Tiny Betsy McCall

So, like I said before, this time we’re returning to the 1950s….sort of.  Because of course this isn’t a vintage Tiny Betsy, but a Tonner Tiny Betsy, reproducing American Character’s 8″ Betsy McCall doll.  (To the best of my knowledge, the American Character Betsy McCall dolls were never available in an African-American version.  I don’t think Ideal’s were, either.)  She came in a bland white swimsuit-like garment, so she’s currently wearing a Middie Blythe dress by TiredMomKnits.  It’s a tiny bit tight in the waist, but otherwise fits fine.  And I love the peacock feather print cloth! 😀 Continue reading



Okay, that is my first (and hopefully last) hashtag joke.

(And yes, I am deeply sorry for it.)

Aaaaaaaanyway, let’s just move on to the post.  For the most part, I want the Black History Month posts to move in a thematically chronological order.  (There is one exception that will become clear when the time comes.)

By thematically chronological I mean that I’m including reproductions with the time period of their original, rather than the time period in which they were reproduced.

Which actually means this should have been the first post.  (Well, first after Soul, who went first as more or less of a joke.)  Only I didn’t have photos ready on this one, since it was a reproduction that didn’t actually pass for the original, so I didn’t want to use any photos for work.

This replica Patsy was made by Effanbee in the ’80s, before Effanbee became part of Tonner.  This is not what she came wearing, though.  She came in this:

Oh, and yes, you’re reading her tag correctly.  See?

As I said, it was the ’80s, so no one was yet trying to find less offensive ways to phrase things.   (I keep writing things set in the ’80s, and it’s absolutely maddening.)

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Back from the Doll Hospital

OMG, this post is literally two weeks late.  I got the dolls back from the doll hospital two weeks ago today, and yet somehow I’m only just now posting about it!  Ugh…what’s the matter with me lately?


We’ll start with Patsy, since she’s the reason I finally got off my kiester and got myself (and my dolls) to the doll hospital in the first place!  As you can see from the photo above, the hole in her foot is now filled in. 🙂


The harsh artificial light makes the match-up between the touch-up paint and Patsy’s original coloration look worse than it is.  Even with that, she still looks so much better than she did when she got here!  Here’s the before shot:


Until I saw her with eyebrows, I didn’t realize just how much she needed them.  (Or rather, until I saw her with eyebrows and then looked back at what she’d looked like without them.)  The eyelashes definitely help, too.

I doubt Patsy was terribly pleased at being left at the doll hospital for such a long time (the repairs finished on a Tuesday, and I couldn’t get in until the following Monday), and then she and the other two had to sit in my cold car for three+ hours while I was at the library and attending class, but…she’s safe and sound at home on one of my bedroom doll shelves now, and that’s what’s important. 😀  I’ve found someone on Etsy who makes little dolly bloomers for 8″ Vogue Ginnies, and I think those should fit her to replace those bright red undies, too. 🙂


My mom’s Little Miss Revlon doll, perfectly re-strung.  (And standing on one of my more chaotic doll shelves…)  These dolls were constructed in a way that makes re-stringing them painfully difficult, a job for a real professional.

Tonner’s Betsy McCall dolls are strung in a more standard fashion, so I should have been able to re-string her myself.  And I was, partially.  The head and one of the legs was no problem.  But the other leg!  Someone — before selling her to me — had tried to re-string her already, and had bent the interior hook out of shape, making it almost impossible to re-string her.  Even the woman at the doll hospital had trouble with it.  But she did manage it!


YoYoCottage on Etsy made the dress for her.  (I’ve found a pair of black shoes on Etsy that should fit her, and some frilly white socks, but I haven’t ordered them yet.  Until I got her dressed, I didn’t stop to think about how she really needed shoes.)  Unfortunately, Betsy (like a number of other dolls with her child-like proportions) can’t really sit in a ladylike manner, and ends up with rather splayed legs, which I find both unattractive and spatially inconvenient.  So she needed a stand.


This photo highlights two things about the dress.  One, the bodice has a white lining!  No need to worry about staining!  Yay! 😀  (Though Betsy’s tummy is already a bit stained from the dress she came in…)  Two, her headband is on backwards.  There’s a definite front and back to the way the bow is constructed, but the front side had only a tiny band of purple and a huge band of yellow, plus it was a little on the other side of her face; I like purple best, and I preferred the bow on this side of her face, so…the headband is just gonna have to stay backwards. 😛

Now, if I’d posted this in a timely manner, I’d have nothing else to say, but because I’m so late, I have two things.  I’ll start with the brain-hurt, so the other will be a soothing balm.  Yes, brain-hurt.  Because now you must witness…



Yup.  That is what you think it is.


del cute 7

I had to buy the cookie in order to photograph it as proof that we’re deep inside some layers-upon-layers digital world.  (The question is, can we get out, and would that be better or worse?)

Anyhoo, on a more sane note, for a long time I’ve been saying I wanted a translucent Blythe, and that I wanted a Middie Blythe.  Takara decided to oblige me on both counts simultaneously. 😀

Photo from Junie Moon site.  Click for link.
Photo from Junie Moon site. Click for link.

Bubbly Bliss here is being released next month, as a little sister to last year’s anniversary Blythe Allegra Champagne.  I didn’t even contemplate signing up for the lottery for Allegra, because she was so much more expensive than the usual Neo Blythes, but Bubbly Bliss here is the same price as a regular Middie, and required no lottery.  I was so eager that I pre-ordered her during my lunchbreak on Thursday.  (Since her Friday release date had already arrived by then in Japan…)  Of course, Middies don’t sell out as quickly as Neos, so it turns out I didn’t have to be in that much of a rush.  (As of right now, she’s still not sold out yet.  Er, pre-ordered out?)

They also got Devi Delacour — the Halloween-release translucent Neo — back in stock, but she’s so freakin’ expensive!  I’m still tempted (I was tempted when she was first released, too) but…based on the standard “assuming that 100 yen are one dollar” I was taught by manga almost twenty years ago, she’s about $260.  That’s a lot.  (Especially considering the premium on space around here.)  And yes, I realize the exact exchange rate fluctuates, and I haven’t checked it lately, but I’d expect that the dollar’s dropped pretty significantly of late, so if anything, she’s probably currently more than $260, rather than less.  (I know I should have checked the exchange rate before I went ahead and pre-ordered Bubbly Bliss, but…yeah, didn’t.)  Given various other things I’ve been buying lately that I shouldn’t have (many of which I plan on sharing eventually, if I can ever get my life (by which I mean house) picked up enough to get my butt back into the habit of taking photos regularly) I think I’ll likely be letting Devi slip through my fingers again.  ‘Cause I am not made of money or space, no matter how much my profligate spending habits want to think I am.


Okay, blathering over.  Must eat lunch.  And write a two page paper.  (Due tomorrow morning.  But I’m really not procrastinating — much — on account of I had a 400 page book due today.  For the same class.  Um, when I say “a 400 page book due” I mean I had to read it, not write it.  I realize you probably understood that right away, but…like I said.  Blathering.  And procrastinating.  And stuff.  Plus this paper is a two page essay explaining what our final project is going to be about.  With bibliography and everything.  Of sources we haven’t actually read yet.  Ack.  Just ack.)

Ellowyne Wilde

I really hope this will be the last “ooh, got in a new doll” post for some time, and that I’ll finally get around to some of the comparisons and stuff that I want to post.  (If I can ever get off my backside and take the blinkin’ photos!)


Aaaanyway, Ellowyne Wilde marks the last of my “oh, Tonner’s ending all their lines, so if I don’t get ’em now I won’t be able to get ’em at all!” purchases.



As soon as I got a look at her, I started to get a little worried, but not for any reason to do with Ellowyne herself.


So, this new comparison shot may give you an idea what I was concerned about.  If not…


…then I’m sure this one has cleared it up.

Namely, my concern is that that Houston is way smaller than Ellowyne.  Which was ever so slightly a problem, considering I’d already ordered two Ellowyne Wilde sized outfits on Etsy!

On the other hand, you’ll notice that my light fairy and Ellowyne are virtually identical in size, so I guess that means the light and dark fairies take Slim MSD sizes, rather than regular MSD.  But I have no idea where to look to find clothes that are going to be the proper size for Houston.  (BTW, I was surprised to notice that Emma’s actually a bit anatomically correct.  What the heck, Tonner?  Was that really necessary?)


A sharp suit seemed perfect for someone named for a city, you know?  It’ just a shame that Houston’s a bit too small for this outfit, because otherwise it suits her perfectly.  The color’s really good on her and everything.  (Though it’d be better if she didn’t have bright red lips, naturally.)  She needs new shoes, too; her stock shoes are pink, and were really hard to get off, so I am no way, no how puttin’ ’em back on again.  But Ellowyne’s are way too big on her, so I’m not sure where to turn to find her a new pair…


This is the dress I got for Ellowyne.  I guess a sleeveless party dress is a bit cold in the dead of winter, but I loved the way it looked, and I knew it’d look good with her hair, too.  Both outfits are by dollsewchic on Etsy, btw, who even sent along little clothes hangers for the outfits.  Pity I don’t have a 1/4 scale closet to hang them in. :p


I am not, in truth, entirely enamored of her eyes.  But they don’t seem to be changeable, so I’ll just deal with that. 😛  I quite like her hair, though.  So naturally it is easily changed, being a wig.

There was one other doll purchase I really wanted to make, but I hesitated and missed my window.  The Junky Spot got in some Bobobie deer centaur dolls (and you know about me and deer dolls), and I said to myself that I could have one if I cleared up a space to put one…and they’re already gone. 😦  I guess I should hurry up and order the purple Hujoo Nano Rabi before it sells out, too… *sigh*

Patsy (and others)

Meet Patsy, my very first composition doll! 😀


Patsy dolls were made by Effanbee from 1928 to 1946 in a variety of sizes.  I haven’t actually measured this one (and the seller mis-listed her as being 11 1/2 inches tall, which she totally is not) so I’m not 100% sure which type of Patsy she is, but she’s about 8 or 9 inches tall (by my haphazard guesswork) which would make her the Tinyette Toddler, Patsy Babyette or Patsyette.  According to Doll Reference.com, her body should be marked “Effanbee Patsy Pats. Pend. Doll” or something similar, but her back has no markings.  Which could mean she’s from 1946 — apparently in the final year she was unmarked — or that her torso is not original.  She has definitely been re-strung — her limbs are all so tight that they can’t hold any position other than the one in the picture above — so it’s possible that her torso was replaced with one from another type of doll at that time.  Or maybe she’s from 1946.  Can’t say it matters, honestly.  I bought her ’cause she’s adorable, not because I care about her “authenticity,” y’know?  (Speaking of “authenticity,” her dress and bonnet may well be original, but those red bloomers absolutely are not.  I need to replace them with white ones…) Continue reading

Deliveries and New Doll Year

Okay, so today I’m trying something new.  Because I only seem to have time to blog, lately, during my lunch breaks at work (and when I’m having to man the register and have no tasks I can do from there), so I’m going to try to write up this post offline at work.  (I mean, yeah, I could do it online, but since I don’t have my photos uploaded anyhow, why bother logging in to WordPress on the museum’s laptop?  And I’m not trying to write a post on my iPad without my keyboard.  No freakin’ way.)

Er, okay, anyway.  So, I want to tell you about three deliveries that came in the same day, and also talk about my dolly goals for the New Year.

The deliveries all came on…uh…Monday?  Tuesday?  No, no, it was Monday.  I think.  (Ack.  I totally meant to write this post the same day, or at least the next day, but…somehow, it’s now Thursday, and I’m only just writing it.  My life is nuts.)  Anyway, it only looked like two deliveries at first, because there was a box and a bag sitting on the porch when I got home, but then I found the third delivery inside the mailbox.  And we’re starting with that one because.

This order of tiny dolly clothes from nubanded on Etsy marks the arrival of the last of the items I ordered for the dolls from my Black Friday Junky Spot order.


If you can read the little stickers, you’ll see that three of the five are marked as “gifts.”  I don’t know if that was just to be nice, or if it was an apology that it took so long to get the order shipped, but it was really sweet either way. 🙂  Of course, now I’ll have to figure out where/on whom to use the extra clothes. 😛


Melitta’s new dress is super-adorable on her, but kind of doesn’t match her hair.  I may have to get her a new wig.  (Or just do some wig-swapping, I suppose, until I find a combination I like among my BJD Ai and Little+ dolls.)  I was going to give Ted the yellow shoes, too, but they really didn’t fit him.  Actually, the clothes Melitta was wearing are a little big on him all around, but…


I found this Little Dal+ Taurus at my local Tuesday Mornings quite some time ago.  Her stock clothes didn’t do a thing for me, of course, and when I bought her I thought I’d probably replace her wig, too.  The wig I turned out to like, though, so it was just a matter of finding her something new to wear.  Enter this exceptionally adorable outfit!



I love her flashy eye make-up. 😀

So, moving on!  For no readily apparent reason, I’m going to move on to the delivery that came in the bag next.  It’s the reward I got for backing a Kickstarter.


These are the Crabapple Cousins, the main reward for the Kickstarter.  Aren’t they cute?  (Seriously, though, what is with the adorable food/animal fusion toys lately?  It’s not that I’m not enjoying them, but…what’s up with that?)


The postcard and enamel pins didn’t really fit in the previous photo.  Figured I might as well include one of the plushies in this shot to give an idea of their scale.

There were also a couple of die-cut stickers in the backer reward, but in the interest of getting this post finished up, I’m going to skip over them and leave them for the gallery. 😛  So, moving on, the last of the three deliveries was a delivery from Tonner.

I learned from Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter that the Tonner company is changing its methods.  Hopefully they know what they’re doing and have thought this through, but that’s not the point:  the point is that they’re discontinuing almost every doll line they’ve got.  So suddenly it’s a case of “if you don’t get ‘em now, you might never get ‘em.”  Because that’s just what I need right now, right?  Worse still, very little is on sale at their online store; it’s just never going to be restocked.  (And naturally I got there after they’d sold out a really lovely Indian-themed Ellowyne Wilde doll, and all they have left of Sad Sally is clothing.)  Since Tonner dolls are pretty expensive, ordering them full price is daunting—somehow more daunting than ordering Blythe and Pullip dolls, even though the prices are comparable.  But two of them were on sale.



This is the City Girls line, which is labelled as being a beginner’s collector doll.  I’m not sure if the doll’s name is Houston, or if it’s her home town.  *shrug*  It’s kind of fun as a name, though, so I’m going with it as her name at the moment.



I’ve wanted a Maudlynne Macabre since seeing pictures of her on the Confessions blog, but she was no longer being manufactured, and therefore had been jacked up in price from third party sellers.  (Or maybe I was just a moron and couldn’t find the Tonner site at that time?)  But now Tonner has her in stock, and on sale for $30!  So she’s really the reason I made the order. 😀


A scale comparison.  I was surprised at how big Houston was!  I suspect she’s the same size as an Ellowyne Wilde and other Tonner 16” dolls.  (I totally should have grabbed Emma for this comparison shot!  That was totally stupid of me.  If I say “totally” one more time, I may transmogrify into an ‘80s girl all over…)  I’m looking at “slim MSD” sized clothes for her.



I’ve found a couple of specifically Ellowyne Wilde outfits on Etsy that I’m thinking of buying.  One of them is more of a suit, which I think will suit Houston nicely.  The other is a colorful party dress, which I think will nicely suit the Ellowyne Wilde I’m thinking of getting.  (I know, I don’t need to get one of her at all, but look at her name!  How can I not get a doll named Ellowyne Wilde?)  Since the only Ellowyne Wilde dolls left on the Wilde Imagination site are quite expensive, I’ve been shopping around, and found a “basic” Ellowyne from 2015 (“basic” meaning she’s basically in her undies, naturally) with short red hair that I’m thinking of getting, as it’s nice hair and she’s significantly cheaper because she doesn’t have a fancy outfit.  I’m also thinking of getting a basic Evangeline Ghastly, too, but she’s rather pricey, so I may not.


I’m hoping to find a good time and place to take some suitable outdoor photos of this cutey.  She needs something grim and dreary, but also pleasant, the sort of place the Addams family might go for a picnic. 😛

Okay, so that’s the deliveries covered.  Now on to the dolly goals!  (Got this idea from Olive, of course.)

My biggest doll goal for the new year is actually to stop buying so freakin’ many of them.

I am not on a good path for that, so far.  (In addition to what I’ve told you about, I’ve also ordered a Betsy McCall (another Tonner), the Made-to-Move-style Wonder Woman before she disappears on me altogether, and several vintage dolls from Etsy that I’m very excited about.  And I had a trip to Target the other day that ended up with three new dolls coming home with me, including one of the Shibajuku Girls, which I’ll post about more fully later.  Uh, at some point.  Like after I finally post about the yoga doll…)

So, I’m trying to at least tell myself to hold off on the “ooh, that’s new” and “ohh, it’s on sale!” purchases.  (She says, after having bought a goofy playline Barbie just ‘cause she was on clearance at Target and had transparent blue hands.)

I do have a few things I actively want to buy this year, though:

  1. My very first composition doll. (Already on the way!  Yay!)
  2. A translucent Blythe (but only if a new one is released this year)
  3. UFO a Go Go (if I can find someplace to put her)
  4. Uh…there was at least one more, but now I don’t remember what it was…

Mostly, though, I want to hold off on most purchases until such a time as I’ve finished cleaning up my house and can add new shelves to hold them all.  (I also kind of want to get one of those backyard plastic sheds to temporarily hold stuff while I’m cleaning, and then to be a crafting area after the massive cleaning endeavor is over.  But that is perhaps a ludicrous waste of money, since it turns out those things are not cheap.  And at this time of year, they’d be horribly cold.  And in the summer they’d be horribly hot.  So probably not a good idea.)

It is possible that I won’t have to work on Saturday, as the museum may be closed due to inclement weather.  In which case I plan to finally take those photos so I can get that next post up!  (But if we’re not closed…)

My Tonner Lady

Because I am officially an idiot, I have added another doll to my collection.

Okay, let me rephrase and explain that.

On Saturday, I made an order I should not have from PullipStyle, taking advantage of their “buy three full size dolls to get a free outfit” deal.  (Admittedly, one of them was downright inexpensive for a full size Pullip, but still…I should not have made that order.  But…but….but…I just HAD to!  (They won’t have Alice du Jardin Mint forever!)  Though I’ll probably still feel a bit gypped if the free outfit isn’t the miko outfit…)

So the last thing I should have done on Monday was buy another expensive doll.  But that’s what I did.

Y’see, one of the Toys R Us stores in my area is closing.  And they’re using the store closing as an opportunity to get rid of some collector merchandise they’ve decided they no longer want to sell.  And by Monday night, those collector dolls were 60% off, and I’d never had a Tonner doll (apart from a Little Mismatched, which is rather different) and I just couldn’t resist this one:

The box calls her "Fierce"...
The box calls her “Fierce”…

What really spoke to me about this one is how 1960s her outfit is (I love the ’60s), and since it’s also pure white, I’ve decided to call her Emma, because she makes me think of the character in X-Men: First Class, even though she was a blonde, and wore considerably more revealing outfits.  (I didn’t say it made sense that she makes me think of the character, just that she does!) Continue reading