miWorld Sweet Factory

This is the last of my big April purchases to post about, at last.  (Though I’ve got some stuff from May to post about already, surprisingly enough.  Argh, I need to stop spending money!  Someone take away my credit cards!  And my PayPal!)


Anyway, so this one isn’t so much a big purchase as a lot of photos of a mid-level purchase.  As is typical of me, I came in a little bit late on the miWorld line; by the time I decided I wanted to get one, some of the ones I really wanted were getting hard to find.  I eventually managed the find the Sweet Factory, and I loved it, so I went ahead and bought the Karaoke Parlor (because Figma fits the scale perfectly, and I have Figma from two different anime that actually features the characters going out for karaoke after school) but it’s a three-size, so I need a one-size if I’m going to set them up on top of each other, only now I can’t find the pizza parlor, which is the one I wanted.  So I haven’t actually opened the Karaoke Parlor yet.  And, actually, there are still lots more photos I want to take in this set, but…yeah, I’ll just post ’em later.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was to assemble the set, which took some doing, because the walls didn’t want to plug into the floor at first, and a lot of the stickers didn’t like me.  More importantly, one of the bags inside the box had popped a seam, and little plastic pieces of candy went flying everywhere when I opened the box.  There’s still at least one lollipop missing. 😦

Then, of course, I had to test to see how many different dolls and figures that would fit the scale!  There were a surprising number of them.  (Probably because it’s actually the standard dollhouse scale.)  But I had other stuff I needed to be doing, so at that time I only took pictures of one figure/set combo:

Eliabeth's gift thumb
Elizabeth has a gift for you….and you’d better accept it!

Then I had to just let the set alone while I did boring things like school work.  (And in the case of the class I just finished taking, boring is definitely the word.  Next semester’s classes won’t be so boring.)  But one afternoon, I was sitting there doing my reading, and I noticed the sunlight streaming through the back window and passing through the thin walls of the set, and it looked really amazing.  I took some of the spare figures out and snapped a lot of pictures.

The bright pink light!
The bright pink light!

The photos don’t really do the phenomenon justice, unfortunately.  (Several of the others are in the gallery link at the end of the post.)

So, anyway, eventually I had a proper photo shoot, though it feels pretty minimal now that I’m looking back on it.  I’ll start with little Koalla Su.  (Er, I think that was her name.  I dunno; I didn’t actually much like Love Hina as a whole, but this character was adorable to the extreme.  Totally crazy, but that was part of her charm, of course.)

That is one big roll of Smarties!
That is one big roll of Smarties!

That roll of candy has given me the worst trouble!  I had to roll and re-roll the sticker so many times to get it lined up properly that the adhesive got loose, so now it wants to stop sticking.  I had to fasten it down with a rubber band until I can remember to grab some glue to fix it in place permanently.

Speaking of problems, Koalla Su has a number of them.  She can’t stand up being one of the biggest.  Her skirt is permanently in that position, so if I have her stand up, her skirt is still sticking up as though she’s sitting cross-legged.  (Her skirt also is phenomenally good at catching and holding dust.  I couldn’t get it all off…but at least the Smarties hide most of it.)  I also lost the remote control to her weird little tank-thing.  (Okay, actually, I’m pretty sure I know where it is.  But it’s kind of under some other stuff.  And probably buried in the middle of a gigantic dust bunny.)  The worst problem, though, is that her skin color is coming off.  It’s harder to see in this photo, but her skin is now blotchy.  (There’s another photo that shows it more clearly.)  But the darker patches, of which there aren’t very many, are the original skin color.  I’m not sure what happened to make the rest come off; she’s been sitting on a shelf in my room for, ack, what, ten or twelve years maybe?  (That makes me feel very old suddenly.)  And she didn’t get any sunlight in there, and wasn’t even directly under the artificial light.

Anyway, changing genres considerably, someone else had a heart-shaped lollipop gift to give…

Bow's gift of adoration
Bow’s gift of adoration

I wish I could say these were mine from childhood, but they’re actually not.  I got them both at a local used store.  I still have my childhood She-Ra, but she’s in much worse shape than this one.  (I’m gonna use her for a custom eventually…)  And I lost my childhood Bow.  😦  He was probably in about this condition, though.  (I managed to replace Glimmer, too, and she, too, is in about the same shape.  It’s like I’m buying back the exact ones I lost.  If I manage to buy back Perfuma in that costume, then I’ll know it’s true…which will probably mean this is actually the Truman Show…)

But the important thing is that I’ve posted a She-Ra photo in 2015, the 30th anniversary of She-Ra!

(Oh, God, now I feel even older!  …whimper…)

So, two last photos, and they make a bit of a…hmm…how to put it?  A caption-story?  The speaker in the first photo is one of the two fairy dolls on the left side of the photo.  (So, not the Liv Happy Meal doll (which I got used, btw) or the miWorld doll.)

"They don't even see us!"
“They don’t even see us!”
"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"
“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

And on that note, I guess I’ll say “I’m sorry.”

UH, I meant, “goodbye.”

(Full photo gallery link.)



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