April A-to-Z Theme Reveal!

Not that I actually signed this blog up for the theme reveal linky, mind you.  I just felt like posting one anyway.  I thought there was no point in signing up ’cause there’s not much of a theme here; it’s just going to be photos of my collection, same as last year, and given that my blog’s name is “Crazy Doll Lady,” I think people looking at the main A-to-Z linky can probably figure out the basic theme without my telling them. 😛

But!  I’ve put a few rules on myself for picking what kind of photos to post.

  1. No photos of any toy that was featured in last year’s A-to-Z.
  2. No using the name of the doll line rather than the individual doll.  (For example, last year I did “Moxie Girlz Teenz” for M.  That would not be acceptable, but “Melrose” would be…if I hadn’t used that doll last year.)  However, it’s okay to use the name of a game/anime/movie/whatever for the letter, and then show the (official) tie-in(s) for it.
  3. No toys I’ve shown before.  Not as the primary, anyway.  (So, for example, if I obtained a Maudlynne Macabre by mid-April (highly unlikely, given the price she’s going for online) and wanted to use her for M, I could post a comparison photo of my Little Mismatched with her, even though she’s shown up before.  But I couldn’t center the “U” post on my Little Mismatched doll, “Uptown Girl.”)
  4. No Monster High.  There are so many characters with so many wildly different names (and species) that it just makes this too easy.  I used a number of them last year, and I felt like I was copping out every time I did, so this year I’ve just set a rule not to use any.  (I can still use them for comparisons and such, though.)
  5. No using multiple tie-in products for the same thing, especially not twice in a row.  Last year I went from the Nendoroid of Etna to the Nendoroid of Flonne, and that just felt really lame, using two Disgaea Nendos in a row like that.  Multiple dolls or figures from the same line that aren’t tied in to something are fine, though.  So I could use, say, two Figmas, as long as they’re not tie-ins to the same anime/game, or two Pullips, or two Barbies, or whatever.
  6. Fewer Nendoroids, if any.  I used too many Nendos last year.  (In fact, I think I used more Nendos than Monster High dolls, but somehow the dolls stuck in my craw more.)

Yup, that’s about it, I think.  Shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with it, since this one doesn’t need me to write walls of text like my other blog will.

So, anyone else doing the A-to-Z challenge?


One thought on “April A-to-Z Theme Reveal!

  1. Cheryl Wright March 21, 2016 / 9:48 am

    I am. This will be my third year. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts. Good luck!


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