My Friday Haul

Okay, so it would have made more sense if I was posting this on Saturday, but…well, I had to find time to take pictures, and I work on Saturdays, so…

Anyway, the local used everything shop had a big sale over the weekend, which included 33% off all used toys.  Naturally, that meant I was going to hit both locations if I could.  I was only able to hit one on Friday, and I chose (wisely, it turned out) to hit the one that more frequently has used dolls.

Oh. Wow.

They had in so many new dolls that I was carrying a stack of them around with me, and stuff kept falling off!  And, actually, I left behind a whole lot that I was tempted to get.  The one I most regret leaving behind is the My Scene Barbie “Bling” bathing suit girl with translucent, sparkly blue swimming pool.  (For $19.99, pre-discount.)  Yeah, I really should have gone back for her.  It’s just…she was a blonde.  And I already have a My Scene blonde with pretty much that exact hair.  And where would I put a Barbie swimming pool in this overcrowded house?

Not that logic prevents dolly remorse, mind you.  I’m going to be kicking myself over not going back for some time to come.  (But she was probably gone by Saturday night anyway, right?)

Anyhow, I’d like to share the stuff I did buy.

Friday 1

We’re starting here because she’s the first one I spotted.  And I was very excited to see her!  Earlier, I was showing you one of my two Jazzies, and saying how I really was going to have to start looking for more of them.  And then along comes this girl, a Jazzie in body, and with my all-time favorite Barbie face mold!  Obviously, I was thrilled by such a find!  And, bizarrely enough, she’s only missing one piece of clothing:  she was supposed to come with enough clothes to make “5 great looks” (as you can see the front of the box proclaiming) and she’s actually got all her clothes except the blue tank top, but for some reason the person selling her back decided to leave her virtually topless, instead of putting, say, that white shirt on her.  I don’t get it, but I’m not complaining, ’cause if they’d put a shirt on her, her price tag would probably have been a lot higher than $2.99. 😛

Friday 3

I’m showing you the back of the box not to revel in its glorious ’80sness (though it is glorious, isn’t it?) but in order to show you two of the other dolls in the Jazzie line.

Friday 4

Specifically, these two.  We’ll start with her.  Because OMG, I must have her!

You may be wondering why.

I’ll explain with two words:  Melanie Bush.

(c) BBC, image from Wikipedia; click to visit
(c) BBC, image from Wikipedia; click to visit

Seriously, doesn’t that doll look exactly like her?  It’s downright eerie!  And, okay, yeah, Mel’s not exactly my favorite companion.  But…when a doll looks that much like someone from your favorite show, doesn’t that just fill you with the urge to get your hands on the doll?  (Or is that just me?)  Anyway, Mel first appeared on Doctor Who in 1986, and the copyright on that Jazzie box said 1988, so…it may not be coincidental.  (Or it might.  Big hair was kind of an ’80s thing, and big smiles were not unheard of in the Barbie line…)

Of course, I have no idea where to look for Jazzie dolls apart from keeping an eye on used stores and garage sales, but…I am totally going to be on the look-out for that doll from now on.  Though if I find one then I’m going to somehow have to procure a 6th Doctor doll…and I doubt there was such a thing…  (Also I’d have to track down some 1/6 scale carrot juice, but that’s probably easier to find than a 6th Doctor doll.)

Anyway, moving on to “Dude” there….

Friday 5

Is it any wonder he caught my eye? 😀  Looks like Derek got recycled into “Dude”…which meant being downgraded from the main (by this point adult) line into the teenage Jazzie line.  I do wonder if “Dude” too was strung to give a more flexible waist the way Jazzie was.  If I ever see one in person, I may have to get him just to find out.

I don’t remember the order of finding the rest of these dolls (which I think were all but one sold back by the same person, given they’re all opened playline dolls returned to their original boxes) so I’m just going to go with the order in which I photographed them, ’cause that’s easier than trying to remember.  😛

Friday 6

This one may have been even more exciting than Stacie there.  Because this is a Skipper face I didn’t have before.  (Though there’s one with this face sitting in my Etsy shopping cart.  Because I’ve developed a bad habit of putting things in the cart and then just leaving them there for weeks.  There’s like 19 things in there…)  See, while I may talk about my “Skipper collection,” for the most part it’s just my childhood Skipper (early ’80s), one slightly older Skipper I got at the antique mall (I think she’s from ’76), a bunch of Teen Skippers, and a small assortment of more recent ones.  I’ve been wanting to add more to the collection to cover the various older forms of Skipper that I missed between my childhood one and the Teen Skipper of the late 1990s, so…this makes one step in that direction. 😀  (I’d also like to add the vintage Skippers that pre-date my childhood one, but…that’s expensive.  Way, way more so than ones from the 1980s onwards.)

Friday 8

Her hair is so never going to look like that.  Even after I give her a serious dolly spa, it’s just never going to look like that.  In fact, it probably never looked like that anyway.  In any event, sadly she does not have her seahorse comb. 😦  I’d have liked that.  She also doesn’t have her lei.  But I wanted the doll, not her accessories, so who cares? 😛

Friday 10

I really should have removed the price sticker before photographing this one. 😛  Anyway, I have some others from this collection (I should do a post about them at some point) but I had passed on this one at the time because I didn’t feel like it was quite worth the price, since there was only one actual doll in it.  For $10 at 33% off, she was definitely a bargain. 😀

Friday 14

These get the prize for the most surprising things I found there:  two unopened, Japanese Happy Meal toys.  Of course, I had no idea what was in them, and neither, I’m sure, did the people selling them.  (Not that it likely would have changed the price, mind you.)

Friday 18

I like the “100% Fresh Guarantee” on it, as if it contained food. 😛

Friday 19

This shot — in addition to showing how they cutely made the box look like a food crate — explains why I bought these without knowing what the heck they were.  Because I looked at this and thought it said “Monchichi” and immediately was like “oh yeah!”

I was in for a rude awakening when I opened the first one…

Friday 21

I have zero idea who this hungry (screaming?) kid is.  He’s not very cute, whoever he is.

Friday 23

The pineapple monkey in the other crate is cuter, though nowhere near as cute as a Monchichi.  (Yes, I had one of those as a kid, too.  No idea what happened to it…but they’ve come back to the States a few times since then, so I do have a modern one.)

I have to admit to being curious as to what the other flavors were like.  I guess at some point I should try to find out.  Just not right now.

Friday 25

Moving on, we have these…

Friday 30

I identified them at the time — probably correctly — as a kind of a knock-off of MGA’s Hi-Glam line, which was itself a, let’s not call it a knock-off but an homage to Hasbro’s 1972 Leggy line.  Naturally, for that reason I picked up two of the four they had.  My plan was to compare them to my Hi-Glam and if they matched up enough — and were well made enough — to go back for the other two.  They actually seem pretty decently made — those long legs have click-knees — but their legs were shorter and heads smaller, and…well, the other two in the store had the same clothes as these two, and…I decided to use my Saturday time to go check the other store (which was kind of a bust) rather than go back.  (Though in retrospect, I should have gone back to get that My Scene pool…)

So, you may be wondering why I only have in-box shots of these previously de-boxed dolls?  Well, it’s because it’s too soon.

Or rather, because they smell funny.

It’s not cigarette smoke, or anything else I can concretely identify.

To be honest, I call it “old doll smell”.

I’ve had them airing out in my basement since I took these pictures, but they’re still kind of smelly, so tomorrow I’m going to give all of them a bath and wash all their clothes.  Skipper was getting a bath anyway to wash her hair, so…may as well give them all the same washing up, right?  But I didn’t want to let the post wait even longer, so I figured I’d just post without any post-bath pictures.

Anyway, that wasn’t the end of my Friday.  In fact, it was only the beginning.  Because I needed to go to GameStop, as I’d pre-ordered Hyrule Warriors Legends, which came out on Friday.  And while I was there I ended up picking up a couple of Amiibos (one new and one used) as I’ve learned since the Marth disaster that if I pass on one that seems likely to have been produced in limited quantities that I will never, ever see it again.  And a statuette that was on clearance.  Plus a used Vita game.  So that came to all too much (thank goodness the stuff at the used store was on sale and cheap to begin with!) but I didn’t think it necessary to post pictures of any of it.  (Though the Amiibos and statuette will probably show up at some point, as they’d make good “Silent Sundays” fodder.)

And there was one more stop:  the Disney Store.  Because I wanted to buy a certain doll.  And I did, though you won’t be seeing pictures of her until April 30th. 😉  But as soon as I set foot in the store, I saw this:

Tink n Belle 1

I’m amazed I didn’t squee. 😛  I love Tinkerbell, and I’ve loved my little Rapunzel from this line, so how could I possibly have passed her up?

And, since there was a sign saying “Buy one get one half-off”…

Tink n Belle 2

It was hard deciding which one to get for the second one, actually.  I know back when I got Rapunzel I was saying I wanted to get Snow White for her table and stool, but thinking about it, these dolls sit in a most unladylike fashion, so a little stool is not actually a good idea.  (Though I suppose Suve or Melitta could use it.)  I ended up mostly being torn between Belle and Jasmine (because Mulan and Merida and Aurora are not currently on offer in this format) but I felt like Belle got a better facial sculpt, so I went with her.

I gotta say, though, looking at the stuff Belle comes with:  who the heck wants a sparkling pig?!  Seriously, the glitter-covered baby crocodile was hard enough to swallow, but a pig?  No.  Just plain no.  (I mean, it’s not like it’s Miss Piggy or something!  Her sparkling I could get, but this is just a random, ordinary pig!)  Actually, seriously, someone needs to do something about the glitter addiction they’ve got going on at the Disney Store.  I mean, I like glitter as much as the next girl, but this is just too much!  Sparkly sheep and pigs and horses and crocodiles and tigers and…too much already!

Aaaaaanyway, I haven’t actually opened these girls yet.  Because time.  (Also because I’m strangely hooked on Hyrule Warriors Legends, even though I’ve already played the WiiU version.  I just keep wanting to unlock all the new story battles…which does not help the “time” issue.)  Also because glitter.

I’ll probably post about them when I actually do open them.  Though at least — unlike Rapunzel — they won’t require a new wardrobe, as their current attire looks like actual attire, rather than looking like a nightgown.  (They even both have shoes and everything.)

So, that was my Friday craziness.  The gallery (which has lots more box shots, mostly) is here.

Oh, before I forget.  At the end of yesterday’s post, I said I wasn’t sure if I had very exciting weekend plans or not.  It looks like I probably do.  See, there’s a convention in town this weekend.  Among the guests for the convention are both Matt Smith and David Tennant.  I went to this convention a couple of years ago, when Smith was in attendance, along with Karen Gillan (who was there largely for the (then upcoming) release of Guardians of the Galaxy) and a bunch of other, non-Who related exciting people, and afterwards I was like “one Doctor down, eight to go!”  So changing that to “two down” would be awesome.  (Plus he’s so sexy!  And he’d probably be using his real accent for his panels… *swoon*)  There are some other pretty cool guests (including the actress who plays Simmons on Agents of SHIELD) but it’s mostly for the Doctors that I want to go.  And I did get the pain pill prescription I’d need to keep my arm issues enough tamped down that the surge of humanity wouldn’t have me squirming in agony.  So I’m probably going to go.  But it’s not certain yet.  But if I do go, then I’ll likely come back with all sorts of goodies, because this year my father will not be coming to look at my purchases with disgust.  (Yeah, a woman of my age shouldn’t care.  I know.  But I can’t help it.)  Even with him there last year, I ended up with lots of loose Doctor Who figures, and one Little Pullip+.  I’m hoping this year, if I do go, I might get something even more fun and exciting.  (Not that I know what, off-hand.  Just…something.)  But since it’ll be April then, I would only be able to post about it on Sundays.  (Unless it fit one of the letters that are more squishy in my plans.  Though there’s really only two of those, and one of them is “B” so that wouldn’t even be a thing anyway.  And really “B” is only squishy ’cause Target keeps refusing to put those dolls on sale, and I’m being stingy for no good reason.  If they’d have just cooperated and put them on sale, I’d know exactly what I was doing for “B”.  And I could still do that, I’d just have to pay full price.  (Goodness knows, I’ll buy the doll eventually, and when “full price” is $20, that’s not actually a big deal…))

I feel like I had more to say about the potential weekend, but I see it’s 11:00, so I need to start thinking about getting ready for bed.  (Or rather for sitting in bed playing games until my eyes start bleeding and/or I fall asleep mid-battle…)


5 thoughts on “My Friday Haul

  1. aikifox85 March 30, 2016 / 12:13 am

    My Brain:
    OMG David Tennant!! DAVID TENNANT!! ::Squee!::
    Also, I kind of like those Hottiez dolls…. OMGDAVIDTENNANT!!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Taswegian1957 March 30, 2016 / 7:00 am

    Oh you have to go and see David Tennant! I have one of those Jazzie dolls, never thought about the resemblance but I can see it in the photo. In my defence I was not a big fan of Doctors 6-8. I liked all the ones before and all the ones after.


    • Iphis of Scyros March 31, 2016 / 8:40 am

      Yep, plans are now in motion to go to the con. 😀

      Personally, the seventh Doctor is my all-time favorite. (May have something to do with the fact that I was introduced to him selectively, starting with the really great stories like “Battlefield” and “Remembrance of the Daleks” rather than starting at the beginning in his rather, um, less impressive first year. Also Ace helped, since I’m something of a permanent ’80s girl. :p ) I found out years after the fact that Sylvester McCoy had been in town as part of a traveling performance of “King Lear” (in which Ian McKellen was playing the title role!) and I was so terribly crushed that I hadn’t heard about it in time to go see it!

      But, actually, I like all the Doctors, which is why I’d love to be able to see all the remaining ones in person if I possibly could. (Ironically, the tenth Doctor is actually my least favorite Doctor…but I’m a huge fan of David Tennant as an actor and as a sexy human being.) I need to start looking into the annual “Doctor Who” convention in Chicago. I don’t know if they get Doctors regularly (they probably do their best to get at least one a year), but the guy who was talking to me about it at the last of these cons told me that Frazer Hines was a regular guest at them, and I do adore Jamie…


      • Taswegian1957 March 31, 2016 / 5:05 pm

        I think that it probably does depend on where you started as to which Doctors you like. I’m old enough to remember the original Doctor, I didn’t like him much, grumpy old man he seemed to my child’s eyes. I really became a fan during the Tom Baker era and then went back to watch Doctors Two and Three. I liked Five but I did’t like Six much and sort of went away from the show until the reboot. I am always slow to take to a new Doctor. I’m Taurus, don’t like change. David Tennant is terrific though. I’ve watched other stuff just because he’s been in it. Really liked him in “Blackpool” a few years ago (British version not US). He is also very amusing being interviewed and yes, his reall accent is lovely.


  3. Stephen Sumner July 19, 2016 / 1:48 pm


    My name is Stephen and I was the lead designer on the Hottiez dolls. My inspiration was to marry Hasbro’s Leggy with Mattel’s Teen Skipper. We wanted to do something innovative, so we made dolls with super-long bendable legs -which had never been done before because Leggy could not bend her legs.

    Our first assortment came out two years before Hi-Glamm (the first of two times I was knocked off by MGA). The dolls that you just bought were from our second-year release where we introduced two new characters (one of which is the Myah doll you purchased)..

    Later on when I worked at Mattel, I found out that the Monster High designers collected my Hottiez designs.

    Thanks for picking up the Hottiez! I hope you like them!


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