and the pink and silver outfit.)  They fit so nicely (and they even fit Pyrrha, too!) that I picked up the remaining two clothing packs when I hit Target later the same day. 🙂

Anyway, this concludes our special Pride Month programming.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, already in progress.

(Uh…I may be composing this text too late at night…)

Anyway, if you’d like to see the gallery for the entire month’s photos (including a few rejected alternate shots), it’s here.

Holding Hands, v.2

Trying to pose two Pullips even remotely romantically turns out to be well beyond my feeble skills. 😦  Also, those skirts keep turning…neither of them is on straight, and I didn’t notice until just now.  But that’s nothing compared to trying to get their tiaras on.  I need to rig up something with wires or something.  Those clips they’re attached to are worthless.

Groove’s sample sales are dangerous things. 😛  I also picked up Sailor Jupiter…and then when I checked back about a week later, I saw they’d put up a bunch of J-Dolls, so I ended up getting Sailor Mercury and Byul Cheshire Cat du Jardin as well as a J-Doll to be a clothes-changer.  (All my other J-Dolls have stayed stock.  This new one comes in an outfit that’ll be awesome on Haruka…)

Happy Halloween!

You know, I meant to be taking lots of fun photos all month long and really build up to Halloween.  But I ended up taking all these pictures today. 😦  Life has become super busy.  (And the next two months are likely to be even worse.  They keep asking me to come in and work extra days.  I’m glad to be earning more money, but…ack.  I feel like I don’t have time to breathe.)

So, my biggest plan for Halloween 2016 was to dress Gen up in the costume from my Living Dead Dolls Dracula.

But the costume wasn’t removable. 😦

So I’ve tried to simulate the experience:


(Yeah, my photo manipulation skills suck.  And the lighting on the two photos was very different, and…)

Anyway, despite that I’m supposed to be on a buying moratorium, I couldn’t help picking up Isul Vermelho when I found him for under $80.  Because I love Isul, and I love vampires.


My first thought, on ordering him, was that since he had blue eyes instead of red, I’d think of him as the title character from the Kagamine Len song “Sadistic Vampire,” but he just doesn’t seem to me like a version of Len now that he’s right here in front of me.  Instead, I decided to name him Alucard.

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Pullip Amelia

So I finally managed to do a photoshoot of Amelia!  And it’s only taken me a week to get the post written up!  (Ack.)


I had trouble getting her hat and especially goggles to cooperate with me.


The side view gives you a better look at one of her rabbit ears. 😛  They’re super-soft.


The flash going off for the close-up didn’t do her lips any favors. 😦  But it really shows of her wonderful eyechips, though.  They’re glittery, and have little bunnies on them!  Super-adorable!


To show off her pink eyelids, and her cross-hatched eyebrows.

(You know, I think I used to be capable of writing a better doll review than this.  Ugh.  I’ve just been so out of it for so long…)


Here’s what her outfit looks like without the capelet and the flight helmet.  I really like the pink blouse.


Her purse is sort of cactus-themed, like a Tokidoki accessory. 😛


The cameo broach on her ribbon is a sweet touch.  And this shows you how nicely made her blouse is, too.


A sort of a corsety-belt thing.  (Oh god…my words are failing.)  Her pants are a velour-type material, so also very pleasant to the touch.  (I’ve been very tactile lately.  Not sure why.)


Last detail shot.  Not what I feel about the boots.  The cowboy theme doesn’t quite fit in (though I guess the cactus purse ties in a bit) but the colors are nice.

The gallery for this post is here.

Bah.  That was a terrible write-up.  My deep apologies.  I’m just totally off my game, lately.

Actually, I’m officially putting my main blog on semi-hiatus in a few days.  Technically, I guess this one is on a semi-hiatus, too, but it’s less about not feeling the drive to blog than it is about not having the right opportunities to take any photos.

Maybe when Arthur’s new clothes get here, I’ll have some drive to get photographing…

Oh, btw, in case anyone remembers that I said anything on the subject, I did eventually find all of the other eyechips I made for Pyrrha.  So it’s just a matter of finding the time to get Nadia’s eyechips changed.  (And figuring out what’s wrong with Pyrrha’s eye mechanism now and getting that fixed.  Though unfortunately I think it may require new heart-pupiled eyechips…)

A Big Day for Deliveries (Unexpectedly)

I wasn’t expecting anything today.

Well, no.  I was hoping to get that package from Amazon.  The one I ordered on the 14th, which got lost in the mail, got refunded, and then I had to re-order it and today was supposed to be the first day of the delivery window.  (But when I checked this morning, they still hadn’t even shipped the bloody thing. 😦 Boooo!)  But I wasn’t expecting anything else to arrive today.

So then I was surprised when I got a package this morning.  Inside it…

big delivery 1

A tiny, non-windowed box, like Wonder Woman came in.  I haven’t actually de-boxed her yet, but here’s what she looks like still in the package:

big delivery 4

I’ll give her a proper photo shoot and review when I have a chance.  (Maybe work will be light this weekend and I can take her to work with me and take her picture there.  That’d be cool.)  I gotta say, I love the glittery eye chips (they were one of the big selling points for me, in fact), and her face-up is really sweet.

Anyway, if Amelia was the only package that arrived, I wouldn’t be doing this post; I’d just wait until I had her full photo shoot ready.  But when I was starting my dinner, I checked the porch again (because it occurred to me I forgot to actually look in the mail box to see if there was, you know, actual mail) and found two tall cardboard mailers taped together.  Inside…

big delivery 5 big delivery 8

I didn’t even know they had shipped yet!  I thought it said they were going to ship the 15th.  Maybe it said the 1st and I mis-remembered, but either way, I wasn’t expecting them to get here today!  I hadn’t even gotten an e-mail telling me they were shipping!  (Though I guess I didn’t check my e-mail this morning, but I know I checked it last night.)

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I’m back, but not very.

Yeah, that title makes no sense.  I know.

Anyway, the thing is, while I’m now done with July CampNaNo (preliminary report can be viewed here on my other blog), I can’t actually, you know, do much right now for the blog, because I hurt my back on Wednesday, and I now need to spend most of my time lying down until it gets better.  (I go into that on the other blog post, too.)

The big problem about the back is that I can’t really even get into the room where most of my dolls are right now.  Because I have some mouse issues in my house, and there’s this thing blocking the door so they can’t get underneath it, but now I can’t pick up the thing ’cause I can’t bend over.  And that really sucks, because I got a Taeyang from Amazon a few days ago, and the two Pullips I ordered from Groove should be arriving today.  (Ironically, though I intended to use their SDCC discount code to order the SDCC 2016 Pullips, I ended up ordering older dolls instead.  Amusingly, I ordered the Taeyang as a partner to one of those Pullips, and I ordered him several days after placing the Groove order.  He got here on Friday, even though he wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow at the earliest.)  There’s another post I want to do that was going to involve photographing things on my bed instead of in the dolly room, so hopefully I can get those photos taken soon.  (Then again, I’ve been saying that for a while now about a lot of things, haven’t I?)

Because the Urgent Care center I went to for my back was in the same parking lots as one of the local Tuesday Mornings, I have an unexpected new girl in my collection:

boxed Tiger Lily 1

You may be thinking “Hey, didn’t you already have that doll?”  And you’d be right.  I did already have a Tiger Lily Byul.  So why buy a second one?  Well, ’cause I took her out for photography enough that I totally wrecked up her hair.  And I broke her bow string.  So this way I have a pristine stock Tiger Lily, and I can remove the messed up wig on the original (though in truth it’s really just the braids that are messed up, not the wig itself), and re-dress her in something that doesn’t have real fur on it, and maybe give her new eye chips.  Given the paucity of darker skinned dolls in the general Groove catalog, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to pass one up. 😉

Her new name will be Nadia.

So far I haven’t deboxed the new Tiger Lily, because all my spare clothes and wigs are in the room I can’t currently access, so there’s not much I can do for Nadia, unless I want to put her in some Barbie clothes.  (Or strip a Monster High or Skipper doll nude and let her have those clothes. 😛 )

I really want to get to the other Tuesday Mornings in the area to check for other Groove dolls, but I’m not leaving this house today while my package from Groove is still on the way. 😛  If it gets here soon enough, I might venture out, though.  (However, I hadn’t been to a Tuesday Mornings in months.  It could be that Tiger Lily had been sitting there a while, because everyone else didn’t want her, as Byul is very unpopular.  So it may be that checking the other stores won’t actually do me any good.  But I wanted to check for Monster High dolls originally, as I went into Target earlier in the week and all the Monster High and Ever After High dolls were on clearance, as Mattel is beginning to unleash the new, watered down versions.  In fact, Target actually had one of those in stock for Monster High:  that it had no wrist joints wasn’t nearly as shocking as the fact that it had no knee joints.  Facially, it didn’t look too bad, but that may have been because it was a new character, so I had nothing concrete to compare it against.  But I’m not about to buy a Monster High doll without working knees though.  No freakin’ way.)

Oh, one last thing before I go.  My stats reflect the weirdest thing.  After puttering along at the usual 30-40 views per day, on Saturday it reported 100 views, and on Sunday 216.  Almost all of those views of the kind that don’t register as being views of any particular page or post.  I think it must have been some kind of bot accessing all my posts in the late hours of Saturday and the early hours of Sunday.  I have (not counting this one, obviously) 226 posts and 11 pages, so that’d average out to about 40 actual views per day on those days; in other words, normal days.  Did anyone else have a massive jump in views on those days?  (I mean, obviously said bot wasn’t accessing all of WordPress all at once, ’cause it didn’t hit my other blog.)  I’m wondering if it’s some kind of search engine cataloging thing, or what.  Regardless of the cause, it’s strange.

Oh, btw, if you want to see the rest of the awkward box shots of Tiger Lily (box shots looking down at a box on a bed are not ideal), I put them in the Stock Byul gallery.