So, I was at a store that sells all sorts of stuff the other day.  Mostly movies, games and music, but also some anime and game merchandise.  And I saw this sitting on the shelf:

Well, you know how I am about blind boxes, and Vincent is one of my favorite characters ever, and although Terra’s not my favorite character from the game, Final Fantasy VI is one of the greatest games ever made, and yet it’s relatively undermerchandised.  (Its competitors being Chrono Trigger and Suikoden II, of course.)  You’ll notice this box says “Vol. 2” on it; they also had “Vol. 1” but its contents weren’t terribly appealing.  (I only remember four of them, but that’s enough to know I didn’t want to risk it.)

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Eiko Carol

“E” seems to be cursed this April.  I wasn’t able to get my planned photos taken (despite that I’ve been wanting to take them for like a year now), and I was very short on replacement ideas.  Plus I’m still swamped by post-con exhaustion, though at least I managed to get my paper written!  And I wasn’t able to start doing any real research for my final paper, and I’m somehow gripped by the deep-seated need to play video games, and…

Anyway, hopefully this little cutie will break the curse!

Eiko 1

Eiko Carol, of Madain Sari, is quite possibly the cutest party member in any Final Fantasy.  (Well, except perhaps for Mog in FFVI.)  I forget her exact age, but she seems to be in the 6-8 range.  For that reason, she’s obviously not very powerful physically (all the more so since her main weapon is a flute), but she’s packed to the brim with magical power, and the horn on her forehead lets her summon powerful beings to do her fighting for her.  (Well, okay, it’s not like FFX’s summoning:  they just show up, whack the enemy and then leave again.  The traditional kind of summoning.)

Eiko 2

She’s full of spirit, of course, and rather than forming a cute little-kid “romance” with Vivi (who appears to be her age, but since he’s artificial, who knows?), she develops a fierce crush on our playboy lead Zidane, even though she can see he’s already set his heart on Dagger.

Eiko is part of a long line of cute and perky Final Fantasy characters who almost always end up being my favorite character in the game (Relm, Yuffie, Selphie, Rikku), so of course I’m glad to have Eiko pop in to fill in for “E” this April. 😀

(However, she didn’t manage to break the curse entirely.  When I tried to move her arms around in front of her to get a shot of her playing her flute-weapon, I broke one of them. 😦  It’s just not going to be my week, I can see that…)

Anyway, I don’t have any other pictures of Eiko (what with the broken arm and all) so I don’t have a gallery for this post…but I’ve started a Final Fantasy gallery.  (Which so far hasn’t actually got much in it.  Guess I need to start doing more photos of all my FF stuff…)

To rectify the silence

It’s been almost a week since I posted anything.  (On this blog, anyway.)  I feel rather badly about that.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to post about; it’s that I haven’t been able to get any pictures taken, what with one thing and another.  (Mostly, I don’t seem to have time during daylight, and this place is awful for night photography.)

Anyway, I wanted to post something, so I dug around on the hard drive of this computer and found some old photos of a couple of my PlayArts figures.  At the time, I’m pretty sure I had a dialog in mind to go along with these pictures, but I no longer remember what it was.  (Basically, I think it was about Rikku’s earnest friendliness, and Paine’s reluctance to open up.  Which probably means it was before the game, but…I don’t really remember anymore.  That’s why I should write these things down…)

So, here are some now-random photos of the PlayArts figures of Rikku and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2.

Though this was the first photo taken, I think it was actually supposed to be the last in the conversation...but I'm not sure.
Though this was the first photo taken, I think it was actually supposed to be the last in the conversation…but I’m not sure.
RP 2
According to the timestamp on the files, these photos are 3 years old! No wonder I don’t remember the accompanying dialog…
Rikku's Al Bhed eyes don't work very well on the figure...
Rikku’s Al Bhed eyes don’t work very well on the figure…
When she's in focus, it's clear Paine is not actually looking at Rikku...
When she’s in focus, it’s clear Paine is not actually looking at Rikku…though she was supposed to be looking at her.

I wish I could say my photography skills have gotten better in the three years since I took these photos…

…but I think they’ve actually gotten worse.

I gotta do something about that.



Uh, anyway, changing the subject dramatically, I’ve decided to put off buying a Lammily and the three new types of Barbie bodies.  And why, you may ask?  Well, because when I went to look at Mattel’s online store, I found that most of the Barbies I wanted with the new body types were listed as either “pre-order” or “coming soon” and when I went to the Lammily site, I found that they’re adding a new doll in May.  So I’m definitely waiting at least until the Barbies have moved from “coming soon” to “in stock” and I may or may not wait for the new Lammily.  (I’ll have to take a closer look at the difference in the faces, and the hairstyle of the new one, who is either African-American or actually from Africa.  (Not sure which; I didn’t really read any of the text on her page other than the release date…)  Plus May is pretty far off; I don’t think even the “coming soon” Barbies were going to take that long.)

If I can ever have free time while the sun is out, I have a lot of photography to do, though.  I’ve got some new resin stuff, and Barbara has new shoes, and Pyrrha has a new dress, and…well, actually that’s most of it.  (Apart from the fact that I still intend to open that Vampire Princess Miyu doll.  Oh, and I still want to take photos of my Monster High Greek myth-inspired OCs.)