Toffee Doll

So, my last April Alternative Challenge post is a new doll I got a while back off Amazon, from a line I’d really never heard of before.  The line is called Toffee, and I’d see them sometimes on the “customers also viewed these items” links at the bottom of the page for other dolls I was looking at.  (Can’t even remember which other dolls showed those links.  Maybe it was some of the less common Pullip dolls…)

I had looked at a few of the Toffee dolls and found them intriguing, but not quite enough to be worth their price, as they tended to be Pullip-priced, or higher.  Then a while back I saw one that was much cheaper, and decided to go ahead and pick her up.  (This was before Amazon screwed me over regarding the Cupoche Alice, of course.  Have I even told you guys about that yet?)

This doll was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, tying in with the Hellboy comic.  (As you might guess from the box. 😛 )  Clearly, someday I need to go to San Diego to experience their Comic Con.  Seems like they get the most amazing exclusive dolls.

That outer box was a slipcover, and when it comes off, you have this window box underneath, which is opened by means of that looped ribbon you see to the side of the photo.  She was refreshingly easy to debox, btw.  Tied in with ribbons, and absolutely nothing else.  No twisty-ties even.  (And certainly no universal annoyances!)  She was already on her stand in the box, too.

I’m not sure how to describe her look.  It’s not quite cosplay, but I’m not sure what else to call it, either.  I only put the big red glove on her for the photo, and took it right off again; I didn’t want to risk it staining her hand.  (And with such pale hands, you’d see any staining pronto!)

I think she looks a lot better without the flat-horn headband and the flasher mack. 😛  One of the things that appealed to me about this particular doll was that I thought she might make a substitute for Byul Lillith, who is absolutely impossible to find.  (She, too, was a convention exclusive doll.  Not sure if it was SDCC, but it was an American con, I’m pretty sure.)  Her yellow eyes with lizard-slit pupils are very much like Lillith’s, and she does have vampire-style fangs, though I’m not sure how well you can see that in the photos.  (Especially not in the thumbnail versions.)

Oh, and in case this photo has you wondering…

…yes, she has a tail. 😛

This shot of her hand is provided to start explaining her construction.  You see the pale, white hand?  Well, that’s the only part of her arm that’s made of plastic or vinyl or whatever it is.  (I’m not too sure, to be honest.  It’s not smooth enough to be resin, so I think it’s either plastic or vinyl.  Definitely not ceramic of any kind.)  The rest of her arm is cloth, tightly stuffed to give it a very solid feel.  Her whole body is that way.  She’s jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, though, just like a teddy bear.

Nothing in those boots other than cloth and stuffing.

The hair you see here is all the hair she has:  that furry red hood is literally part of her head.  I hadn’t been expecting that.  (Though I did know she had a cloth body.  It just hadn’t occurred to me that the hood was a physical part of her.)

Anyway, this facial close-up gives you a good idea what her face looks like (though I suppose it’d be a slightly better one if it was straight on).  To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d made the right call when she first got here.  After deboxing her, I had to move her somewhere out of sight for a while; for the first time, I had a doll that made me feel uncomfortable somehow.  I’ve gotten used to her a bit since then, and no longer feel unnerved by her, but she’s definitely not fulfilling that Byul Lillith role. (Then again, it took me a while to get used to Byul’s face, too…)  Of course, taking off that coat probably helped her feel less threatening, too.  (It’s a nicely made coat, but it definitely was adding to the unnerving factor.  It should be less creepy on a smaller doll, like maybe a Ken…though perhaps “flasher Ken” would be creepy in and of itself…)

I spent a large chunk of the photo shoot thinking “What the heck is that printed on her T-shirt?  A flock of ominous birds over a cliff?”  Then I straightened it out and saw what it really was, and was like “Duh, of course!”

In case you were wondering, no, it’s not a dropped waist dress:  she just has super-short legs.  I think she’s really cute sitting down like this; it gives her a classic child’s toy look, somehow.  When I figure out her permanent residence in my house (like, after I get the place cleaned up), I’m probably going to have her sitting down instead of standing up.

And there’s the challenge finished up. 🙂

My next post will almost certainly be a mail call; I’ve gotten a lot of little packages lately, but nothing quite worth a post by itself.  (Okay, one part of the Alice’s Collections order would be worth it by itself, but…)  Not quite sure when, though.  I’ve got one more Etsy order on the way (probably be here today or tomorrow) that should definitely be part of the post, and it’d be nice if the other half the Lammily order would arrive, but even if it doesn’t, that at least would be worth its own post, since there’s a doll in it.  Possibly the Mandarake orders, too, but…I’m not sure when those are going to get here, ’cause for once I went with SAL Small Packet instead of EMS, and I don’t know how long that takes.  (Other than already twice as long.)


2 thoughts on “Toffee Doll

  1. Tami Von Zalez April 27, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    She is kind of unnerving but adorable all at the same time. I too would love to go to one of those ComicCons – just for the experience of it all.


  2. kewpie83 April 27, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    I was rooting for this line, but they had so many production delays. It took forever for the dolls to actually hit stores. I picked up a Witchie Poo (from HR Puffnstuff) for my mom when I went to SDCC. They’re pretty neat, but they just never took off!


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