Vampire Princess Miyu

Okay, so I’ve de-boxed the Vampire Princess Miyu doll, and I want to give you the full report on how the Full Action Doll Series works.

But first!

I want to show off some adorable new dolly accessories.  These are all from Olive‘s Etsy Shop, Olive Loop:

Pyrrha in the Fox Ear Hat
Pyrrha in the Fox Ear Hat

I may need to get her a new outfit that’ll match the hat better.  (I found her some black pants to wear so this shirt/dress wouldn’t be quite so revealing.  No idea where they came from, though.  From the creases, I think they were part of someone’s stock, but I’m not sure whose.)

Heart Hat 2
Yeolume in the Heart Hat

Semi-random aside:  I think whenever I re-body Yeolume, I may also paint her lips a little.  I like the rest of her face-up, but her mouth sort of melts into her face.  (Um, that sounded nasty.)

Kaiko rocking out in her new scarf.
Kaiko rocking out in her new scarf.

Another thing I noticed in taking these pictures:  Kaiko really needs new eye chips.  These are totally wrong for her; they’re not even blue.  She needs more anime-style chips.  And a slightly more slender body, so her coat will fit.  (A Monster High body would be ideal, if they made them in her skin tone, but they don’t.  Maybe an Ever After High body would work?)

Okay, now that I’ve shared the cuteness, I’ll get on with the full report on the Tsukuda Hobby Full Action Doll Series Vampire Princess Miyu doll.  I checked it out, and the Toy Box Philosopher hasn’t done a review of this line (not surprising, really, since it’s sort of…uh…low profile in the US), so I’m going to try to cover some of the same bases, though I won’t pretend I can match her quality.

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Happy New Year!

"Akemashite omedito gozaimasu!"
“Akemashite omedito gozaimasu!”

Lea is wishing her friends a happy new year in the traditional Japanese manner.

New Year 5

Rena is working at the family shrine again, selling good luck amulets to help people through the coming year.

New Year 9

Looks like Tsukasa is working at her family shrine, too…

New Year 1

Barbie is all dressed up to accompany Lea to the temple.  (All that pink hair last night must have been just a wig…)

New Year 6

May Lin is all ready to visit the shrine, too.

New Year 8

Looks like Jenny’s already gotten a charm from Rena!

New Year 10

Mulan’s even brought a little friend to wish everyone a happy new year!

Skipper’s Halloween Party

"Welcome to the party!"
“Welcome to the party!”

Skipper decided to hold a big costume party on Halloween, and invited all her friends — and told them to invite all their friends, too!  She got her apartment all decorated for the occasion, and prepared lots of spooky(-looking) treats.  As the hour of the party approached, she got into her own costume:  that of Viola, the heroine of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  (Skipper is majoring in English Lit.)

"I hope I'm not late?" "You asked that last time Mistress -- I mean, Master."
“I hope I’m not late?”
“You asked that last time, Mistress — I mean, Master.”

The first to arrive was Romana, dressed up as her companion, the Doctor.  But she was also the last to arrive; she and K-9 had arrived after the party was over, then used the TARDIS to get there right on time!  (What good, after all, is a time machine if you can’t use it to get to parties you missed?)

"We save the day!" "It's what we do." "Duh!" (chorus) "We're the Powerpuff Girls!"
“We save the day!”
“It’s what we do.”
(chorus) “We’re the Powerpuff Girls!”

The Trick-or-Treat set were the next to arrive, though most of them dashed off again as soon as they got their candy.  Kelly and her friends came as the Powerpuff Girls, in costumes that their older sisters had sewn for them.  (Though perhaps not terribly well…)

"Trick or Treat?"
“Trick or Treat?”

The little princess Rapunzel came dressed as a peacock…or a peacock princess?  No one was entirely sure what her costume was really supposed to be, but everyone agreed that she looked adorable in it.

"Watashi-wa kirei?"
“Watashi wa kirei?”

Licca-chan came dressed as Hatsune Miku, but she couldn’t remember quite what she was supposed to say…and said something very inappropriate indeed!  (Though it could, theoretically, get her pelted with candy in the right circumstances if she said it at home.)

"Away with you, peasant! You shall get no hand-outs from the Queen!...and I'm much prettier than you are!"
“Away with you, peasant! You shall get no hand-outs from the Queen!…and I’m much prettier than you are!”

Unfortunately, Licca-chan was asking for candy from the wrong person, since Pyrrha had come dressed as Snow White‘s Evil Queen, and she was really getting into character…

"Shh, don't speak, Mirror. I already know I'm the fairest in the land."
“Shh, don’t speak, Mirror.  Don’t speak.  I already know I’m the fairest in the land.”
"Trick, Treat or Card-capturing?"
“Trick, Treat or Card-capturing?”

Lottie, Jasmine, Yeolume and Stacey all came dressed up as their favorite characters from Cardcaptor Sakura:  Kinomoto Sakura, Daidoji Tomoyo, Li Shaoran, and Li Mei-lin.

"Release!" "Wait, I don't have my camera!"
“Wait, I don’t have my camera!”
"(chanting a spell)" "Go, Shaoran! You can do it!"
“(chanting a spell)”
“Go, Shaoran! You can do it!”

Halloween 11

It’s a good thing that Princess Jasmine came in costume, because Janine came dressed up as her!  (It was still embarrassing for Jasmine, of course, but not as bad as it might have been!)

Halloween 12

Janine found it very entertaining to watch the three ghouls from Monster High who didn’t quite understand the purpose of the party:  they came dressed up as their friends!  (They also seemed to think that the humans were fooled into thinking that they, too, were human.)

"Wait, I think it's like this!" "Maybe it's this way?"
“Wait, I think it’s like this!”
“Maybe it’s this way?”

Teresa and Bryden both came dressed as flappers, but neither one knew how to do the Charleston!  (Watching them try gave everyone a good laugh…until Bryden demanded that one of them do it instead!  That shut them up pretty quickly.)

"Of course, it's embarrassing to be seen with him, but I'm used to that." "What a smeghead!" "Wait, what exactly am I dressed as, anyway? What's a smeghead?"
“Of course, it’s embarrassing to be seen with him, but I’m used to that.”
“What a smeghead!”
“Wait, what exactly am I dressed as, anyway? What’s a smeghead?”

Barbie came dressed as Navigation Officer Christine Kochanski (from the episode “Duct Soup”) and Ken showed up as Second Technician Arnold Judas Rimmer…though apparently he’d never actually watched any Red Dwarf

Halloween 17

When Rena arrived, her Merida costume was so perfect that everyone thought she really was Merida at first!  (The bright red curly hair helped, of course.)

"Hey, the party's over! Wake up!"
“Hey, the party’s over! Wake up!”

As everyone was leaving, Skipper discovered one little guest all tuckered out under the table.  She moved the table aside, but the little girl in the bee costume didn’t want to get up.

"Go 'way! I'm sleepy. Go 'way or I'll sting you!"
“Go ‘way! I’m sleepy. Go ‘way or I’ll sting you!”
"I hope I'm not late?"
“I hope I’m not late?”
"Romana?! But you just left!"
“Romana?! But you just left!”
"Oh, did I? When did I arrive?"
“Oh, did I? When did I arrive?”
"Um, about three hours ago. But can you help me? This little girl was sleeping under the table, and her parents have gone, and I don't know where she belongs!"
“Um, about three hours ago. But can you help me? This little girl was sleeping under the table, and her parents have gone, and I don’t know where she belongs!”
"Of course. Come here, little one. Let's get you home. And let's hurry, before the Doctor notices his clothes are missing..." "He will wake up from his meditation in precisely four hours, Mistress." "Then we need to hurry, K-9!"
“Of course. Come here, little one, let’s get you home. And let’s hurry, before the Doctor notices his clothes are missing…”
“He will wake up from his meditation in precisely four hours, Mistress.”
“Then we need to hurry, K-9!”

Once Romana and K-9 had left with the little girl, Skipper was finally able to slump off to bed, exhausted but happy.

New Dolly Furniture

Well, “new” may not be the right term, considering I got it at an antique mall. 😛  I don’t think it’s actually all that old, either, though.  Since it’s less horribly hot today than it has been (and will be), I thought it was a good day to go somewhere, and there was an antique mall I’d found out about recently that I’d never been to, so I went there to see if they had any interesting vintage toys, and more importantly to see if they had any furniture that would work for Pyrrha when she gets here.  (Seriously, this is scary.  She’s already taking over my life, and she’s not even supposed to get here until next month.  What’s wrong with me?)

Anyway, I found a number of pieces of furniture there that were about the right size, but only two that I liked both the look and price of.  (There was one bench that I really liked the look of, but which cost $30, which was only going to be acceptable if there was nothing else.)

The bench
The bench

Nice and simple, right?  It’s much smaller than the bench I already have (see the intro posts for Namu or Madra Lord, for example, to get a good look at that bench), and has a very different design, so I think it’ll differentiate itself nicely in photos.  Or something.  (Oh, and if you’re wondering about the unfamiliar blinds behind it, there’s a long, complainy story there.)

Rena tests the bench.
Rena tests the bench.

So, based on the way Rena’s feet are dangling, and how Blythes are shorter than Pullips, Pyrrha may be a bit dwarfed by the bench, but…she can always sit sideways on it, right?

The chair
The chair

The chair is even larger than the bench.  (Yes, you read that right.)  I knew from the start that it’d be too big for Pyrrha.  In fact, the back leans forward too far anyway; I doubt she’d be able to sit in it anyway.  I tried putting Namu in it, and I meant to get a photo of that, but for some reason I didn’t. 😦  Anyway, the real reason I got this chair is that I knew it would be absolutely perfect for someone else:


I mean, is that a perfect fit, or is that a perfect fit?  Now if only I had more of those chairs, for when they release more ghouls in that size!

Anyway, there was one more thing I got at the antique mall, which wasn’t furniture, but a doll.  However, I must warn the squeamish that this is a frankendoll.

You were warned.
You were warned.

Yep, that’s a Twist ‘n’ Turn Barbie’s head on a Skipper body.  Both appear to be genuinely vintage.  I have no idea why someone did that.  Or, actually, why I paid money for it.  (Though admittedly, I didn’t pay very much money for her.)  I guess I felt sorry for the poor doll.  She’s dirty and in need of a cleaning, but apart from the frankendoll treatment, she’s otherwise in pretty good shape.  The hair’s mostly there, and not too frizzy, and the paint’s in decent condition.  Once I clean her up and put some clothes on her, she should be all right.

So, three items at the antique mall, grand total slightly under $20.  That was a good outing. 😀

A worrisome urge…

I need to resist, but the urge to spend is growing.  There’s a doll on Amazon that wants me to buy her.  This is her:

(Photo from
(Photo from

For a Blythe, she’s inexpensive.  Actually, she’s about Pullip-priced.  (Well, upper-range Pullip-priced.  About what I paid for Andre when I bought him straight from Groove.)  So she’s twice what a naked factory girl would cost.  But she’s real.  And that gorgeous purple hair!

Have I mentioned that I have a thing for purple hair?

‘Cause I totally do.

Always have.

But she’s still really expensive for a single doll.  Especially factoring in that there’s two new lines of Monster High that just came out, and although they’re cheap individually, I’ll end up getting almost all of the dolls in them, and at about $20 per, that does add up.  (Though I try to wait for sales and coupons and such as much as possible, trying to drive it down more towards $10-15 per…but when there’s about a dozen of them, that still doesn’t help that much.)  And there’s the usual incidental costs of living, which are always higher than I expect.

It’s like “can I please win the lottery so I can support my toy habit?”

Oh, and, of course, there’s the fact that PullipStyle has the MIO kits in stock again, so I kind of want to order one ASAP so I can make that Kagamine Rin Pullip that I wasn’t able to make out of Brand New Purezza, only I’m not about to do that if I’m going to spend a huge amount of money on a Blythe (or even a lesser amount on a factory girl) and…ack.  I definitely have money issues…

Anyway, speaking of Brand New Purezza, I’ve decided on her name.  It’s Rena.

"My name is Rena.  Hajimemashte."
“My name is Rena. Hajimemashte.”

I probably brutally misspelled that….but since she’s a miko, I thought she should introduce herself properly.

Anyway, for the moment, I’m still fighting the urge to buy that Blythe–which the seller calls “Blythe Prima Dolly Villa Tina fluorescens”–but who knows how long I can fight the good fight.  (The biggest problem with living alone is that I have no allies to aid me.  Uh, okay, actually, that’s about number three on the list, really.  But in this context, it’s the biggest problem.)  It doesn’t help that I’m on some new medication right now and a little bit off my head, reducing my willpower to almost nothing.