(The Closets are) Bigger on the Inside

mod dresses 1

Romana:  Doctor, look what we found in the back of one of the closets!

mod dresses 2

Doctor:  “We”?  Don’t tell me you’ve found someone else suffering from the same condition you are?  And why would you bring someone aboard my TARDIS without telling me first?

mod dresses 3

Romana: What do you think?

Hayley:  We look “groovy” and “fab” and all that, right?

mod dresses 4

Doctor:  What…?  Who…who could have left those in the TARDIS closets?  Jo?  No, that’s not her style at all…it must have been Polly, I suppose…

Romana:  Is that all you have to say?

Doctor:  Perhaps I ought to clean out those closets after all.

Hayley:  Your friend’s hopeless, Romana.

Romana:  *sigh*

LOL, couldn’t resist! 😀  Aren’t they great dresses, though?  They’re both from the Etsy seller Buttoncottage, who also made the wool coat Romana was wearing over the winter in my attempt to put her in something resembling her “Destiny of the Daleks” outfit.  The tights are by thedaughterwhosews, and they’re unfortunately just thigh-high tights, so the tops nearly show on Romana.  (The ones Hayley’s wearing are for Pullip rather than Dal, so they go all the way up, no problem.)  As to the boots…trying to find some Blythe-sized go go boots without paying a lot of money turned out to be a no go, so these are Monster High boots.  (In fact, Romana’s wearing the ones that actually belong to Kaiko.)  Hayley had to be positioned as pigeon-toed as I could make her stand, because her boots have red on the sides, which is entirely inappropriate for what they’re pretending to be right now.

BTW, eventually I plan on posting more of these skits.  I have one written up that’s the first time the Doctor sees Romana in her new big-headed form (yeah, that should have gone up as soon as I got her, but I kept wanting a TARDIS interior set for it), and an Alice-themed skit (which should have gone up as soon as Dark Rabbit Hole arrived), and one for Harley Quinn.  But I still need to get off my butt and take the pictures for those other skits…

New Clothes

I was actually able to get some photography done this morning (naturally, before the sun came out…and naturally I wasn’t able to do any while the sun was out) and while most of it was actually for next month, I have a few pictures to show you now.

New Clothes 1

I found Juliet a new outfit in the most unexpected of places:  Toys R Us.  Okay, yeah, actually that’s a totally normal place to find doll clothes, but you wouldn’t expect to find 1/3 scale stuff there, right?  And, technically, this isn’t really 1/3 scale.  I have no idea what scale this is, but it’s actually a bit bigger than 1/3 scale.  (Which is why the sleeves on the jacket are a tad long.)  This is for a 28″ Barbie.  (1/3 scale would have a six foot tall individual be 24″, so even if we assume Barbie to be 6′, 28″ is still more than 1/3 scale.)  Anyway, the outfit actually fits pretty well, but I need to get her some new shoes to wear with it.  Closing the pants (thank goodness there’s velcro at the bottoms of the pants legs!) around the tops of her tall Converse-style shoes is less than ideal.

New Clothes 2

So, the fit’s not perfect.  You hopefully can’t tell from the front here, but the top is too big for her (big surprise), so I had to use a safety pin in the back to make it seem like it was her size.  And yet the pants (which are unfortunately attached to the shirt) are actually pretty tight around her hips.  If it weren’t for the tightness in the hips, I would say “ooh, maybe these will fit Claudette!”  (Yes, I still want to get one of those, despite the other resin BJDs I already pledged for.  The deadline to pledge is the 15th…so around then you’ll probably see either a “omg, I can’t believe I just blew that kind of money” post or a “will I regret not backing her?” type post.)  Still, for a bit under $8, this is a really great outfit! 😛  (The outfit was originally $10, but TRU has a sale on Barbie products right now.)  I am so going to get her some more of them.  Even if they’re only so-so, they’re more clothes to add to her wardrobe, and they don’t cost almost as much as she did.  (Actually, some clothes in her scale cost more than she did.)

Anyway, yesterday saw the arrival of the clothes I ordered for Petite, Curvy and regular Barbies.  I haven’t actually opened my Petite Barbie yet to try her clothes on her (but at least I finally did the in-box shot, so I can open her now) but the Curvy dress looks great.  And my Lammily arrived today, so I once her clothes arrive, I can do the Curvy/Lammily comparison post.  (That may take a while, though.  The order I made at the same time as the Barbie clothes still hasn’t shipped yet (well, it did say 1-2 weeks before it would ship) and the order I made (from a different seller) last night was obviously only ordered last night, so that’s going to take a while, too, though it’s a domestic order, so it shouldn’t take too long to get here.)  The Petite/Skipper comparison post I can do whenever I have the time and the lighting to take the pictures.  Uh, actually, given everything, I should probably try and get those pictures taken as soon as possible.  Maybe I’ll just use artificial lighting and do ’em tonight.

Anyway, the regular-size Barbie coat I got was not actually bought with the intention of putting it on a Barbie, though it doesn’t really fit the doll I did intend it for:

R:  What do you think of my new coat, Doctor? D:  Romana...what have you done to my scarf?
R: What do you think of my new coat, Doctor?
D: Romana…what have you done to my scarf?

(That pose was as close as I could get the Doctor doll to face-palming, btw.)  Anyhow, it occurred to me that this coat is actually more Romana I’s style, so rather than having it hanging all over the place being way too huge for Romana II, I’m going to try and find a Barbie who’ll make a good Romana I.

In other news, I spent all too long this afternoon going through boxes in my basement.  Ack, there’s a lot of crap down there.  I mean, I found all these shoeboxes that had been in my room at my parents’ house and which just got put in larger boxes and brought over here without me bothering to look at what was in them.  And so much of it was just plain garbage.  It’s gonna take me forever to go through all that stuff.  (Why I waited until I’ve lived here 16 years before thinking of going through it I couldn’t say.)  Anyway, I was mostly looking for a beat-up Ken I could use to make a ’80s-style hair band doll from, but the only beat-up Ken I found was my childhood Ken, whose hair I decided to turn from blonde to black by using a Sharpie on it….so now much of his face has been Sharpied, too.  (It’s not a pretty picture.)  Also his head is loose and rattles around because it used to go on a different doll, apparently.  (I’m no longer sure exactly what happened there, but that head clearly doesn’t go with that body.)  He may be too beat-up for the purpose.  I haven’t decided yet.  But!  I did find a lot of other stuff, stuff that was actually pretty cool, while I was searching madly about for the bag of loose Barbies.  (Yes, there’s a bag of loose Barbies down there.  But now it’s a different bag of loose Barbies, because the old one had a dead cricket in it.  Or a grasshopper.  Well, the variant of those things that lives in people’s basements.  I moved all the Barbies to a new, dead-bug-free bag.)  So, anyway, I might post about some of that stuff.  (Actually, at least one thing I found is going into the April A-to-Z, surprisingly enough.)  Or rather about some of the stuff I decided to salvage now and bring upstairs.  I’m not going to post about the miles of crap that’s still down there.  (Though the fact that I still have oodles of games not only on 3.5″ disks, but even 5.25″ floppies…yeah, that’s actually kinda cool.  I doubt they’d still work after they’ve been in a musty basement for 16 years, though.)

Oh, speaking of which, anyone know how to get rust off of doll stands?  I found a couple of them down there, but they’re kind of rusty.  (And one of them really needs to be salvaged, ’cause it’s Little Pullip/Petit Blythe sized!)

Little Pullips, Pull Strings and a Name for Hangry

A bunch of small stuff tonight, nothing that feels quite like a whole post by itself.  I’ve been too depressed the past few days to get anything done, really, so there’s no news on Pyrrha, and Sakura’s face still isn’t finished.  (Her wig and Mei-lin’s new wig have both arrived, though.  But I still can’t style Mei-lin’s wig, ’cause the style is too hard for me to accomplish on those little wigs.  I need to figure that out somehow…)

We’ll start with the pull strings.  I had wanted to wait until all three of my girls had their pull strings prettied up, but given Pyrrha’s situation, there’s no point in doing anything to her string until her eye mechanism is fixed up.

Alice's pull string
Alice’s pull string

Obviously, I wanted her pull string to reflect her theme.  So instead of a ring, she’s got a jumbo red heart, and in addition there’s a rose that’s in the midst of being painted red, and a mushroom for the caterpillar.  I also got some neat black metal locks and a key, but there was no room.  I’ll use them on the second string if I ever decide to give her sleep eyes.

Romana's pull string
Romana’s pull string

Obviously, the theme here was TARDIS blue, with some gears thrown in to go with the gear-themed eye chips I’m going to give her eventually.  I think my homemade TARDIS charm worked out pretty well. 🙂  Sadly, though, three of the types of beads I got to use for her pull string had such tiny holes that I couldn’t get them on the string. 😦

The beads that didn't make it...
The beads that didn’t make it…

The blue crystals were supposed to represent the crystals from Metabilis III.  The black pearls just looked cool (like asteroids or something?) and the sparkly black cubes had a nice starfield-like look to them.  But none of them could fit on the string. 😦

Anyway, speaking of space-type stuff:

Little Cosmic Jupi
Little Cosmic Jupi

Yup, I finally opened the two original Little Pullip dolls.

Little R
Little R

So now that I’ve opened them, I can give some comparison notes between Little and Little+.  The stands are a bit different (so naturally I forgot to take a picture of the empty stands), but I can’t compare how well they work, because the outfits on both Littles prevented me from using their stands.  (Naturally.)  The hair in R’s wig is of a decidedly lower quality than any other Pullip wig — of any size — in my collection, but Cosmic Jupi’s wig is more normal, so I think it’s just that R got odd hair.  The main difference is in the face.  The plastic has a different texture, and feels a bit less refined in the original Littles, and the face-ups on the Little+ dolls are much more advanced.  Also, some of the Little+ dolls have nicer eyes, though many have eyes that are basically identical to the ones on the original Littles.  As far as I can tell (without undressing the dolls) the bodies are pretty much unchanged.

And finally, I’ve come up with a name for Dal Hangry:

"Yeah, me?  I'm Hayley."
“Yeah, me? I’m Hayley.”

I’ve been trying to put together collection pages, with accompanying photo galleries, and as I was doing that this morning, I realized I couldn’t get any further on the Dal page until this girl had a name of her own.  And — just after I shut down the computer to come back to it later — I looked up at her in her Doctor Who-themed outfit, and remembered what my brother had told me about how Hayley Atwell wants to be the next Doctor, and I thought “hey, that’s not a bad name!”  I had wanted her to have an H-name, since Angry got named Aiko, and…I dunno, it just felt right, even though it doesn’t particularly fit the personality she’s developing.

New Outfits for Barbara and Hangry

We’ll start with Barbara, for two reasons.  One, it’s simpler.  Two, her new dress is absolutely amazing.

new dresses 1

Barbara’s gorgeous new dress is by DollyBoutiquee, whose incredible clothes include items tailored for Blythe as well as ones tailored for Pullip.  Ideally, I’d want Barbara to have better shoes to go with the dress…not to mention a better barrette than an upside down Monster High one, but…I had the Barbie shoes on hand, ditto the barrette.  I found some nice shoes on Etsy that look like they’d probably match, but my dolly wardrobe doesn’t feature a lot of bright red, so buying bright red shoes is probably not actually the best idea.  (Then again, bright red looks really good with the tanned Pullip skintone, so maybe I should buy more red dresses and go ahead and get the red shoes…)  And I’m going to work on making a better barrette myself. 🙂  The important thing is that this dress is gorgeous, and it looks great on her, and it looks much warmer than that sleeveless one she had been wearing.  (I’ve put a coat on Selina, btw, since she’s wearing that strapless white Blythe dress.  It’s a Barbie coat — from a My Scene, I’m pretty sure — but it fits her pretty well…though I had to go all Monster High and pull her hands out to be able to get it on her….)

new dresses 2

I’ve shown Hangry in this shirt and these shoes before, but the skirt is new. 😀  (Technically, I haven’t shown her in this wig before — it being Selina’s stock wig — but it’s not “new” per se.)  The skirt (which reads “Doctor Who,” for those who can’t read it and/or don’t recognize the font/logo) is by sugarblocks.

"A thousand Daleks firing all at once can't get into the TARDIS.  So how is it that you're always sneaking in and raiding my closet?"
“A thousand Daleks all firing at once can’t get into the TARDIS. So how is it that you’re always sneaking in and raiding my closet?”
"Hey, if you have to ask, you'll never know!"
“Hey, if you have to ask, you’ll never know!”

Seriously, everything Hangry is wearing right now (apart from her wig) actually belongs to Romana.  (And I will take pictures of Romana in this outfit later, like when it’s less cold, and/or I get tired of her “Destiny of the Daleks” outfit.  I also still need to do the Romana and the Doctor photo skit I’ve been planning since before Romana even arrived…)

I really need to figure out Hangry’s name,  because that’s no kind of a name to use in this sort of setting.  Her personality seems a bit wild and snarky…which does not, immediately, suggest any names…

Assuming I don’t get dragged out of the house and miss the delivery, tomorrow’s Junky Spot delivery will complete Mei-lin and the all-Obitsu boy (who has a name now, but I’m waiting to announce it along with the finished photos)…except the boy still needs his beard.  Well, I guess that would make him a man, not a boy, though. 😛  I’ll probably post a shot of him pre-beard, just in case.  (Technically, he also needs socks, and maybe a shirt, but…once he has his wig, he’ll be basically done.)  I also realized that tomorrow may see the delivery of the Dal I ordered on Christmas, too.  Wow, is that gonna be a big day!  (Like, “red letter day” levels, even.)

I think this is why I’m not getting much work done on my novel; it’s so much more fun to play with my dolls (and/or buy new ones)…

Romana in “Destiny of the Daleks”

Well, sort of. 😛

A brief intro for those who really only know post-2005 Doctor Who:  Romanadvoratrelundar (AKA Romana) is a Time Lady who traveled for a time as the Doctor’s companion.  Her first season was a season-long story arc, “The Key to Time,” and in that season, she was played by Mary Tamm.  However, she did not wish to return for the next season, as she felt that Romana’s character had no further need of growth.  (And her character evolution through that first season was definitely remarkable!)  But since Romana was a Time Lord, she could and did regenerate.  For Romana II (as she is usually called), they cast Lalla Ward, who had played a different role in the previous episode.  (Seriously.  In fact, when she regenerated (off screen), the Doctor became somewhat flustered, having no idea how Princess Astra could have gotten onto his TARDIS, but promising to take her home again right away.)  Despite wearing a couple of different outfits (and bodies) in the regeneration scene, Romana II spent most of her first adventure, “Destiny of the Daleks,” in a pink version of the Doctor’s outfit:

Image from "Tom Baker: The Official Site."  Click image to visit source.
Image from “Tom Baker: The Official Site.” Click image to visit source.

I wanted to dress my Blythe Romana in this outfit, or as near to it as I could come.  Easier said than done for someone who can’t sew. 😦  But I worked out a nice outfit that’s reminiscent of it:

Destiny of the Daleks 1

It would have been better if there had been a paler pink version of that coat, but it’s a really nice coat, isn’t it?  Sadly, the sleeves are small enough that I couldn’t have her wearing the shirt I bought to go under it while wearing the coat.  (It’s the shirt I showed Hangry wearing earlier.)  Etsy is surprisingly light on pink Blythe-sized trench coats.  (That’s a shock, huh?)  Anyway, the coat is by buttoncottage, the pants are by dollcat, and…


These very cool boots are by HelloCoolCat.  They’re not really the right type of boots for the outfit I wanted to recreate — the originals were more like pirate boots, you know? — but these are nice boots, and the right color (well, close to it, anyway) so I think I made the right call.

Destiny of the Daleks 3

Isn’t that cute?  It’s the little plastic box the boots came in.  I thought that was pretty nifty.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get this posted for a while now, so I just wanted to, well, get it posted. 😛

Oh, as you’ve probably guessed, I couldn’t find a suitable scarf, and substituted a ribbon. 😛

Skipper’s Halloween Party

"Welcome to the party!"
“Welcome to the party!”

Skipper decided to hold a big costume party on Halloween, and invited all her friends — and told them to invite all their friends, too!  She got her apartment all decorated for the occasion, and prepared lots of spooky(-looking) treats.  As the hour of the party approached, she got into her own costume:  that of Viola, the heroine of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  (Skipper is majoring in English Lit.)

"I hope I'm not late?" "You asked that last time Mistress -- I mean, Master."
“I hope I’m not late?”
“You asked that last time, Mistress — I mean, Master.”

The first to arrive was Romana, dressed up as her companion, the Doctor.  But she was also the last to arrive; she and K-9 had arrived after the party was over, then used the TARDIS to get there right on time!  (What good, after all, is a time machine if you can’t use it to get to parties you missed?)

"We save the day!" "It's what we do." "Duh!" (chorus) "We're the Powerpuff Girls!"
“We save the day!”
“It’s what we do.”
(chorus) “We’re the Powerpuff Girls!”

The Trick-or-Treat set were the next to arrive, though most of them dashed off again as soon as they got their candy.  Kelly and her friends came as the Powerpuff Girls, in costumes that their older sisters had sewn for them.  (Though perhaps not terribly well…)

"Trick or Treat?"
“Trick or Treat?”

The little princess Rapunzel came dressed as a peacock…or a peacock princess?  No one was entirely sure what her costume was really supposed to be, but everyone agreed that she looked adorable in it.

"Watashi-wa kirei?"
“Watashi wa kirei?”

Licca-chan came dressed as Hatsune Miku, but she couldn’t remember quite what she was supposed to say…and said something very inappropriate indeed!  (Though it could, theoretically, get her pelted with candy in the right circumstances if she said it at home.)

"Away with you, peasant! You shall get no hand-outs from the Queen!...and I'm much prettier than you are!"
“Away with you, peasant! You shall get no hand-outs from the Queen!…and I’m much prettier than you are!”

Unfortunately, Licca-chan was asking for candy from the wrong person, since Pyrrha had come dressed as Snow White‘s Evil Queen, and she was really getting into character…

"Shh, don't speak, Mirror. I already know I'm the fairest in the land."
“Shh, don’t speak, Mirror.  Don’t speak.  I already know I’m the fairest in the land.”
"Trick, Treat or Card-capturing?"
“Trick, Treat or Card-capturing?”

Lottie, Jasmine, Yeolume and Stacey all came dressed up as their favorite characters from Cardcaptor Sakura:  Kinomoto Sakura, Daidoji Tomoyo, Li Shaoran, and Li Mei-lin.

"Release!" "Wait, I don't have my camera!"
“Wait, I don’t have my camera!”
"(chanting a spell)" "Go, Shaoran! You can do it!"
“(chanting a spell)”
“Go, Shaoran! You can do it!”

Halloween 11

It’s a good thing that Princess Jasmine came in costume, because Janine came dressed up as her!  (It was still embarrassing for Jasmine, of course, but not as bad as it might have been!)

Halloween 12

Janine found it very entertaining to watch the three ghouls from Monster High who didn’t quite understand the purpose of the party:  they came dressed up as their friends!  (They also seemed to think that the humans were fooled into thinking that they, too, were human.)

"Wait, I think it's like this!" "Maybe it's this way?"
“Wait, I think it’s like this!”
“Maybe it’s this way?”

Teresa and Bryden both came dressed as flappers, but neither one knew how to do the Charleston!  (Watching them try gave everyone a good laugh…until Bryden demanded that one of them do it instead!  That shut them up pretty quickly.)

"Of course, it's embarrassing to be seen with him, but I'm used to that." "What a smeghead!" "Wait, what exactly am I dressed as, anyway? What's a smeghead?"
“Of course, it’s embarrassing to be seen with him, but I’m used to that.”
“What a smeghead!”
“Wait, what exactly am I dressed as, anyway? What’s a smeghead?”

Barbie came dressed as Navigation Officer Christine Kochanski (from the episode “Duct Soup”) and Ken showed up as Second Technician Arnold Judas Rimmer…though apparently he’d never actually watched any Red Dwarf

Halloween 17

When Rena arrived, her Merida costume was so perfect that everyone thought she really was Merida at first!  (The bright red curly hair helped, of course.)

"Hey, the party's over! Wake up!"
“Hey, the party’s over! Wake up!”

As everyone was leaving, Skipper discovered one little guest all tuckered out under the table.  She moved the table aside, but the little girl in the bee costume didn’t want to get up.

"Go 'way! I'm sleepy. Go 'way or I'll sting you!"
“Go ‘way! I’m sleepy. Go ‘way or I’ll sting you!”
"I hope I'm not late?"
“I hope I’m not late?”
"Romana?! But you just left!"
“Romana?! But you just left!”
"Oh, did I? When did I arrive?"
“Oh, did I? When did I arrive?”
"Um, about three hours ago. But can you help me? This little girl was sleeping under the table, and her parents have gone, and I don't know where she belongs!"
“Um, about three hours ago. But can you help me? This little girl was sleeping under the table, and her parents have gone, and I don’t know where she belongs!”
"Of course. Come here, little one. Let's get you home. And let's hurry, before the Doctor notices his clothes are missing..." "He will wake up from his meditation in precisely four hours, Mistress." "Then we need to hurry, K-9!"
“Of course. Come here, little one, let’s get you home. And let’s hurry, before the Doctor notices his clothes are missing…”
“He will wake up from his meditation in precisely four hours, Mistress.”
“Then we need to hurry, K-9!”

Once Romana and K-9 had left with the little girl, Skipper was finally able to slump off to bed, exhausted but happy.


When I got a missed package slip in my mailbox on Saturday, I assumed it was the mold for Pyrrha’s eyechips.  So I was flabbergasted to be receiving a fairly big box at the post office this morning.  I was halfway out to my car when I realized it wasn’t the mold, it was Romana!  (AKA, in this case, Country Summer Blythe.)  Considering how much later I ordered her than the mold, I’m still amazed that she arrived first.

Obviously, I wanted to go right home and de-box her right away…but I had stuff I had to do, so all I could do was take her home and get her out of the cardboard shipping case, and then wait until after I’d done all my errands and laundry (my dryer’s broken) and stuff.  So the lighting in these pictures isn’t very good; it’s mostly artificial, but I just didn’t want to wait!

Still in her box
Still in her box

(As seems to be the case all too often, DropBox is freaking out on me, so I can’t show you any of the full size pictures yet.  I’ll add the links when it starts working again.)  Her box was very decorative, showing the (imaginary) contents of her picnic basket.

Waiting patiently
Waiting patiently

I didn’t know quite where to set her down while I was freeing all her accessories from the box, so I put her on the metal chair that’s usually Pyrrha’s.  (Pyrrha’s standing right now, somewhat precariously, due to her new dress anyway.  That’ll be explained tomorrow, in the post that I wrote about 90% of a couple of days ago. 😛  This took priority!)  I was quite surprised by the texture of her hair; it’s actually a bit oily, almost greasy.

With all her stuff
With all her stuff

I don’t like the cowboy boots.  Romana is not the type of Time Lady to wear cowboy boots, especially not unless actively riding a horse.  And even then she’d probably wear something a bit more British.  (Rather, we know for a fact that Romana I would wear something more British when riding.  Romana II is another issue, but…yeah, I don’t think cowboy boots would ever be her thing.)  I’m not altogether a fan of the way the picnic basket looks at present, either, but a little bit of paint to make it look like it’s actually made from wicker should fix that up.  (Whenever the heck I can find some spare time!)


If I ever replace any of her eyechips, it’ll be this forward facing pink pair.  They’re not quite as startling in the photo as in real life.  In real life, they’re definitely a “Yikes!”  Something more starfield-like would be more fitting for a Time Lady.  (Ooh, or broken clock ones, like the portrait the guy was drawing in City of Death!  That would be freakin’ sweet!  Admittedly, that was her whole face, not just her eyes, but…yeah, that would be cool.)  However, this shot gives you a good idea of her face-up.  Her cheeks are quite rosy, but her lips are very subtle, which is nice.  I’m not a huge fan of the dark eye shadow, but I think it’ll probably grow on me.  Her eye mechanism switches more readily than Pyrrha’s, and her eyelashes are very different, too.  But I’ll probably do a whole post later on just comparing them, so I won’t go into too much detail right now.  (I am, technically, supposed to be writing a paper right now…)

New shoes
New shoes

Since I hated the cowboy boots, I’d already been looking around Etsy with an eye towards getting her some new shoes.  (I also finally brushed out her hair before taking this photo; it looks better now than it did right out of the box.)  One thing I’d noticed was that a search for “Blythe shoes” often turned up Barbie shoes.  So I thought I’d go through my lunchbox of Barbie shoes and see what I could find that would fit and look decent with her stock.  Well, a lot more fit than looked good with her clothes.  (And I didn’t even have her try on any of the super-jumbo My Scene shoes.  I don’t even know why I have so many of those; I’m sure I don’t have that many My Scene Barbies.  Some of them must have come with multiple pairs, or maybe there were fashion packs…)  Of course, the new shoes have some problems, too.

Color clash!
Color clash!

For one thing, the red in the new shoes does not match the pink on the little cut-out to put on her stand.  (The lovely thing about that cut-out, though, is that it matches the colors of Pyrrha’s hair perfectly, so she’ll be able to borrow the stand, with cut-out, whenever I want!)


Just so you can’t miss it, witness the ludicrosity that is high-heeled running shoes.  Now, granted, anyone hanging out with the Doctor has to do a lot of running.  But the high heels are still probably not a good idea…but it’s not like these are permanent.  They’re just a stop-gap measure so she doesn’t have to wear those cowboy boots.  I’ll resin cast some new shoes that match or — more likely — buy her some on Etsy.

Anyway, I know this isn’t many pictures (and they’re not very good ones, either), but with dying light and a paper hanging over my head, I couldn’t take many.  I have a whole mini-skit planned out for her and my 4th Doctor doll, but I didn’t have time to take the pictures today; I’ll do it next time I have a chance.  (Though it would be better if I had a TARDIS set to take the pictures in…)

I need to get her a new pull-ring, too.  If the new mold I made off Pyrrha’s pull-ring works out, then I’ll make one for her, and if not, then I’ll buy them both pull-rings.  (The first mold was awful.  I have photos, but I haven’t had time to get it all assembled into a post yet.  Plus I wanted to do another casting run first.  Maybe tomorrow after class, or Wednesday…)  In Romana’s case, the pull-ring needs to be TARDIS blue, naturally.  Possibly with some star-like sparkles.  But the TARDIS blue is obviously the important part. 😀

Hopefully, next time I’ll be able to take some decent pictures of her; she’s so much prettier than these pictures make her look.   Also hopefully Pyrrha won’t be tormenting her whenever I’m not in the room.  But she’s got the Doctor and K-9 with her, so she’ll probably be okay. 😛  (Also, Gooliope is in between them, and she’s pretty big; I doubt Pyrrha would want to mess with her…)

(Now that it’s back up, here’s a link to the DropBox album.)