Plastic Curves

This is actually two separate orders from Plastic Curves, which is a site that sends out hand-made resin parts that just happen to connect perfectly to certain popular toy lines, to enable further customization.  Since the first one came during April, I couldn’t write about it then, and by the time I could, the second one had already come, so here’s the still-unpainted new parts!  I’m very excited about one of them in particular, so I’ll start with it.

The chimera tail
The chimera tail

This isn’t a very good picture of the tail, but it gives you a good look at the doll I’ve put it on, and her outfit.  When I eventually paint the tail, I want to make it basically match the dark shade on her arms and legs.  (They change colors with temperature,  so for a more “final” picture, I’d have messed with that to achieve a more interesting effect.)

Different angle
Different angle

This shot gives you a slightly better look at the tail.  (Also shows you a spot where I touched the heat-sensitive legs and changed them from blackish to pink. 😛 )

Chimera tail detail thumb

Notice, close-up it doesn’t look nearly so much like the classic Etruscan chimera tail as I had originally expected.  But that’s okay.  It’s still awesome.

So, moving on to the second thing from the first order, we have a jointed female torso.

Jointed torso in use
Jointed torso in use

I was surprised that the part above the joint was a different color from the part below it!  I used this as my temporary display doll because the color-change parts in their cold-weather color match the lower section of the torso pretty well.  I’m thinking the hair needs serious replacing, though.


This second shot shows off how the jointed torso can turn, unlike the standard version.  (I didn’t think it would be prudent to show the torso unclad, as it has nipples.  Which is actually a very cool thing, I think.  But it didn’t seem right to show in this context.)  Eventually, I’ll paint the upper part of the torso to match her head and pink limbs.  Or maybe orange to match the rest…?  Or maybe I’ll swap torsos with another doll altogether.  I didn’t have any plan when I ordered the part.  (But they’re so rarely in stock that I didn’t want to wait until I had a plan!)

Anyway, moving on to the second shipment, which was only a single item.

Sexy Abs thumb
Showin’ off the abs!

Yep, he’s show-boatin’.  But with a ripped torso like that, who can blame him?  (‘Course, it doesn’t match the rest of him yet, but…maybe he just put on even more sunblock on his torso than on the rest of him?)

Super close-up
Super close-up

It almost felt like a shame to put his shirt back on him. 😛

Anyway, during the A-to-Z, I posted a picture of the Utena statuette I got at the anime convention, and said I’d post the rest of the pictures later, but…it seems more efficient to just post a link to the gallery with them in it.  There’s not really anything to say about the statuette.



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