Some recent shopping trips

This is a bit of a long, meandering but also somewhat different post.

It should probably be several posts, but I already named all the files and loaded them to a single gallery so…just one long, meandering post.  In which I am going to show you some stuff I’ve seen in three recent shopping trips that I didn’t buy, and a few things I did buy, too.

Starting with that last antique mall trip looking for actual wooden shelves.  I went to an absolutely ginormous antique mall (my first thought on seeing it was that it was once a grocery store, but no grocery store is that big, so it was probably a Venture or a K-mart or maybe a furniture outlet store) and although I was just there looking for shelves, of course I had to look at every single part of the store (even the cases where I was obviously not going to find any (human-sized) furniture), and I took pictures of some really cool stuff that I didn’t end up getting.  Some of which I will absolutely not get even if it’s still there next time I go (whenever that might be) because it was too expensive or bulky.  I also got some cool stuff other than the shelves, but I don’t have any pictures of that stuff ready.  I need to research one of the toy cars before I could even think of posting about it, and some of it while cool, isn’t really something that needs to be posted about, not on a doll blog.  (I mean, yeah, a(n allegedly) first-pressing copy of “Abbey Road” is awesome, but it doesn’t have much to do with dolls, and everyone knows what the cover of “Abbey Road” looks like, even if they don’t even like the Beatles, so there’s no need to take a picture of it.)

So, here’s some of the cool stuff I saw at the antique mall, starting with a couple of cool tin dollhouses.

This is a very early Marx tin dollhouse, and it was quite reasonably priced given its rarity.  The only reason I didn’t snap it up is that I have no room for a second tin dollhouse!  (Ooh, I still haven’t posted the pictures of the one I’ve already got, have I?  Mental note:  need to do that.)

You may be wondering what’s so rare about it.  Well, you can kind of see it in that photo, but here’s a closer shot:

This is the Disney version, which was only made for one year.  The standard version has generic decor on the nursery walls.  Like I said, I really wanted to get this, because it’s so freaking cool.  But I had enough trouble trying to figure out where to put the one I’ve already got.  To have room for this one, I’d have to get rid of the one I have, and how would I do that?  (Not to mention, I haven’t even had it all that long!)

I don’t know off-hand who made this other tin dollhouse, but isn’t it cool?  The ones that are unusual shapes like this are also pretty rare, from what I recall of my earlier research into tin dollhouses.  (We had one of the Disney ones on loan at work until recently, and when it came in I had to research it to see when it was from, etc.  Learned a fair bit about tin dollhouses all around.  Probably saw stuff about this one at that time, but that was years ago and I don’t remember.)  If I had infinite space, I would have so gotten both of these tin dollhouses…

It would be the coolest job ever to be in charge of a dedicated toy museum that was just starting up and had unlimited funds to go out and buy toys to add to the collection.  (Not that such a job could exist.  Toy Story 2?  Lies, all lies.  Toy museums don’t buy toys.  There’s never money in the budget, and besides people are always trying to give you toys.  Even if their toys are too beat up to display.  Or if you stopped being a toy museum years ago and barely get to display the oodles of toys you already had.)

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I’d like you to meet my new girl, Glimmer.

She’s not exactly this one…

…but she’s not exactly this one, either…

Image from the new Netflix show. Image borrowed from a review on someplace called Polygon. Click for link.

It’s more accurate to say that she’s some sort of fusion of the two.

She’s a new Integrity doll I got myself as a belated Christmas present (more of a New Year’s Eve present, really) from Tiny Frock Shop.  Got that top for her in the same order, in fact.  (The jumpsuit underneath and the silver belt also came from Tiny Frock Shop, but in a much earlier order.  A different Integrity girl was wearing those until surrendering them to Glimmer.)

Obviously nothing about her exactly matches either version (even if you assume that the new version is going to lose a whole lot of weight when she finishes growing up), but I think she captures enough of the basic chromatic scheme for it to be kinda sorta appropriate to call her Glimmer. ;P

The scale difference is still off the charts, of course. 😉

But of course new Glimmer doesn’t want to hang out with She-Ra, she wants to hang out with Adora…

Of course, the sole official She-Ra doll released by Mattel since the ’80s ended isn’t yet ready for the prime-time here, either; she needs pants (gawd, does she need pants!) and I have to find an appropriately-sized elastic to put her hair in a ponytail.  But…close enough, yeah?

Two-thirds of the Best Friends Squad are ready for action! 😀  (Glimmer’s boots, btw, are actually She-Ra’s.  Don’t tell Mattel.)

As you can probably guess, I completely love the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power show on Netflix.  Admittedly, even though I played with the original dolls back in the ’80s, I never watched the original Filmation TV show, but I doubt my reaction would be much different even if I had.  (Though I plan on watching a few episodes now (since it’s also on Netflix) just to see how radically different everything is in characterization.  And writing.  And animation quality…although I already know that, since Filmation always worked on the cheap.)

Since Mattel is being a conglomeration of jerks and not giving us official dolls of the new versions of the characters, I’m probably going to add more dolls to half-assedly round out the cast like this, but only sporadically.  Mostly just when I happen to see a doll that really seems to fit.  Bow will probably be the easiest, given his tame coloration; Integrity probably has dozens of dolls who’d fit that bill.  The real challenge will be finding a doll with enough character to have any hope of being worthy of the show’s true star, Catra.  Also the amazing-surge-from-behind-nearly-stealing-the-show-miracle-character Scorpia; she’ll be especially tough to provide for, between her body type and having, you know, scorpion claws.

Anyhow, if anyone is reading this in the next 70 hours and happens to be into enamel pins, there’s a Kickstarter in its final days doing She-Ra fanart pins, and they’re quite awesome, especially Catra and Scorpia.  (Instead of their usual outfits, they’re the special outfits from that one episode…I won’t say the reason for the outfits, so as not to spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet, but if you’ve seen the show, I’m sure you can guess the outfits I mean. 😀 )


Well, that was short.  Sorry.  I’m still sort of…I don’t even know what I am.  I’ve been buying more stuff lately (omg, so much money bleed), despite having no particular room for it, so I may be going back down into a mental funk. 😦  But once I get over this blasted cold (or whatever it is), I’m going to start swimming again, so hopefully that’ll help me start putting my act together in the rest of my life, which’ll hopefully bleed over into my blogging.


Anyway, if you’re new here and you missed it, here’s my earlier post about that 12″ She-Ra doll.

1980s, Part Two

Apologies in advance, but this is actually a pretty short-on-content post.  I should have traded out one of these two with Orange Blossom so Part One would have been lesser, and this would have been greater, making them (more or less) on even footing.  But I wanted to roughly follow chronology, so this happened.

This is Iris, from the very short-lived Rose Petal Place line by Kenner.  It was only around in 1984, but I’m pretty sure I had one as a kid.  (I’m not sure which, though…probably either Rose-Petal or Lily Fair.  Nah, it had to be Rose-Petal.  She’s the only one who gives me a “familiar vibe” when I look at the pictures.  (Speaking of those pictures, make sure to visit that link and scroll down to the pictures of the dolls who were announced but never mass-produced.  I would love to have some of those!))

She has a sweet little face, and I love her iris-hat.  (I do love irises…)  That dress of hers is problematic, though:  the elastic is old and giving way, so it likes to droop down towards her waist.  Admittedly, this is not a doll who was sculpted with breasts, so it’s not like it’s revealing anything, but it still looks bad on general principles when it does that.  (Actually, if they had given them breasts, that would probably go a long way to stopping the dress from drooping.)

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Princess of Power

So I’ve been meaning to get to this post for a while, and I managed to get the photos taken before I started working on the photos for June.  (I’ll explain in my first June post as to why I have a special theme for the month.)  It’s not that I want to show off my She-Ra collection, it’s that I’ve got two big purchases I want to squee about. 🙂

And here’s the first one:




Sadly, there’s only one half of the front door (and it doesn’t actually stay in place, due to broken hinges) and only one window pane, but still!  She-Ra’s Crystal Castle! 😀

And it has pretty much all its interior accessories:


(Though from looking at a list I found online, it turns out the purple fur thing I put on the bed as a comforter is supposed to be a rug.  Oops. 😛 )

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And today I’ll be presenting to you another cherished toy from the 1980s…

Storm 2

Storm, Catra’s horse.  Er, her pegasus?  I dunno if the wings are supposed to be part of the horse, or just part of the saddle.  (I mean, I know they’re physically part of the saddle, but…)

You might recognize the pose from the pictures of Arrow earlier; all three Princess of Power horses have the same mold.  (And now I have all three!  Yay!)

Anyway, I’ve had Storm here since 1985…

Storm 3

…which is why it sort of looks like she’s going bald.  It’s just that the mane’s been pushed down in the slot or something.  It’s not really easily fixed.  Or rather, I’ve never been able to look at it and say “oh, that’ll fix it!” so I’ve sort of left it alone for fear of damaging her.

Storm 4

I’m not entirely sure what those little bits of blue glitter are.  I think they might be nail polish?  Whatever they are, they’re stuck on good and proper, and I doubt it would be worth the effort of trying to get them off.

Storm 6

So, here’s Catra riding on her beloved horse.  And as you can see, Catra has been very well loved.  I totally lost her little skirty thing at some point, and replaced it with a bit of a knit thing.  (Y’know those little machines where you thread a bunch of yarn in and then turn a crank and it produces a little knit sheath?  I made it in one of those.)  Almost all the silver came off her at some point, and I — being a dumb kid — thought a silver marker would be sufficient to restore it.  So that was a very bad idea; now it’s all sort of sticky and matte and turning green.  Also her gem came out at some point and a replacement was glued in with way too much excess glue.  The replacement of the silver on her bodice is a bit sloppy, but not sticky or turning colors, so that must have been much later, and done with actual paint.

Anyway, I now have to follow this up with something really, completely absurd, just because I can.  (Also because, let’s face it, some of you were already thinking something along these lines.)

Storm.  Being ridden by Storm.
Storm. Being ridden by Storm.


It had to be done.

Storm 8

Storm’s new outfit isn’t done yet, btw.  I need to actually sew it together (currently, it’s attached with tape), and I still have to figure out how to do her cape.  (Oh, and showing the doll Storm is not against my self-imposed A-to-Z rules because I’m just using her as a comparison.  Er, well, comparison isn’t quite the right term, but…she’s not the focal point of the post, so it’s okay.)

miWorld Sweet Factory

This is the last of my big April purchases to post about, at last.  (Though I’ve got some stuff from May to post about already, surprisingly enough.  Argh, I need to stop spending money!  Someone take away my credit cards!  And my PayPal!)


Anyway, so this one isn’t so much a big purchase as a lot of photos of a mid-level purchase.  As is typical of me, I came in a little bit late on the miWorld line; by the time I decided I wanted to get one, some of the ones I really wanted were getting hard to find.  I eventually managed the find the Sweet Factory, and I loved it, so I went ahead and bought the Karaoke Parlor (because Figma fits the scale perfectly, and I have Figma from two different anime that actually features the characters going out for karaoke after school) but it’s a three-size, so I need a one-size if I’m going to set them up on top of each other, only now I can’t find the pizza parlor, which is the one I wanted.  So I haven’t actually opened the Karaoke Parlor yet.  And, actually, there are still lots more photos I want to take in this set, but…yeah, I’ll just post ’em later.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was to assemble the set, which took some doing, because the walls didn’t want to plug into the floor at first, and a lot of the stickers didn’t like me.  More importantly, one of the bags inside the box had popped a seam, and little plastic pieces of candy went flying everywhere when I opened the box.  There’s still at least one lollipop missing. 😦

Then, of course, I had to test to see how many different dolls and figures that would fit the scale!  There were a surprising number of them.  (Probably because it’s actually the standard dollhouse scale.)  But I had other stuff I needed to be doing, so at that time I only took pictures of one figure/set combo:

Eliabeth's gift thumb
Elizabeth has a gift for you….and you’d better accept it!

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